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  1. Sareth added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    Had the same question when I started. Now I have realized I can't focus on every single lifeskill.
    Im atm doing cooking and farming on one alt, because it complements each other nicely (beer cooking for CP) and this character stays in the same town all the time. His energy is used mostly for farming.
    I have one alt that does AFK stuff like Fishing and Training. I also plan on making her my trading alt because it fits to fishing and training quite well. Her energy is used for stuff like night vendor and node investment, also workers and amity game. Maybe she will become a secondary gatherer too should I feel the need to gather more. Good thing about fishing / training alt is you can quickly switch to him when youre about to leave and don't have to walk all the way back with your main. 
    My main is doing gathering and processing, since Gathering requires a lot of energy and my main is the character I mostly play with. Processing needs gathering for some things. I use this character to gather and process stuff for my workers / crafting.
    I also have three more alts that have no life skills, one of them is for bosses the other two just failstack characters. Energy mostly used for NV.
    Currently having no plans of doing alchemy, sailing or hunting. I'm too busy already.
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  2. Sareth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    So now green armor failstacking more viable than reblath?
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  3. Sareth added a post in a topic Goose egg turn in doesn't work   

    How can I turn them in? As I said I talked to Loria and I can't.. I don't get any more quests either after the florin goose egg quest, other than the one that doesn't actually start a quest but just says "follow pathfinding", which leads to said npcs with no option to start any quests.
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  4. Sareth added a topic in General   

    Goose egg turn in doesn't work
    Hi! I am having issues with turning in the eggs from the easter event. I talked to Loria and got that piece of furniture which ended the quest. Now she has a new option, "goose eggs" or something, but when I click it it says the path finding has been set and follow it to activate the quest. It directs me to her love interests, Ardan ans Askasha, but when I talk to them nothing happens. I have all quests activated in the options.
    What am I doing wrong? 
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  5. Sareth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Why no kibelius awakening for dk?? 
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  6. Sareth added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    Elder scrolls online had a disaster launch and if they would not have changed the subscription model it would be dead by now. I'm not saying they are incredibly popular but changing business model in this case was the only right decision in my opinion. 
    Gw2 also did not suffer from moving to f2p it actually gained population, of course the reason was they wanted to boost population because the game wasn't as popular anymore but the declining popularity is not because of the business model change but because of other design choices like the lack of end game motivation and progression.
    However if Bdo would turn f2p it would be its end because that would mean even more p2w elements, we all know what kind of publisher were dealing with,  which gw2 did not do.
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  7. Sareth added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    I agree on most points however you can't really compare this game to other MMos here in the West because our publisher has no real influence on the core game because, well they don't develop the game they just "transport" it. However the customer service and lack of communication are major flaws that make me doubt whether this game has a future here in Europe and NY. 
    Also the lack of action taken on issues they CAN influence like the desync server stability and so on is really poor. 
    However on business model change, it depends. Elder scrolls online changed from subscription to b2p and it was exactly the right choice to be made. Gw2 went f2p which worked out as well because it's not p2w. 
    However changing from b2p to subscription even if it's hidden (value pack) is a bad move, so is the introduction of more and more p2w elements into a b2p game. Moving to f2p would make this even worse in my opinion.  So black desert has really poor management in my opinion and the risk of it dying out if nothing changes is definitely given. 
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  8. Sareth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    The intention of the last row is pretty obvious. In the last attendance reward it ended before maintenance so we had some days or like a week of nothing and players that were not online as often got the same rewards because they were able to catch up. So this time they decided to add another week so that the attendance reward gives a reward every day until it ends. At the same time, they wanted to not punish players that cannot get online EVERY SINGLE DAY that much. Hence their choice: Give the big reward on day 30 like last time, allowing for a little forgiveness if someone misses a day or two. And give a small additional reward to those that really make it every single day without giving them a huge advantage over people with a life. 
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  9. Sareth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Waiiit ... they Need 6 HOURS for adding a voice customization Option, changing daytime and adding another recycled attendance reward Event!?
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  10. Sareth added a post in a topic Penguin   

    But where to get it? 
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  11. Sareth added a topic in General   

    I want that Penguin they are my favorite animals  how can I get it? 
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  12. Sareth added a post in a topic Do Boss Alts actually work??   

    I usually use my alt because I dont want my main to die and lose level progression. With these bosses you never know because of desync.
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  13. Sareth added a topic in PVE   

    Help on gear progression and grinding advice
    Hi guys New Player here, playing since roughly 1.5 months. I Main a dark knight and have recently reached level 56. I have started enhancing gear and weapons and now I'm at a point where I have reached the state where I think I can seriously begin to play high level content but need some advice on multiple aspects. 
    First off my gear: I am in full grunil which I have enhanced to duo. For weapons I have a rosar kriegsmesser at duo and a saiyer knot at pri (probably hitting duo tomorrow). For accessories I use full Jarette's set because it gives me 15 extra AP on the base 27 of all pieces, so overall 42 AP. 
    I have 129 AP and 236 DP from the stat sheet, but +15 from jarette's and +7 from grunil make that 149 if that is how it works. 
    I have ancient necklace and belt in my storage and two pri blue coral rings as well as one blue coral earring. 
    --> Now im asking myself how I should further progress this. I'm not sure if jarette's is better than the one in my storage for now but it overall gives 8 more AP or so. Should I buy accessories that are better when I have the money or enhance the once I have, or should I stick with jarette's for now and focus on my other gear? 
    Attempt tri, if so which piece? Or save for boss armor? Not sure about weapon upgrade since awakening is coming. 
    Next topic Is grinding. So far I only grinded sausans. Do you think pirates is a valid option for me to do solo or am I too low for this still? Any alternatives? 
    I'm currently at a little over 600 skill points I think. 
    That's it for now, thanks in advance for any tips! 
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  14. Sareth added a topic in General   

    Performance issues
    When I started BDO about a month ago Performance wise it was not Great But Okay. But it has gotten worse and worse with every patch.
    I have tried everything. Turning graphics down, no effect. Terminating processes like coherentUI, no effect.
    I am constantly getting 2-4 FPS in cities and 10 in fighting Mobs. On Lowest setting. 
    I Cant play that way. My Computer isnt The Best But it runs games like Fallout 4 or skyrim with mods and enbs without Problems. I have 8 GB RAM, Quad core AMD processor and an AMD radeon HD7870 with 2 GB VRAM. Im also playing on an SSD and my Internet is 120mb/s. I Would Call this a medium-end setting. 
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  15. Sareth added a topic in General   

    Hunting and sea fights
    Ive got a question regarding (whale) hunting and sea fights. Do I need a high level character for this? Should I create a dedicated hunting / navigation character, or do it on my 49.99 fishing character, or even on my main?
    Thanks in advance.
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