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  1. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    I relinquished my #1 tag for an Alt that will become more powerful and suits my play style better.
    You need not fray I will regain the #1 spot again.  In fact in certain hours I would probably hold #1 and #2
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  2. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    It's mostly correct, but there are some major faults.
    I can't be reasoned with, I am taking the area Every Day period.
    It's nearly impossible to outkill me.
    I need far less kills than a party to be efficient.
    Sending a player to town enhances "griefing".  It means I can dump my Karma (millions produced every day) on players for harsher penalties.  If they brought back the exp penalty I would burn it on players too.
    Sending a player to town includes taking a rotation from someone not just defending your own.
    The 1% exp loss was a joke.  Whoever allowed that should be fired for incompetence.
    If any penalty was given for PKing then you should HAVE ZERO POSITIVE KARMA.  One kill and your red.  You will see the "tough pvpers" flee from this.  All those hardcore "it's a PVP game" people just shut up right away.
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  3. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Players don't do Sulfur because they lack the stats.  It's actually used in other regions.  It may be used to avoid declared wars also.
    I'm not sure what AP would be needed to solo it more effectively than other areas, but it's dense enough to probably be viable.
    It's still tough to complete with Mash to Win for Loot though.
    Maybe when I reach 550AP I'll give sulfur another try
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  4. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Who said I was disrupting their grinding?
    PEARL left the game open as a Zoo, pretty much anything goes.
    If I was there first, in a party, there for hours, or minutes, none of that really makes any difference unless players choose to abide by social designed norms, not game rules.
    The point I'm making is players think because they have high gear/levels/clans they are "Powerful".  That's NOT that powerful in BDO.  Determination is power.  Intelligence is power.  Playing smart is power.
    You can reverse the example and I still win.  When I play my main capable of destroying an entire party, it's not viable to PK them.  In fact it's downright stupid.  Instead I will choose a smart option.  Leave the channel, compete for spawn, go to another area.  What I can't do is lower my IQ to the idiocy of these people going red and whining how the Karma System doesn't work.
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  5. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    A: Exp means nothing past 60.
    B: I walk around with the #1 Growth nearly all the time 
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  6. feebleone added a post in a topic Now that all the GMs have moved to the new forums can these forums be a lawless wasteland?   

    I think this is the sickest post ever created on these forums..........and by sickest I mean fantastic of course.
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  7. feebleone added a post in a topic why not just remove pvp in this game?   

    BDO needs perma death.
    Man up, real consequences.
    In fact if you get /pwned hard enough on the forums your character should be deleted.
    If you don't agree you're a "Care Bear"
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  8. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Actually, I gain the most exp & loot because I am the strongest, aka most determined.
    While the areas will often be contended I will yield the highest results and often force others out including full parties.
    The true sign of strength is I could play a low level character with poor equipment and still dominate.  Something others simply can't understand.
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  9. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Thank you for being so wrong.
    Most keen players simply say, you're right
    As they smugly smile and reap all the rewards from an uncrowded area because players like you just don't know.
    So yeah you're right !
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  10. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    It's about the overall idea that Karma Bombers are always portrayed as running in already camped areas and trying to steal everything.
    Today most players don't seem to care anyway.  If I'm hunting the main rotation at Pirates/Sausan any party will try to over take it.  They simply won't have any tolerance for someone to solo the area.  Even a duo/trio will often be attacked.
    When it gets very crowded higher geared players will often try to just push anyone out regardless.
    These situations may be very different, but they all get lumped into Karma Bombing in the end.
    Personally, I don't care about anyone.  I lay claim to any area I want whenever I want indefinitely.  No one has a claim to anything.  If they want to force me out, they will spend hours trying.  Anyone who comes into conflict risks long term consequences.  I'll hunt on top of them or a full party just because I can later on, even when an entire area and other areas are free.
    I'll pk, karma bomb, mob kill, break rotations, and never stop.
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  11. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    This has nothing to do with leveling.  That includes multiple levels over several characters.  The point is also the consistency in loot.  It's not really RNG.
    About the "Rare drops", no matter how rare they are, they are ZERO at Pirate/Saus
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  12. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Isn't Karma Bombing the exact opposite of Pay2Win.
    It literally gives immense power to the weakest geared, YET STRONGEST AT HEART.
    I find your posts disgusting.
    A: In 1,000's of hours I rarely ever came across someone who intentionally just "Karma Bombed"
    B: A HUGE portion of so called "Karma Bombing" is people trying to solo known group areas, OR players trying to steal a "taken area" and then cry they get Karma bombed.
    Just FYI if you ever PK me .. [Deleted]
    It's nearly impossible for players to ever win with that strategy
    In fact I go out of my way to teach them a lesson with long term consequences.
    If I read this correctly, you said it's not like the good ole days when higher players could steal any spot they wanted.  It's just to tough today because it's on equal grounds.  I miss the old days when 2 or 3 players would run in on a group and just steal it because they had better gear.
    I miss the massive exploiting that was going on because PEARL developers are lazy morons.  Players unable to lose exp or crystals while PKing for 1%.
    [Deleted content] Inappropriate language
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  13. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    So let's say you grind crescent shrine, your XP per hour will be better than Pirates Gray Mobs at level 61 and your money will be about 5-6 mill an hour from Scrolls alone if you don't get a ring. And I put well over 3000+ hours there and got a bank full of rings.
    It's a lower amount and again matches my description exactly.
    It takes a very small sample size and just multiplies it for results.
    It does not include others camping in the area (which really applies to Pirates/Sausan)
    It doesn't account for actual time invested.  Selling the items, banking, etc.
    It's far better than just "I make 15M an hour though"
    Your mother must sit in a room full of tears by herself on Mother's day wondering why she bothered to have you.
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  14. feebleone added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    The biggest promoter of Anti Social behavior is...................
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  15. feebleone added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    I will excuse your Typos, I know you meant to say You're an Expert with 1,000's of hours of experience in Valencia.
    The loot is comparable without getting rares.  Rares simply add value and can still be averaged out.
    The trick is to get enough damage that all mobs become 1.  The reason Pirates/Sausan is so high is their mass density combined with low stats means you can instantly mash through packs.  The same can be done in some areas of Valencia.
    It's not different at all.
    If you want to establish the value of Valencia a comparison must be done of others area vs Valencia.  That requires an accurate analysis of how much loot/exp is really gained in various areas.  This is one of the common problems.  People make up BS results thus ruining any chance of a realistic comparison.
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