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  1. Sayhabow added a topic in General   

    Buff bar - why can't we move it?
    I've been looking and looking and it doesn't seem movable. I'm not sure why we can move 95% of our UI but not this one bar? The screen is already packed full of info, would be nice to get this out of our face as we don't need to constantly see it. Am I missing something??
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  2. Sayhabow added a post in a topic Really low FPS   

    the GMs have vanished, we are all that's left my friend. Refer to my post if the Youtube method doesn't work. Mine's titled Temp FIX, it worked for me and some others.
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  3. Sayhabow added a post in a topic Temp FIX: Inconsistent Performance / FPS Lock   

    Try this: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/5s7hk9/for_all_the_people_with_fps_issues_try_this/ some people have had success with this simple method, but it didn't work for me, it might for you. Also please note that this ONLY works in full screen mode, I'll add that to the OP. Make sure your preferred refresh rate is set to "highest available" (pics below).
    For some reason people with 1070s are getting hit extra hard with this. Are you running the game in high priorty? I recommend opening up CPU-Z and a GPU monitor (EVGA precision or ASUS Tweaker) and check what the usage is. 
    Going through the steps above, my CPU usage went from a crappy 24-35% to 65~80%. 
    GPU memory usage went from 10-15% to 25->30%. 
    If the usages haven't increased to that mark, then there's a chance that one of the 4 steps wasn't completed OR unfortunately, I couldn't help you out.
    One thing to note - Coherent UI has been causing issues with people, I haven't ran into problems on my setup, so I don't have experience messing with it. 
    Adding my Nvidia control panel settings for reference:

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  4. Sayhabow added a post in a topic Temp FIX: Inconsistent Performance / FPS Lock   

    Driver Version: 376.53
    http://www.nvidia.com/download/find.aspx This is where to find it - however, I couldn't.. after a quick search, turns out Win 10 force updated to this version and I can't find it on the Nvidia website. You'll have to do a bit of digging to find this one on the internet or roll back to an older version if the newer drivers are causing issues. I generally don't update my GPU drivers unless I have a need to.
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  5. Sayhabow added a post in a topic Temp FIX: Inconsistent Performance / FPS Lock   

    I feel you - this is affecting so many people. But for now, use my method, it works, and it seriously has made me enjoy the game so much more. Hope it helps you like it did for me. Keep spreading the message, we haven't heard back about an optimization patch yet and we need an answer.
    Pop in help: go to your Nvidia control panel, create your Blackdesert64.exe profile if you haven't already - find Max pre-rendered frames, turn that up. This will decrease performance unfortunately, but if you use the method above, you might be able to gain quite a few frames and still be able to afford higher pre-rendered frames to reduce pop-in. 
    FPS in towns: I set it so that if my FPS drops under 35, it starts reducing quality. It helps me stay around 35-45 in towns. (under graphics settings in game, you can see it on my screenshots)
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  6. Sayhabow added a post in a topic I run the game at 60fps yet the game still feels laggy   

    read my post - it'll help you all.
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  7. Sayhabow added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Temp FIX: Inconsistent Performance / FPS Lock
    ** UPDATED: Found way to boost performance and unlock FPS by a shocking amount in FULLSCREEN mode. Credit goes to Jackal Hawk on youtube ** Scroll to the bottom. 
    I have seen a few posts about this from back in January - we asked for reponses and haven't heard anything back. My guildies are talking about it, my friends are talking about it, it's affecting a large amount of the player base if not all (knowingly or not).
    ** if you're going to get stuck argueing about what the eye can see and not see, please feel free to not **
    My specs:
    i5-6600k @ 4.5 ghz, unparked (yes you can still do it, let's just move on from this)
    GTX 970 Strix @ 1400 mhz
    16 gb ram / game installed on SSD 
    Nvidia control panel - BDO V-Sync forced off
    I'm currently running game on Medium, Nvidia control panel V-Sync forced off. 
    I came back to BDO a few weeks ago after a long hiatus and since as far as I can remember, my FPS has been locked to 64. Today I went to an open field to get some screen shots, cranked my settings to high end mode on high, FPS dropped as expected. After taking the screenshots, I went back to Medium settings - for some reason... my fps was uncapped, @70~90 This was the FIRST time I've ever seen my Nvidia forced V-Sync off work. I have no idea why switching it to high end on high and then back to medium unlocked my FPS. So I went back to town, FPS still unlocked, was also getting higher than my usual numbers. Then I hit Tarif, FPS still high as hell, no lock - until I talked to the skill instructor. After going through his dialogue and exiting the quest interface, my FPS was locked again. Instantly it sat at 45 in the town, and when I left town I was back to 64. In the exact same area, before I talked to the quest vendor, I was at 90. I tried to duplicate the effect, couldn't do it no matter what. 
    And what does all that mean?
    Well you already knew the game was optimized like a potato, but why hasn't it been dealt with? Having consistent performance on BDO directly relates to your enjoyment of the game - if you've paid money, shouldn't you get the best the product can be? We need a response if this is in the works. 
    So why should you care?
    Well if you have a good PC, and a good GPU, you should be enjoying the game at a consistently high performance level - hell you paid a crap ton of money for that build didn't you?
    If you have a low end PC, you're getting screwed because the game is extremely poorly optimized, and you're probably looking at what looks like Lineage II when you could be running it at a higher setting with the same FPS.
    This game could play so much better if the performance was consistent. This is just one example of all the crazy inconsistencies I've seen in the last few weeks. GM_Huego, give us something!
    TL:DR - FPS lock went away after cranking settings and turning them back down. FPS lock came back when I spoke with a quest giver. Inconsistent performance across the line - optimization of a potato. Lots of posts about this from other players - no formal response from Kakao. This affects our enjoyment of the game, please answer us.
    FPS magically went to 79 after switching to high / high-end and back to medium.

    *** Temporary Fix until Kakao does something ***
    Things you need to do to gain the most performance:
    1) Override game graphics settings by going into Nvidia Control Panel, create a profile for BDO, force off V-sync / Tinker with Anti-Aliasing, Max Pre-Rendered Frames. You can find endless guides on this, I won't go into it.
    2) CPU Unpark - Google it, download it, run it, unpark CPU. 
    3) Whenever you run BDO (the game, not the launcher), go into your Task Manager, find BDO, right click and hit show details, right click the .exe, set priority to High. You need to do this everytime, there's no way to set a launch option for it unfortunately. This has boosted my CPU usage quite a bit (good for performance).
    4) READ THIS IF YOU'VE DONE 1, 2 and 3.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLwBOCsobWo - Jackal Hawk on youtube, watch his video if you don't want to read.
    Go to the youtube link either way, go into his description, download the Gaming Performance Booster. Do not try to google it and download it because you might end up downloading something that's not meant for this purpose - there's lots of timing tools out there. As always, when tinkering with CPU stuff, do it at your own risk - this is by no means a dangerous method of obtaining performance, and will work for every game, not just BDO. 
    After you download the gaming booster (timing tool), open it up, set timing to 0.5ms, and you're good to go.
    If you've done the above, you should be getting quite a bit of boost in performance. On top of that, you will have broken through the FPS cap.
    My frames went from a locked 64 max, to 100~150 depending on the area. My city performance went from 30~37 to 37~45. I now run the game on slightly high, with high textures - where as before I ran it on medium settings and medium textures. I went up in quality and in performance with this solution.
    Edit: added screenshot of new performance

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  8. Sayhabow added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   

    I wanted to make something that looked more on the realistic side - I saw a korean version of young Emma Watson that was pretty good, here's my take on a more current grown up one. 
    Edit: updated to current.

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