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  1. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in General   

    Please up the amount of Res Rubies(+other items) i can place on MP at a time.
    I used Resplendent Rubies as an example in the title but there are plenty of others(500 x timber....really? i have 6000 birch alone). But 5 res rubies at a time....ug id fill max posted items allowed 2 times just to post all mine.
    Is there a reason for the limit to selling x number of items at a time? Black stones have a limit of 100 and they sell for 5 times the amount a Res Rubies sell for, so i dont get it.
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  2. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in General   

    *Brainstorming* Replacement to yolo rng enhancements.
    TL:DR Still hard work and money vested without the punishing backwards progression rng system has. It is still extremely costly but it rewards dedication and hardwork rather than sheer dumb luck.
    Current system. Anything above duo has a chance to downgrade. Its absurdly punishing. Months of work and billions of silver down the tube cuz luck yolo'd you. Is this fair to anyone new players or old. No i think almost every can agree on that point at least.
    My idea, just brainstorming. 
    0 to +15 system stays the same.
    15 to pri stays the same.
    Duo to Pen is changed to reflect the following.
    Remove degrade chance. 
    Failed enhancements bring durability to 51, 2nd failed to 2. Two chances to get a successful enhancement. Must have dura 51+ to attempt again.
    Cron stones reworked - No longer used to prevent degrade. Now used to repair PRI+ gear. Cost changed to 250k per stone. 25mil for 100.
    Failstack flat % increase on PRI+ gear. Every 10th failstack=1% better chance. 10FS=1% up to 100FS=10%.
    1) Duo to Tri - 10% base success chance
    2) Tri to TET - 5% base chance
    3) TET to PEN - 2% base chance
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  3. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic Ship Building and the Fixed Market Price - Supply and Demand?   

    Considering the taxes taken from anything sold on the MP, nothing is really worth selling.
    Yay i got something worth 4 billion.....awww man MP will take 1.5bil of it.
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  4. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic No More Black Spirit!   

    Black spirit quests have excellent rewards. I always do them. As should you.
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  5. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic I really wish we weren't forced to use awakening weapons to be competitive.   

    Wouldnt it just be easier to allow the same percentage of AP from awakening pass to non awakened skills like your current mainhand passes along a percentage of ap to your awakened weapon?
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  6. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in General   

    Fishing Hotspot question
    Ive seen on the waters the so called hotspots. Fish jumping out of waters and birds circling...im assuming its a hotspot. Do they despawn if you get to close? Ive noticed when coming up to them if you get to close or ontop of the hotspot the animation of the fishs and birds will dissappear. Is it still there and just invis or has it despawned?
    Whats radius of the hotspot?
    Thanks in advance.
    • 1 reply
  7. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in General   

    3-11-17 Connection/Disco issue
    Anyone having an issue connecting/logging in? Kept getting disco'd from Olvia channel now we cant even get to channel selection. Fails to connect at processing after hitting start.
    Anyone else?
    East Coast, Florida.
    • 4 replies
  8. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic FPS Capped at 64 GTX 1080 Driver 378.49   

    lol at people complaining about any fps above 35 saying its to low.
    I run in 3440x1440(4k) with max graphics on a 1070 and get 30-55 fps and the game is smooth as butter.
    I dunno what your guys issue is.
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  9. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic (Maintenance Game) How Old Is Your Character   

    The sheer amount of underage and child like characters is disturbing.
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  10. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic Theory crafting- Hybrid Acc+Evasion Musa(low budget)   

    ^ place holder for me.
    And thank you for the feedback Valient.
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  11. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in Musa   

    Theory crafting- Hybrid Acc+Evasion Musa(low budget)
    This is a low budget, hybrid acc+evasion+dmg redux build. Whatcha think?
    Im not looking for massive dmg(ap) but survivability and avg dmg.
    • 11 replies
  12. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic Bases of Operations - Which towns are best?   

    Calpheon for me.
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  13. Te'Ryn Tec added a topic in General   

    Dim Magic repeatable quests....
    How the bloody ef do i turn these off?
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  14. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic First boss fight -no loot   

    Well this was inspiring.
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  15. Te'Ryn Tec added a post in a topic PSA: When ENCHANTING(green, blue,yellow grades) you do NOT need same grade/exact item to repair max durability!(Pics inside)   

    lol thanks.
    The only thing that needs updating to the original post is that....
    If you have a blue item....for example "Taritas helmet of destruction" you cannot use a "Taritas helmet of Agility/temptation" to repair max dura.
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