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  1. Oldar added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Yeah that is what I mean. New recipes and adjust or tweak the old ones may do the trick. The thing is not to have products that are going to waste. We need to have e.g. 100 useful recipes. Not like 10 very useful, another 30 just useful and the rest 60 never to bother with... Of course not all the recipes are for everyone. But they can create some more either buffs, pet feed, maybe bait options for fishing, buff for gathering etc... They made outfits with stats for all the life activities. They should have made potions or buffs through their crafting System imho.
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  2. Oldar added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    There are some very good points in this thread. Let's take it step by step to set things right:
    We all agree that changes need to be made as the current Marketplace System solves some problems but creates new ones at the same time.
    Recognized Problems
    1) Many items are just trash and have no demand in the game e.g. chicken, aloe etc.
    2) Bidding process of valuable in game items or pearl shop items does not work as intended.
    3) Even UI of the Marketplace does not help someone to work with MP profit if he likes that.
    Possible Solutions
    1) Track down the least buying Items. Changes need to be done to certain recipes of the game so that all the items to serve a purpose. For example, for 1 beer instead of needing 5 potatoes it may need 2 potatoes, 2 Aloes and 1 Chicken. All recipes need to adjust the needing ingredients. That way we will ease the highly demand to some products and we will generate need for those that now have no value. The same must be done to the crafting/enchanting process as well. Tweaks will bring the long wished balance we need.
    2) We are glad to have steady range prices to all items. But the current implement comes with a price. On one hand the wealthier players does not lead the market. On the other hand those players are watching their income to transform into a worthless pile. First we must create purposes for those piles to exist. The most easy way to do that is to "feed" the need of buying well worth Items in the Marketplace. And what Items are those? BiS and Pearl Items of course.
    For BiS Items: Why should the Ogre Ring be the only BiS item and not just BiS in e.g. PvP? Why should we not have more BiS Rings for various purposes? We need of course to create some more purposes as e.g. guild quests farming become easier having a Giant Ring, or fishing becomes more efficient wearing a Whale Ring etc. Adjustments should be made so that we can have more viable combinations of Armor/Jewelry/Weapon instead of only one.
    For Pearl Items: It has been said before: the delusion of having the same opportunity to earn a Pearl Item through the current System does not help neither the players neither the Kakao's income. We do not need a delusional RNG Method. We need a simple worthy process. Failstacks or Counting Methods or even an actual Bidding System will make the trick. Another step can be the lowering cost of these items. I ask from Kakao to reconsider this possible solution, They can offer e.g. 30-50% sales on some of the most "hot" items in there for a weekend. If they do not receive an overwhelming success they can bring back the original pricing. Lowering the Pearl Item cost will lead to more players buy those. The more players buy those they more items we will see registered on the MP. The more items we will see on the MP the more Silvers will be spend in there.
    3) If I want to bid on more than one item, is impossible to do that with the current system. Fix the UI so that I can check the items e.g. in the bottom of the MP window. Allow me to have like 5 bids at any given time active and that's it.
    That being said, we cannot of course be able to have access to all the Items in the game from day one. Some items are rare. And the is a common thing between all the MMORPG genre. You need those rare things as a player who is investing 8 hours a day for a year want to be somehow superior to the player who plays 2 hours for a month. 
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  3. Oldar added a post in a topic just confirm F2P   

    No offense here, but why exactly do you think turning their business model from B2P to F2P will make things better for their income and the community?
    Buying the game for 10 Euros, objectively speaking they offer it already at a very low cost... For every person who wants to try it, there is always the 7 days trial. In this time, doing his research, the interesting buyer can have his own opinion for the game. Even this minimal entrance cost adds up to their income (profit). So, why loose it?
    The best thing that B2P games has is hype... All the great things you can see in youtube, twich, advertising sites etc. make the game more appealing to its possible audience and even the 10 Euros pass for everyone to check all these is a gain for Kakao. Don't forget the B2P games always consider to be one step above the F2P games in the quality ladder and this has rooted in the conscience of the most gamers (another winning point).
    Lastly, those who are saying for the B2P games, "it is their price tag who leave the botters outside and protect the game", think again. WoW is the finest example here. A subscription model based game, with hundreds of bots.... The monthly and the expansions fees did not bother them not to do what they are doing. Do you think the 5 or 10 Euros will stop them from games that maybe earn a lot of real life money? It is because the BDO does not allow you to trade, that keeps all these guys outside from this game and not the entrance cost.
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  4. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    We transformed this thread into a personal vendetta that offers nothing to the community who read these posts. Body size does not matter if the brains up there are not exist. So, you have your insulting opinions, I have mine. Let's end it here and call it a day, as we can do this all day long or we can continue this endless discussions in private if you like.
    After the last urgent downtime my fps have magically came back at least for me.
    If it helps, my specs are i7-4790k, 16GB Ram, Fury Nitro+, Amd Drivers 17.3.3, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. I have seen though a lot of people to struggle with terrible fps drops in Window 10.
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  5. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    Have you installed the latest Nvidia graphic drivers?
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  6. Oldar added a post in a topic Striker awakening weapon   

    or maybe dual axes? 
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  7. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    You have a major problem when people deny your suggestions don't you? You are not in any way an official GM to throw an idea and demand from others to follow simple because some may got help from it. In any case, write whatever makes you sleep nice and tight. Maybe you cannot accept the fact that I did not cry from the stupid, insulting nonsense you wrote above, maybe this makes things difficult for you? 
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  8. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    You suggest a possible solution. Some may follow it and succeed, others may follow it and fail and some others decide not to follow it. So simple as that. What is your problem when I am telling you I choose not to follow your suggestion? Thank you for mention it, but I find it unacceptable for me to fix manually something that it should have been fixed from the moderators of the game from the first place. Whoever does not follow your suggestions is automatically a jerk/dump/etc to you?
    From your writings, I understand that the purpose of your existence in these forums is to make others cry while you believe you are helping them. Does that make you feel like you are constructive or helpful? Does it live you the impression of "I helped another poor soul by making him/her cry his/hers eyes out?" And how do you understand if I pretend to be polite? Do you know me in person? Or you think you are SO good judgement of characters by reading some posts that they are not even in our native language? Judging me for being jerk just because I do not agree with your suggestion makes me consider that you obviously have a great idea for yourself. Go on, throw some more insults if that makes you feel any better. Saying all these behind the anonymity of the internet is what makes you hypocrite. I choose to stay away from the likes of you. Your kind of people has nothing to offer me.
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  9. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    I appreciate your suggestion but the whole thing is getting out of hand now. I do not know if you are trolling or if you want to help. In any case, your suggestion may have work with some PCs. If you read these forums or in game chat, you will see that some players tried the repair function without luck. If your suggestion was 100% a succeed solution, it would work for all the players and we wont had this topic in here don't you think? Since we have this topic though, it means that the solution you provide is not for everyone. Again, you should check your tone as you write in public and it is always good to respond in polite and good manner. If you can't do that, just stay away from the public forums...
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  10. Oldar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Forgot to show my on and off sarcasm pointers...
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  11. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    After this morning urgent patch every seems to work as indented. So, I guess that proves my point that this Thursday's patch had a major issue for the most of the players. Your suggestion was misleading and had no value. I choose to ignore it and I will do the same with your insulting comments.
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  12. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    Thanks for your suggestion but I will pass.
    If I have to wait another 4-6 hours for the repair function to finish after each patch when we already wait 7-8 hours to complete.... I do not want to spend my day fixing things they should have been fixed from the first place by the BDO Team. After all so many players have the same issue. I do not think it is just my PC. And I am trying to give as much details as I can to help the community. I am not writing my life story. Learn to stand out things.
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  13. Oldar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    OR we can just sit on our chairs and discuss this issue as we always do with our polite and democratic ways..:) After all, the community have the power to elevate things up to a better result or transform this game into a live cemetery.
    P.S.: We need a Europe/American Development team to create a game with options like BDO and then to Publish it as well... Only then they will actually care for their game. They will know what the European/American scene wants. They will try their best to deliver... These half made translations from Korean language to English and the meetings between Publishers and Developers and the worthless greedy actions to receive the Developing cost in a month etc... have made me lost my faith that something good may happen in those type of cooperation. I can only dream though...
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  14. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    I had never this problems before the patch. Same System, same settings. I did nothing like changing graphic drivers or anything at all. All my other online games play exactly as they should after their maintenance. In BDO, I can't even write in the chat or stay logged  in for a whole minute! I hope when they fix that they will give us what we lost during this waiting....
    Why don't you run a single client then on your pc for yourself only? What the heck are you doing in a MMO Client with other players inside?
    Can you please show me where I can find this sticky UI? Forgive me for asking you that, I just do not have the time to search for the option as the game lost its connection in like 20-30 secs.
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  15. Oldar added a post in a topic MAJOR FPS issue   

    Thanks for your help friend. Unfortunately I am running Windows 7 Ultimate and what happened in my the last 3 tries is this: I log in into the game. My character respond as it should (walking, running, taking fighting stance etc) BUT all the other actions does not respond. No ESC key, no R Key, no Warehouse, no Marketplace, none of the NPCs respond to me when I press R nothing at all. After about 30 secs and Server disconnects me. For me its obvious a messed up patch.
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