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  1. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Mei_Ying Active trading there's no tricks to it, get a wagon fill your whole wagon with items bought from the trader and sell tham in an other city .e.g Velia to Heidel, try to combine a bit of both trash crates plus a little bit of active trading everyday.
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  2. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

     @Plunge Whats the point of using a shitt ton of cp to run 15 workshops for 10mins once a day again you don't seem to get the idea.
    "Without using the horse weight bug I can load a horse with 120 crates currently, an average life-skiller who hasn't bought weight increases can load around 70 crates and the trip from Calpheon to Valencia takes at most 20 minutes each way. "  And you talked about not wasting time.
    All you did is attack me like this is something i did to you personally.
    Let me spoon feed it to you cause you missed it 5 times now.. the idea is for those that doesn't have much time to play are gonna go for trent or port since it takes less effort and cp to set it up, you see now why calpheon isn't good for this and again 4 time now not everyone plays for long hours daily.
    Ohh btw tell us what are we gonna sell if not the crates were making, cause you seem to have missed my question 2 times.                                                                                                               
    This was the last replay to you cause you seem to enjoy this since 90% of your posts are negative about something, even dodging questions and going for something you can be negative about.
    Some people wonder why most of the players don't share anything.....
    Anyone that still needs help msg me even if its not about the guide happy to help.
    Buxku out  
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  3. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    I'm sorry man but i don't think you get the idea you missed it like 4 times.... you think everyone is like you you think everyone is gonna go for calpheon you think everyone plays 15 hours,you can keep 15 workshops running with +3 artisan workers and grind too please do tell us, you said to go in a straight line from Grain to valencia so you don't waste time and then you said you don't use the horse bug so how many crates you sell per week 20?, idk man but i'm makin bank and tried to share it.
     We gonna use common sense you either use the guide or search for a better one is it hard?
    Don't think i'm gonna be bothered anymore.
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  4. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    Yeah since not everyone have a value pack again not everyone waste his life on bdo, ohh and tell us what do we sell if we need a quick buck our finger nails?
    I'm gonna tell you again, do you really need 40 pages of knowledge to know that artisan's are the best?this is the third time now any time noww....
    What he means here is to abuse the horse weight bug guess what some of us play legit.
     Again not everyone plays 15 hours + daily to keep the 15 workshops you're talking about running you need 10 hours+ processing mats daily.(were talking about good advice right).
    I'm gonna take this that you're a life skiller since you didn't get the idea like 4 times now...
    All i've seen is negativity, i'm not gonna tell players to abuse the game probably why you can't seem to get the idea of this whole thing.
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  5. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Plunge I didn't tell anyone to only sell  calpheon crates when they hit M2 (come to think of it if you play a short amount of time that would be a great idea).
     Isn't it obvious that an artisan goblins are better than a normal giants again do you need 40 pages worth of knowledge to know this.
     Yeah i suggest selling at Ancado before you reach M2 since selling at Valencia require meaningless effort "You suggest selling at Ancado when selling at Valencia offer the same exact price for crates",( what you said must be in a rush to troll with your buddy).
     Not everyone is gonna play BDO for 16 hours a day hence why i didn't do calpheon(A huge city with like 150+ houses must be better than a town with 6 ish houses... no shitt Sherlock), "You're limited to a small number of crates per day" Limited is what some us need not everyone like you and your spartan buddy that sleep on bdo/forums but for a player that plays for 4 hours~ trent and port are the sweet spot. 
    Im sorry but you and your other negative asf buddy must be trolls or you're trying to get high Rep so you can look cool or a vegetable cause you seem to water each other,not gonna feed trolls anymore.
    if you wanna leave something positive feel free.
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  6. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @lakamas Glad i could be of help.
    If you need anything else feel free to msg me and thank you.
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  7. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Mahou Thanks man feel free to msg me if you need anything else.
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  8. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Spartakatz I didn't tell anyone to take 3 birch i listed the best/worth it options,i think you're forgetting that not everyone is gonna have high amount of cp, you're so negative jeez.(no offense tho)
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  9. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Intimacy Yeah Calpheon is great if you all you do is chop wood your entire BDO life  but for a grinder like my self a port ephira or trent setup is nice extra cash with a lot less effort, "good information on workers"  anyone can use some common sense and use the best workers they have at the time, i guess the first guide i should've made is to show people how to apply common sense, like honestly do you need 40 pages worth of knowledge to know you need to use the best you have?
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  10. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Spartakatz Clearly you don't know how much cp you need for Longleaf node(Ceder) the cp invested makes you more money somewhere else therefore you don't need Mansha forest since we already have 2 Ceder, 2 Fir and 2 out of 3 Birch nodes.
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  11. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Easy to follow crate guide.   

    @Isteria Sorry man i did my best.
    @LeWaffles @Harow Thanks for your support.
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  12. LastFrontier added a topic in Guides   

    Easy to follow crate guide.
    This is a crate guide that i made i hope it could be of help to this community.
    LINK: Guide Link (GoogleDocs).
    Buxku out.
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  13. LastFrontier added a post in a topic Post Pics of your couples! Spring is in the air!   

    With the whole family <3

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