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  1. Feonie added a post in a topic Skeletons in Mediah?   

    Skeleton King I believe is an Elrics boss if you're referring to that. Regular skellie bros hang out at Soldier's Grave, south of Ancient Fissure/Kamasylve temple and close to Hasrah Ruins.
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  2. Feonie added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Could we get seas as territories at some point? lol (I'm joking, maybe)

    This was a blast - and that is not a pun. Tarrasque enjoyed the fray and would love to do this again. 
    Make this a monthly thing to wrap up the end of each month! ♥
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  3. Feonie added a post in a topic NAVAL WAR!!! SERVER WIDE EVENT!!!   

    Will definitely be here tonight!
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  4. Feonie added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    [Guild] Unable to assume new guild master
    Our guild leader is going through some tough situations IRL and it's causing him to be away from the computer for weeks at a time. 
    We discussed as a guild, having an officer lead temporarily while he sorts those issues out.

    Our current problem is that when we tried to pass over the reigns, there was a message that popped up saying -  "There is an auction bid in progress", despite the fact that our guild leader hasn't been able to get on, and we have not bid on any house in a good while. This is causing a lot of trouble including people leaving the guild to just get a contract renewal (officers leaving to come back, being stuck as regular members) - and we are down to a few officers left that can handle regular members' renewals. Soon we might not be able to invite anyone until this is fixed, or our guild leader comes back permanently. 

    Please, please, please let us know if we can get any assistance on this as soon as possible. 
    This guild has had many iterations in other games, and do not want to lose ground in Black Desert. 
    @GM_Dew, @GM_Horizon
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  5. Feonie added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    I'm looking at the gauntlets on the male elf's hands...and all I'm thinking is that they scrapped the male ranger concept and might add male elf as a pugilist. 
    I know formica's "leak" might not be accurate, but that armor definitely says hand-to-hand combat to me. 
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  6. Feonie added a post in a topic I could use some up to date tips   

    Instead of a blue awakening weapon (I'm assuming you mean Aad's Sphera that you get from the quest) - buy, or make a TRI green sphera. It'll hold you over much better until you go Dande.
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  7. Feonie added a post in a topic (Funny) DK Visual Glitch   

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  8. Feonie added a topic in General   

    (Funny) DK Visual Glitch
    Time for your shots! ♥

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  9. Feonie added a post in a topic Quests - where have they gone to?   

    @CM_Aethon , @CM_Yukimura
    Can we get access to a dev kit which includes high-res images of major and important story characters? They can be put together an "info-graphic"-esque version of the story in whole, starting from the Goma Naru opening. There's an existing lore page, I know, but it doesn't span the entirety of the story which we saw in the old quests. New players don't have access to the game's story beyond a few quests up to Keplan; it would be nice for those that enjoy stories in games. 
    Edit: Or just, talk to your team in KR and restore what we lost, please. 
    A game that focuses on grinding may be enjoyable for some, but a storyline is what gives the game life. 
    The storyline is the concept of the game, what started the game and pushed it to its current form. If new players can't experience that (even going back to do the quests at a later time) - it's a bit disappointing. 
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  10. Feonie added a post in a topic Quests - where have they gone to?   

    Quests got gutted with the recent few updates. They were claiming to have "overhauled" the quest system to make it streamlined for new players, however - many, MANY quests got taken out. Including but not limited to: a GOOD portion of the story (it's totally in pieces now, and the lv 50 quest is to kill some fat catfishman RIP) - many beginner quests in Olvia, Velia, and Heidel, quests that grant specific knowledge topics (there's a thread about this and how these topics are no longer accessible), and others. 

    The main push now seems to be just find grind areas and, well...grind. It's very unfortunate. Make do with what you have. 
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  11. Feonie added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    In the games I play with my boyfriend, we get married if there's a marriage system. If there's not one? That's fine too. 

    I feel that instead of marriage we could focus on a partner system? Choosing another player to be your partner, and getting buffs and debuffs that come with it.
    It could be insinuated to be either or in terms of romantic or platonic. 
    Or just implement a mentor program that people have been asking for. 
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  12. Feonie added a post in a topic My theory as to why we have not yet visited the land north of Valencia.   

    Black desert is already in game...The map when you go to Valencia says "The Great Black Desert (Valencia)". I do like the theory, though. 
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  13. Feonie added a post in a topic skill rotations   

    I did read it! But I was looking more for personal opinions. I know some people experiment and change things up. Just wondered what was working for other people. 
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