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  1. HomelessFlea added a topic in Warrior   

    Do we really need a liverto?
    Do we really need a liverto longsword? A lot of our abilities already have 100% crit chance, so is liverto really that big a deal for warriors compared to other classes?
    • 35 replies
  2. HomelessFlea added a topic in Musa   

    Fugitive khalk's earrings
    Are these the best things since sliced bread for us? WP and stamina and you can equip 2x of them. I'm thinking of buying two right now, this a good investment? New(ish) casual player here
    • 3 replies
  3. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic How much accuracy do you really want with the Musa?   

    Is the ancient set worth getting? Currently getting my accuracy from 1x red corral earring and tree spirit belt. Level 56 atm.
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  4. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic coming from maehwa   

    Forward and backward movements they are as fast as musa, the problem is there is no lateral attack so if you want to move left or right while you're hitting mobs you need to shift+directional key to jump there, which doesn't have any flow to it at all imo. If you try to move left or right while auto attacking your spear just thrusts in that direction instead.
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  5. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic coming from maehwa   

    I didn't like how stationary and rooted the awakening made them when compared to pre-awakening. 
    • 1
  6. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic coming from maehwa   

    Okay, thanks for the replies! Also, big fan of your videos sexcellion!
    Any tips for dueling a ranger? They're hard to pin down for me, also, how do you aim projection reliably? 
    • 1
  7. HomelessFlea added a topic in Musa   

    coming from maehwa
    Decided to level a musa because its awakening looks like everything I wanted the maehwa awakening to be. Some questions, attack speed, should I stack this to 5? As well, what are the skills from pre-awakening that I can use in awakening? For example, maehwa could quick cast blooming from their awakening but it doesn't appear to mention it on the musa version, are there any skills we can quick cast into from our awakening?
    • 22 replies
  8. HomelessFlea added a topic in Maehwa   

    cast speed
    Do we need it?
    • 8 replies
  9. HomelessFlea added a topic in Berserker   

    Does zerker have long cooldowns?
    Title says it all. I looked on the talent calculator and the awakening abilities seem to have really long cooldowns.
    • 3 replies
  10. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic Nouver or vangertz shield?   

    Been told by a guildie that Rosar is the way to go over vangertz, I don't see it myself since I lose 7 accuracy, but he swears the evasion gain is substantial. Thoughts?
    my total accuracy from gear is 13, so the rosar would drop me to 6. 
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  11. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic new outfit thoughts   

    I agree on the horns as well, but they're small enough to be ignored. The wings make it look like a cheap halloween outfit.
    Has a sweet lance though.
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  12. HomelessFlea added a topic in Valkyrie   

    new outfit thoughts
    A new valk outfit came out today, what's everyones opinion on it? 
    Personally, I think the little wings ruin it, other than that it gives me a bayonetta vibe from it.
    • 32 replies
  13. HomelessFlea added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Green lancia worth getting?
    Was about to spend a cool 70mil on a +15 purification lancia (currently at +12, hate upgrading) and it would net me a +12 AP increase, or I could get a DUO schzeriel lancia for 69 mil and have a 23 AP increase. My only issue is, it's green, which means it's lower quality or rarity. What do?
    • 3 replies
  14. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic Maehwa Spring 2017 Collection   

    I'm unimpressed in every way.
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  15. HomelessFlea added a post in a topic Current Up-to-Date Gearing   

    I could sell the trungrade earring for a cool 70 mil and finance some other upgrades and only lose 2ap, I just feel that I was really lucky to get it and selling it seems like a waste, even though it is only 2ap loss. I don't imagine I would upgrade it ever simply because of the cost and risk of failure destroying 140mil worth of items.
    • 0