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  1. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge   

    I checked Rubio or whatever by storage he doesn't sell Bheg or that bookshelf.
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  2. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Boss Knowledge   

    Where do you buy this? Only NPC that sells shelves in Calpheon is:
    Clara Siciliano and she doesn't have this one by name specifically.
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  3. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Inventory and Other Black Spirit Quests   

    I did the main line quests and the inventory expansion ones. I also have the value pack on and somehow I only have 49 slots total.
    I completed the black spirit's gift quest that only gave me 1 slot total.
    I though that quest was supposed to give the equivalent slots of the older quests?
    It doesn't seem that my +16 slots from VP are being applied either. If I have 49 total that seems to be missing the +16. I should be around 65 at least.
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  4. RavenousSix added a post in a topic CPU Temps spike up and stays there   

    This has nothing to do with the cooler.
    I have a water cooling setup and as of the recent patch CPU usage is up and so is the heat output of my CPU as well just like OP.
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  5. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Trade crates exp   

    Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm making copper/iron crates in Calph and I want to take them Valencia. I have about 5K saved now.
    I just don't want to take them and get no XP again. I might save up to 10K and try then.
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  6. RavenousSix added a post in a topic High CPU Utilization Fix   

    High CPU usage is crazy on today's patch 4/19/2017.
    Upwards of 80% CPU used even out of town for no reason.
    Doing the trick mentioned here doesn't lower the CPU usage.
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  7. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Connection with server has been lost. 100% CPU Usage screen.   

    There is also another issue.
    When you hit M and bring up the map then click on a city to mange workers or work shops the GPU goes to 100% usage.
    All you have to do is hit M, click any city (Altinova, Velia, Calpheon) and then use something like MSI Afterburner or whatever other GPU monitoring utility you prefer and you will see GPU go to 100% for no reason.
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  8. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Trade crates exp   

    I ran them from Altinova to Calph. I just wanted to do a test run while I made crates in Calph to send to Valencia. I had the +2 trader outfit on with sute tea and time elixir.
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  9. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Trade crates exp   

    I'm not sure if my account is bugged out or if something else is going on. I turned in 2500 crates and did not move even 1% from Apprentice5 19%.
    I sent in a ticket, it's really strange. I had a trader outfit on with sute tea and time elixir buffs.
    I still get xp from trading in afk fish, but not from copper ore crates, I don't get it.
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  10. RavenousSix added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Connection with server has been lost. 100% CPU Usage screen.
    How is this screen still using 100% CPU when the game is sitting in the tray and it loses connection with the server?
    How have they not fixed this yet?
    I wake up to find my water cooling fan at 100% spinning while the CPU is pegged out at max usage on 1 core.
    WTF Kakao?

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  11. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Tier 4~5 horses have been added into the wild, and they can be tamed.
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  12. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Is there any support for this game still?   

    How do they get away with 0 customer support and no class action law suits to sue them? We should all start to think about legal action somehow. They are registered in Europe and North America where customer protection laws do exist.
    This is bullshit.
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  13. RavenousSix added a post in a topic True Fix to All BDO Game Crashes N Lock-Ups   

    I really like the game though. I don't like anything else out right now. It really sucks that it has issues like this and the people they hired to help are either completely clueless on how to fix anything or are not given the right tools or both.
    I'm permanently banished from creating or joining a guild as soon as I click that Accept/Confirm button the game instantly crashes.
    They are now ignoring my ticket no further replies or any kind of help. Very very bad support for your customers kakao.
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  14. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    Between the GM's having no technical skills to fix anything and the numerous issue that they probably can't fix that requires a real coder to fix, this is a huge mess.
    Anyone locked out with crashes is hopeless, they don't hire anyone that fixes anything.
    The GM's are just hired copy/pasters they copy KB articles that anyone can access and send it your way.
    This is terrible Kakao/Pearl Abyss whoever runs the game should be ashamed, if you look at the tech help section many people are locked out of playing a game that they paid for.
    The worst part is, the game is really good/fun for me and the absolute worst part is not being able to play. Or in my case not being able to be in a guild.
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  15. RavenousSix added a post in a topic Can't log in the game for one week when I lost connection ( Alt is reading books)   

    Sorry to hear about your issue. This is getting to a class action lawsuit point. Lots of people can not even use the software they paid for, in this case the game.
    I can't join or create a guild, because if a character or account I try to use is in a guild my game crashes at start.
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