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  1. Jerimis added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Without the skill it took me around ~45 minutes from epheriaport to Port Ratt.  - from Lema with the npc it takes around the same time, but you have to get to lema first and wait for the npc ships to arrive
    and that everything without encounters of ghost ship and such.
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  2. Jerimis added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Tell me that secret ... i'd love to save some time.
    The fastest ive made was 36 Minutes with the Skilled 1 skill.
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  3. Jerimis added a post in a topic NavigationsXP Quest   

    Drück die Taste  O , öffne das Quest Fenster, und drück auf "Alle" damit alle Quests eingeblendet werden

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  4. Jerimis added a post in a topic wie komme ich von der insel lema weg ohne boot?   

    oder einfach eins der beiden npc schiffe nehmen...

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  5. Jerimis added a post in a topic Sea combat is awful   

    If you kill it with the guild ship, the loot goes AUTOMATIC into your Guild Ships Inventory.
    If you  kill it with an epheria ship, you swim to it and loot it
    atleast, as far as i know
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  6. Jerimis added a post in a topic A daily quest where players can gain Sailing EXP has been added to Sihuram at Port Ratt.   

    Nothing. Just go to the npc. and turn the quest in. No idea if its a quest item you cant see, or cant loose, or is hidden.... Just take the Quest, go over to Velia or any other place you choose as destination, and talk with the npc.
    Worked for me with velia.
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  7. Jerimis added a post in a topic A daily quest where players can gain Sailing EXP has been added to Sihuram at Port Ratt.   

    For me it works. - German Language.
    picture 1:

    picture 2:

    picture 3:

    Quest finishd.:

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  8. Jerimis added a post in a topic CP soft cap?   

    Got it from this site: http://www.incendar.com/cpcontributionchart.php

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  9. Jerimis added a post in a topic 7 day valuepackage for 1 anni   

    ingame mail. - than it goes to your regular inventory
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  10. Jerimis added a post in a topic Crafted Economy still poop   

    Ask and Demand.
    i dont  see any problem in the current system. Certain Tools get insta-sold , and materials to craft them lay around inside the market for hours to days, to a week...
    When you need money, but you are in no hurry. Feel free to sell the components seperatly.
    But when you need money fast... put in your crafted stuff.
    If it would be as easy as you try to say, than everyone in real life would buy the parts for theyr future car and build it themselfs instead of an allready completed one that cost like 100x more  ...
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  11. Jerimis added a post in a topic Boss Event