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  1. Pamcake added a topic in General   

    What up with Giant Big-Horned Deers all ever?
    As title says. I'm new to the game and what is up with these really hard to kill Giant Big-Horned Deers?
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  2. Pamcake added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Just saw how some a**hole was killing around city people riding horse, wagon or just running.
    I assume Koreans are more civilized with PVP, not like westerners. And that's why I want PVE server.
    Idk if you're trying to be funny or what, but if you're not trying to be funny I mean, that's why people hate PVP.
    And you logoff with me too.
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  3. Pamcake added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    I'm getting sick of getting ganked. Can't do dailies without some a**hole trying or killing me for no resound.
    This game is beautiful, nice combat, nice story, nice world, etc. I bet they could attract more players by creating PVE channel(s).
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  4. Pamcake added a post in a topic RNG Gods Have Shunned Me?   

    Can you please point me to those spread sheet or normal guides to do failstacks, because I read two guides  and watch a video and still don't get it. It's confuses me so much.
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  5. Pamcake added a post in a topic Safespace aka PVE channel   

    Yeah, I need some fellow people with who I can survive this game. I'm up and for crowd PVP, but not really enjoying 1 on 1 PVP. especially "PVP" when I try to do gathering and someone's poke me. I wish to those people -10000000 karma.
    Plus, when I read that the whole BDO is open world PVP, I read that these people like to gank and be bullies in games. Open world PVP doesn't bring anything positive. I really like the whole thing, but not the open world PVP.
    How can I enjoy the game if I'm being bullied around by high lvl players.
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  6. Pamcake added a topic in General   

    Safespace aka PVE channel
    Yes, as weabo as it sounds, I really wish we had PVE channel where people can gather, fish, etc in piece while being semi-afk or just enjoying grind. I never understood open world pvp as it just a attracts gankers and trolls. There's much civilized way to play pvp by inviting to duel and not attack while I'm in gathering outfit gathering water.
    • 129 replies
  7. Pamcake added a post in a topic I want to play this MMO, but I don't want to play in Russain server   

    I don't understand why they decided to make IP block, because so far I understand it's Pearl Abyss decision. The MMOs I play, like: Tera and Revelation, don't have IP blocks. And it's terrible for some Russians who don't like playing with Russians.
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  8. Pamcake added a topic in General   

    I want to play this MMO, but I don't want to play in Russain server
    I can barely read and I can't write in Russian and I'm stuck with this IP block. I can't even write in BD RU forum, because no other language than Russian is allowed. That means I can't report bugs or system errors if something happens. Why is Pear Abyss doing this? Why as EU country I and others are put in the same bag with Russia? Is Pear Abyss thinks we part of SSR? Isn't MMO whole appeal that you can meet in virtual world with people around the world? I'm just desperate to play BD, but with this limitation I can't do anything.
    • 3 replies
  9. Pamcake added a post in a topic Contriboution Points   

    Okay, thank you will try to do that.
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  10. Pamcake added a topic in General   

    Contriboution Points
    Hello! I'm very new to the game. Unfortunate situation I have. I'm playing on Russian server, because Latvia is on IP block list of EU/NA. I can't write Russian, so I can't post in RU BD forum, because of their rules of no other then Russian language. And it's struggle to read the Russian for me.
    So spend some contribution points on something, but I can't find a way to know on what. I wounder is there way to find out on what I spend contribution points? I want to remove them so I can delete character.
    • 3 replies