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  1. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Hello guys ^-^
    I have 10 guest passes that are still unused. I kind of want to be fair and give to the people who really want to try the game and haven't had a chance yet.
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  2. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic new player   

    I also looking to meet new people and have fun going on adventures
    If you ever want to chill add me:
    Family name: Kijara       Name: PrincessMiko (main acc) or KaoruChan (my new acc). Also, if you want to find a good guild let me know because the guild that I belong to is awesome ^-^
    I hope to see you in the game!
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  3. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic People stacking their farms on top of mine   

    So that's why every time I tried to fertilize my plants they were not growing -.- now I know the person who place their fence on top of mine was at fault.
    I was so confuse when I went to check my plants I could only see the other person's fence. Frustrating 
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  4. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic Lack of player interaction   

    I know exactly what you mean. This games make it seems like is for people who like to play solo. What I have found helpful is to belong to a guild.
    There are a lot of them that got good people.
    Sucks you play on the EU server. I play on the NA server and I am also new.
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  5. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic STOP BRINGING FRIENDS OVER!!   

    Awesome comment Haters can't even type
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  6. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic New player looking for some friends to play with or talk to in-game! :3   

    you got horrible comments on steam
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  7. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic New Player looking for Homies   

    Hey welcome to BDO ^-^
    I am also new in the game and I am looking to make friends and just do fun stuff. Send me a msg if you wish to team up
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  8. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic NEW PLAYER LOOKING FOR FRIENDS/ NUEVA JUGADORA BUSCANDO AMIGOS :)   

    Quarry: thank you for replying I added you and I am fluent in both languages so don't worry
    Biblos: Estube buscando informacion a cerca de eso y la empesa dice que todabia no tienen fecha para cuando terminaran con el servidor de Sudamerica pero que estan tratando de terminarlo lo mas rapido que pueden. Si quieres me puedes seguir y yo estare haciendo otro post para actualizar a la gente de como va el juego para los Sudamericanos ^-^
    Si sabes ingles escuche que hay gente que usan programas para cambiar el IP para poder usar el servidor de NA. Nose si sera cierto pero si sabes ingles es algo que podrias intentar ^-^
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  9. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic LETS LEVEL UP TOGETHER!   

    Phatboi01: I will add you
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  10. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic NEW PLAYER LOOKING FOR FRIENDS/ NUEVA JUGADORA BUSCANDO AMIGOS :)   

    VonDuke: Yo siempre estoy online pronto entrare menos ya que estare mas ocupada pero tratare de estar 1-2 hrs por dia.
    Te voy a agregar y cuando estes online me avisas y jugamos
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  11. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic LETS LEVEL UP TOGETHER!   

    Jiyeon: I play on NA.
    Sleek: Did you add me in the game? I sent you an invitation
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  12. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic LETS LEVEL UP TOGETHER!   

    Hello Sleek Thank you for replying ^-^ 
    I am so glad there are people out there who actually wanted to make a party. I know I am always in need of one  
    I sent you a invite in game.
    Jiyeon I don't really have an specific server that I like to play on. I jump from Belenos to Valencia to Velia.
    I usually just go where everyone wants to be or with my guild at Velia2.
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  13. PrincessMiko added a topic in New Adventurers   

    I am making a group for all those people who are looking to level up their class (can be new players or players with multiple classes) and need help.
    I find easier to level up when you have a party and is more fun
    Also, if you are looking to make a party to fish, farming, bosses, dungeons, scrolls, quests or make money.
    If any one wants to form a party/group please leave your name in game and I will add you ^-^
    When replying please write your name, class and level.
    Family name: Kijara
    Class: Maewha
    Lvl: 50
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  14. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic I CAN'T CRAFT BEER!! PLEASE HELP!!   

    Thank you all for the help I appreciate it. Just as Faye said he helped me find the reason why my cooking was not working and it was pretty simple: I was using wheat flour the whole time I have not idea why now that the prob is fixed I have been cooking none stop ^-^
    Thank you guys!! :*
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  15. PrincessMiko added a post in a topic I CAN'T CRAFT BEER!! PLEASE HELP!!   

    Thank you for replying. I do have a house and I do have the cooking thing (forgot name). I have tried cooking the beer with it and I double check all my ingredients and I also have more than enough space in my inventory. But, for some reason I do cook but when I go check my inventory there is nothing there (no error msg nothing at all) I have not idea what i am doing wrong and google ins't much help
    I will try to see if maybe the reason is that I got too much in my inventory which I do. I will keep you posted
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