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  1. Vanwaros added a post in a topic VP, more accessible on the market.   

    I'll consider selling value packs on the market when I'll get triple the current silver value out of them. <10m is nothing to obtain at pirates, and frankly not worth opening the cash shop for.
    Hell, at ~10m a month you could pay for up to half a year just doing the cash cart once. That is not worth someone else paying 90$+ for you.
    Buy your own, because my money really is worth more than your single hour of farming.
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  2. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Return of LegendaryHacks   

    Welcome back! (Schwa here)
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  3. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Getting griefed while AFK.   

    I trust the community to come up with more and more elaborate ways to kill each other, especially the ones that hate getting "grieved. " Personal favorite so far is to patrol down the coast of Vella pushing afk fishers into the sea. 
    Word for the wise, think about what people can do to you if you afk at a given location. You have no one to blame but yourself if you leave your character defenseless. 
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  4. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Ancient Weapon Core   

    Can't be farmed for yet 
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  5. Vanwaros added a post in a topic easy quick fix for pvers dying in pvp   

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  6. Vanwaros added a post in a topic easy quick fix for pvers dying in pvp   

    What people don't realize is the entire point of karma is to spend karma. If the penalty for spending karma is too high or the reward for saving karma is too high we end up with the Korean version's problem of no pk at all, even if a system is there to support it. 
    I see little incentive  for the developers to invalidate their own work. 
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  7. Vanwaros added a post in a topic easy quick fix for pvers dying in pvp   

    That's stupid
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  8. Vanwaros added a post in a topic pve players trying to ruin black desert for everyone>>pvp players need to speak up b4 they kill the game>>   

    I went - 500k once because why not, then - 700k a few days later when a guild came in to do a gquest on my mobs. Full on raid boss mode was engaged, and the 12 hours of grinding to recover from it got me a level and around 18 million. Worth. 
    Karma matters, but the real fun begins when you stop worrying about it. After all you're flagging to pvp, might as well like it when you can't turn off the flag and need to play a little cat and mouse. And hey, if people want to tear you to 1 million they're both wasting their money and generously offering more of what is fun and unique (at this point in time) about this game: open world pvp. Pvp you can't hide from in an instance. 
    I'm fine with a pve server as coward quarantine, but I would go out of my way to find and share any exploit a pve channel would eventually create just to make sure that shit gets shut down fast. Maybe if you spend $50 in pearls to tear from pvp you can automatically get exiled to the safe space server. While we're at it, make sure that "safe" server has overbearing moderation so no one can say mean things too. 
    Pvp, pk, and guild wars are a non negotiable cornerstone of this game. Guild wars 2 did a great thing by trying to get everyone to get along, but I respect pearl abyss for asking "well, what if they don't have to get along". 
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  9. Vanwaros added a post in a topic So... world bosses?   

    Lol@ bobbing and weaving in the cluster----- of a world boss zerg
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  10. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    Not all of them, though. Greatsword adds another tier of complexity to an already complex class. 
    Then again, a lot of warriors just give up and only ever use greatsword once they get it, which does limit their potential. 
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  11. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    Bakimono is dead-on right. The skillgap is that extreme with warrior. 
    I consider that a failure of design when viewing the classes as a whole. 
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  12. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    I chuckle each time I see someone link this video. And then I frown because winter will come for that starry-eyed sweet summer child. 
    Part of advancing as warrior is recognizing what you see on the super cool recruitment videos just isn't something the game will let you do any longer unless you're up against the ungeared or the mouth breathers. Then you make peace with that and continue to practice anyway. Or, like many, you quit. 
    Kinto is an exceptional warrior, to be sure, but few can even touch the amount of work and dedication he and a few of his friends have put into the class. He really has earned his due. 
    Kinto is gracious to share some of what he knows, but you'll have morale problems if you zero in on trying to be "like kinto. " 
    Focus on yourself, your own weaknesses, and work hard to counter them. Work on being "okay" before looking to be good. But don't settle for "okay." 
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  13. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Two More Skill Bugs - Scars of Dusk and Ground Roar   

    Air attack is no longer being applied with shield uppercut followed by shift+lmb. Basically they took away our cc and then they took away our combo bonus damage. 
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  14. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    Oh hell yes. S+f on greatsword is probably the single coolest animation in the game. 
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  15. Vanwaros added a post in a topic Is rolling warrior a big mistake?   

    Even after awakening there are limitations. 
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