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  1. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    There's actually nerfs on the way already lol. Can't wait to reroll. I love this class but Kakao is making it unplayable until you have 500 GS.
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  2. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Is Tamer OP?
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  3. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    Picture of the class has been leaked, and it's male. All you negative nancys stfu
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  4. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Gaining S Rank Mob Knowledge   

    "Snowflake". Found the Trump supporter
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  5. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic [Guide] New Players   

    Could you go into more detail as to how you one can make money without doing farming or , workers, horsebreeding? Since the game doesnt really teach you how to do any of that stuff...every says to do that but i legit have no idea what to do. Im lvl 50 with 0 silver and iv only done the required black spirit quests up to being able to enhance gear. I have no idea how to fish, breed, or how the whole node system works or workers work. The game doesnt explain any of it.
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  6. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Help a new player out. Lost and confused.   

    alright. My ninja is my main now , got him to lvl 50 . Will post a screenie in a bit of my storage and my inventory and guild
    daily black spirit boss scrolls? I dont seem to have received any of those.
    question, is the collection of the first 25 fragments considered part of the run? Because you said ill get about 2-3 per hour then said a run takes an hour. I assume you were excluding step 1 which will take me over 12 hours to do? Maybe less if im lucky? Should i invest in a pet to help loot? Or is it not worth unless i buy 2-3 of them?
    Also, does having luck help in collecting the fragments? I have luck gear equipped and 2 luck crystals for a total of 5 but i dont seem to be getting any better drops than i did without luck.
    Lastly, how will i find the "lf3m" in chat when everything moves so fast and i cant expand it? Ita full of server spams about people buying stuff in the marketplace or other stuff.  I hardly ever see anyone talking in it. 
    Thank you though!
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  7. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Help a new player out. Lost and confused.   

    will try this. Im interested in what others said but im in dire need of cash. Do you walk around spamming R to pick up the silver and loot for the 4m silver or do you have pets? Jw since it seems it could get tedious. 
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  8. Dodo1234 added a post in a topic Help a new player out. Lost and confused.   

     Yeah i got to levels 50/51  but don't seem to be making any money   i outleveld them on my bbeserk so i went to the Helm area and got shit on
    i had a +14 Yuria Axe (i believe thats where a lot of my money went Because i enhanced it myself since there were no good axes cheaper than 25mil in the Marketplace) and +5 Grunil Helmet, Glove and Boots with my chest being +8, i was being killed by Helms extremely fast on my Beserker. Im not sure if i had bad accesories or what. I looked up guides for my skills for AoE pve so i assume it isnt i was killing them too slow. I was lvl 51 with 80 Ap and 90 DP i believe
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  9. Dodo1234 added a topic in General   

    Help a new player out. Lost and confused.
    Hello! I started playing a little over a week ago, I have 3 level 50-51s currently but cannot get them any higher due to my gear being too bad to actually farm effectively. This game isn't really beginner friendly and there arent any real good guides i could find and so I've managed to screw myself financially. I now knowi need Grunil armor +15 and a +15 Yuria weapon for starters but im broke. I have no idea how to make money, in an attempt to start over i sold my shitty gear and deleted those characters and made a new character, which is my only one. Its lvl  3 right now because i dont wanna ----- up again. I currently have 13mil, 17 black stones armor and 4 black stones weapon to my name. What do i do? How do i get enough gold while leveling and grinding to not fall behind? I'm lost and frustrated. This is my first mmo in 10 years so that doesn't help either.
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