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  1. itsbaxagain added a post in a topic Constant Disconnects and On Queue ** Loop **   

    I noticed it only happens when I use a router with 2.4ghz wireless. I used 2 different ones.
    When I used my friends router which is 5ghz the issue did not happen. 
    My wireless receiver/  adapter is a 5ghz as well.
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  2. itsbaxagain added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Bought this game on 2/11 and have not been able to play it with all the disconnects. 
    I only have Wi-FI and cannot plug into LAN. 
    Black Desert Online needs to hire better engineers to fix their shi*.
    This game should not be a LAN only game, period. 
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  3. itsbaxagain added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Constant Disconnects and On Queue ** Loop **
    There are a lot of connection issues with Black Desert Online. I am posting another as the issue needs to be magnified. I have submited a ticket as well. 
    I downloaded the game the morning of 2/11 This was the trial. It took most the morning to download/install. 
    After complete, I kept getting a corrupted file error(attached) when trying to launch the game. I then followed the KB article (https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210761289-Corrupted-files) - The fix for this was finding the corrupt file, deleting and relaunching the game. It seemed to do a file check and download that file. (time stamp changed on the file that was corrupt) ~ took about 15 minutes 
    After being frustrated, I was able to get the game to launch but kept getting the Disconnect Error about 1-2 minutes intoplaying
    game. I would click "OK (ENTER)" and it would close the game. 
    This was annoying as after trying to launch the game again and try a different server I would have to wait. (OnQueue - wait for 10 minutes) This happened the good part of the afternoon. (handful of times) I tried 4-5 different servers. 
    I was able to finally get into a server (NA_Velia4), played for some ofthe
    evening then a friend wanted me to be on the same server with him. (NA-Olvia1) After doing that I got the disconnect / on queue loop. I tried going back to the server I was on and it would not connect it would give me the loop again. 
    I was still on the 7-day trial and thought maybe the servers would take priority over free players vs paid players so I bought the Explorer's package. This made no difference. Now, 2/12 I tried to launch the game and I am still getting the loop.
    I tried to log in the morning of 2/13 with the same issues.
    When the connection issue happens I do notice other players on the server but I cannot hit "R" on anything...after 3-5 minutes I get disconnected.  
    I tried to disable my AV/Firewall.
    I tried to reboot my modem and router. I waited 5 minutes before plugging them back in. I plugged the modem in first waited for it to connect then plugged my router in.
    I do not use a VPN booster or any proxies set up.
    I am able to reach ports 8888 and 9991 - 9993 - I port forwarded them for the heck of it. Tested using : http://portquiz.net:8888/ 
    My internet Speed is 30 down and 5 up. I am reaching these speeds. I ran more than one speed test. 
    When I downloaded the game I was reaching 3-5 mbps. So, should I be able to play the game with ease? No...
    I am using WLAN with no option to use LAN. All people that have Wifi have connection issues? My wireless card is a Linksys AE6000 which is capable of the speeds. My router is Linksys and it is N. I went as far as testing my speeds between my computer and another computer on my network by copying a large file. Both computers are on WLAN. The speed was ~ 4 MB/s. The file size was about 600 MBs. WLAN vs LAN should not be the issue.
    I disconnected all other connections to my router. (WLAN & LAN) I was the only connection to my internet. This changed nothing. 
    This game should not be a LAN only game. 
    I downloaded this game on another system and it still happens using the WLAN card. This system was a laptop. I was able to plug this one into the LAN and the game works. 
    This seems to be poor engineering. I do not have issues with any other games on my computer. 
    Please get this issue fixed!!
    I'll provide some links to others that are having connection issues: posted between 12/01/2017 to now 02/14/2017. I won't collect the ones before 12/01/2016 because if I did there would be to many. 



    There are many more posted. This is an obvious issue that needs to be resolved. 
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