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  1. KillKapps added a topic in Technical Issues   

    0 FPS line at Pirates
    Ever since the new patch dropped on 3/29/2017 there has been this invisible wall on Kuit island (Pirate island) that whenever you walk through, causes my game to lose all FPS momentarily without hesitation. It is in the same exact spot every time I walk through it and every single time I walk through it I lose all my FPS. Before you ask if its just lag or my pc performance, it's not. Granted I don't have the best rig to play on by any means, this was not an issues prior to the patch, and there is no randomness to it, it's spot on every time and for some reason only happens when walking through it from south to north.
    I walked along the line seeing how far it went and this is what I came up with. The line started just to the left of "main" along a pathway and ended toward the back right of "mountain" on the ramp to the top pull. In every single spot along this line, if I crossed it heading north I would get about a second or two of gameplay with 0 FPS then everything would go back to normal. I would cross back to the south, and nothing.

    I have tried restarting my computer, repairing the client and even reinstalling but nothing did the trick.
    Please, if anyone else is experiencing this or has the time to test it for themselves if you're going to be in the area, let me know. Or if you have a solution for it already, I am ears open.
    Figured it out. Can't keep my Epheria sailboat out because if I get too far away it makes my game skip. If I check it in at the wharf everything is fine.
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  2. KillKapps added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    Let's just pretend we aren't on the internet and communicating politely actually works more than 5% of the time, when in reality someone who is GRIEFING has already answered whether or not they would leave or not. Asking politely would only work on someone who you wouldn't need to ask.
    Grouping is not viable in solo spots, and if it is a larger spot but you've been winning the fights against the karma bomber why would you want someone to hop in your backpack? You cant secure the spot, you don't deserve it. Kind of common sense really.
    Also I would love to be able to just keep killing a griefer to be honest. PvP is my main source of fun in this game. There is just no penalty for the one dying... which seems ass backwards to be honest.
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  3. KillKapps added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    That's the exact thing we need. I think 10 minutes is a little short to be grinding back that much karma since they can get back up at the closest node (not to mention tear karma bombing), but we are moving in the right direction if that is coming our way.
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  4. KillKapps added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    Karma bombing is a thing so long as griefing is a thing. The only thing you can do to get someone out of your spot is to flag on them (implying they cannot be dec'd on). That's literally what flagging is in the game for. If someone is going to continually get killed by someone, knowing that eventually the person "winning" these altercations is going to be penalized by it, you are karma bombing. Just saying that the only reason you have low karma is because you are the one killing someone, even though they have every right to, doesn't mean they aren't being karma bombed.
    The karma system that should be in place should be to protect the weak, not the cowards.
    This is how a lot of people should see things. I'm a strong believer in killing whoever is grinding before I even touch a mob in a rotation without even a hesitation to flag up. If I lose, so be it. However, if I am defending a spot and someone kills me via flagging up and taking the spot, I'm not against going back, FLAGGING UP MYSELF, and trying to take it back. Not just continuing to grind the spot even though I lost it fair and square. This is not griefing, even though most people seem to think it is. I flagged up and I am the one risking my karma at this point.
    This is why the karma system needs to have a cooldown on a specific person. A system where if you have just killed someone via flagging up and losing karma on them, when they come back you should be able to kill them without penalty. This would give you a chance to defend your spot and grind back the karma you lost on them in the meantime. Then after a specific amount of time has passed you would then have to lose karma on them again. Such an easy solution to stop griefing.
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  5. KillKapps added a post in a topic Declaring War   

    I get that this is an option but to kill someone until you run out of karma and then they get your spot is a pretty bad system if you ask me. Need to make it so that there is a karma loss cooldown on one specific person so if they come back within a set time limit and you kill them, you don't lose karma. This way you have time to grind your karma back up while still being able to hold down the spot that you have had for god knows how long.
    Normally I wouldn't care about karma, but with all the negatives like downgrading gear on death and getting sent to jail. It's just not great for someone who isn't godly geared to run around as a red player.
    You can skip the clan phase so long as you have the 200k. Don't know why clans exist to be honest but it's not my game so.
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  6. KillKapps added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Karma loss just needs to be exponentially decreased, the more you kill one person over and over. Too much to lose and nothing to gain from defending your spots from griefers. The new war declaration changes made no other way around it too.
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  7. KillKapps added a topic in PVP   

    Declaring War
    So with this new patch recently it has made declaring war on annoying people next to impossible. The patch notes said that a guild without any nodes could declare war on any guild, however that's not the case. I am the GM of my own small 3 man guild just for the purpose of being able to declare war on people interfering with my grind spots. So I should be able to declare war on any guild right? Nope, even after looking up some guilds that said aren't ready for war yet, they were larger guilds that didn't own a node and even when I don't own a node I cant declare on them.
    If there is something I'm not understanding here, please do tell. Or how about we just remove the whole restrictions on declaring shall we? You know what you sign up for when you make a guild, I know I did. This whole restriction on war is just swarming the channels with unintentional griefing. Once someone runs out of karma and they cant flag up anymore, what are they supposed to do when they cant dec? Something here has to change.
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  8. KillKapps added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    [NA]GearCarry Guild Recruitment
    GearCarry is a very new guild leaning towards the combat side of the game. I am a very competitive player who doesn't give up on a fight even though I get very out-geared majority of the time, hence why I picked the guild name. I will try to get to a large portion of the guild content as much as I can, but I am a fairly new player myself so I am very much still on the grind. Below, I am going to list some guild content subjects and what level of priority they have to GearCarry at the moment.
    Guild Quests - High priority since we are just starting out. These will allow you to increase your daily pay while also giving the guild more skill points and funds. (Majority will take place in Valencia since they pay well).
    Declaring War - Medium Priority. I have no issue declaring war on another guild if they are trying to take over your grind spot or alternatively you want theirs. As long as you feel that someone just will not go away, war will commence.
    Node Wars - N/A. I still have a lot to learn about node wars and we are still very small, so for the time being, there will not be any node wars.
    Guild Skills - Focusing all skill points into the combat side of the spectrum for now.
    Requirements - As of now there are no requirements to join other than being an active player and being interested in guild activities. As was stated earlier though, most of the guild quests will be in Valencia so if you aren't at least awakened with some descent gear you will have a hard time progressing.
    That's about it for this post, I just wanted to add in that this will be a very M rated guild so if you have a light stomach for that sort of thing, I do apologize.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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