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  1. Kalmortia added a post in a topic New outfit isn't for Kuno, why?   

    sadly I will have to agree with this. Played a Kuno since Kuno delay.............ed launch ("Soon" TM) only to have no balance to the class at all and ignored through it's awakening while every other class got buffed. Kuno has the highest death to kill ration and has been acknowledged as broken. It's meta (stealth) is broken as ----- as it can be seen through by all pet classes and well as being broke on damage where it specifically says in the text immune to damage and concealed for 15 seconds. PA has no intentions on fixing this class and it is usually the very last to get unique costumes as well. Outside of the DK that just launched, KUNO and witch have received the least amount of costumes as well. most of it's costumes are rehash costumes from the tamer class. In the words of Trump "Sad... very very sad... bad hombres.."    
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  2. Kalmortia added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    wow.. that is hideous... not getting my pearls for that. And as others have said where are the costume winner costumes? They just released the Tamer and rangers ones with one valk months ago. Now we get this garbage....  
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  3. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Instant Accel & Sprint Nerf   

    I have noticed the skill generation in general has been nerfed since the dream horse patch. I lvled a T7 potato that by lvl 30 it only got 8 skills, then another 2 T6s that only got 8-9 skills. My current T8 got 16 skills by lvl 30 (lvled 6 months ago) sadly just never got sideways step and sideway step S to become a dream horse. For months I could not even get a T7 to breed all of a sudden. Now with the last horse patch I can breed them again only to get 4 legged potatos. It seems like a sleaze plan to me. 3 months ago make T7s harder to get, now release a patch to states we are putting in T9 horse soon but you can only get them with special skills. Make T7s and other horses easier to get now but reduce the amount of skills you can learn so you have to keep glue factoring horses or buy stupid pearl shop RNG horse skill resets.
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  4. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  5. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    Wow.... going to release the Kibelious outfit with wings, make a big advertisement on the main site for it and not even update it for the DK. I know PA doesn't want to design new weapons for old outfits but most of us would be happy with just the outfit at outfit cost.....  Most people don't even use the set weapons...
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  6. Kalmortia added a post in a topic LOL DK is op   

    Only people complaining are the ones that have been OP since beta and now have a fight on there hands. As others have said the DK is very CD based. They shotgun up front but if they blow there stack they have to run. Musa mobility, you gotta be joking. If you want to feel under powered and ignored try playing a Kuno for 6 months. 
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  7. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Thats not a outfit thats a costume  
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  8. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Sad patch...
    No much needed balance fixes
    No Server Stability fixes
    Regurgitated event from last year with daily limit not tied to gathering
    Spring costume for only the selected few classes
    DK has been out three weeks and still stuck with 1 cash shop outfit.
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  9. Kalmortia added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    No... the game is already easy to get to 55. Swap armor and grab some tea.
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  10. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Bug with where dark knight is looking at   

    And here I thought it was supposed to be some weird emo goth depression theme they had going. I was wondering why my DK kept looking down like a bad 90's depression add.

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  11. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Allow us to vote worst npc in game   

    Mevo Muranan would win in a land slide

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  12. Kalmortia added a post in a topic KR patch note for 2nd February   

    I wish...Current state of DP:

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  13. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Gifting Pearl items when buying   

    I will say this is a pretty shady practice. As for myself I agree with the OP I will not take part in it, I think it is bogus. I have spent over $1,000 this past year between my account and my wife's. Never sold Pearl Items on the AH, never will. I have gifted items to friends just to be nice. However I do think this is just another thing that kills the game just as much as a gold seller. The only reason why Kakao is turning a blind eye is because they are getting the money directly from it. 
    As for it off setting the crappy auction house prices is totally horse sh*t. The prices are set on the auction house for this exact reason, because if the prices were higher it would put items so totally far out of reach of anyone who is casual to semi active they would never be able to catch up. It would widen the gap so far that only lifers and whales would be able to afford the gear and it would destroy the economy as well as PvP. I have seen this in other games dating back to Ultima Online, Lineage 2 being the worst.
    The thing that makes me laugh but cringe at the same time is Kakao's response. More of a slap on the wrist; "we don't encourage it so don't do it.... but if someone scams you we will take both yours and there items... *demonic whisper* buy more pearls...."  
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  14. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Clothing bug in this patch   

  15. Kalmortia added a post in a topic servers are dying??   

  16. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Good Job Devs   

    I think I seen this in a movie... (sorry for the crappy photo-chop, no PS on this comp)

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  17. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Kakao, please consider:   

    I would just be happy with the mix and match and not loose my combat exp buff
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  18. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Black Friday Hourly & Daily Sales Thread   

    Finally got through. Had to close my browser completly and relogin to the website
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  19. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Black Friday Hourly & Daily Sales Thread   

    Same, just filed a ticket. I don't have time for this
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  20. Kalmortia added a post in a topic ''Latent Aura Package'' KR new Attendance Reward   

    "If" it worked that way. I would rather have a solid goal to aim for knowing my progress rather then more RNG. Game has enough of that
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  21. Kalmortia added a post in a topic ''Latent Aura Package'' KR new Attendance Reward   

    Still pretty RNG sadly. I have been killing Zarka with no wep box drop and trying to get the Auras since they released. I am up to 11. At current rate seems like you have to kill Zarka 250+ times to get 100 auras. Feels more like a kick in the ballz
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  22. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Kunoichi gear question   

    I would say wait for more peices. The grunil ultimate+set bonus is better then one piece of boss gear. I would say even two if a peice is not behgs or tree. 3 I would consider switching over
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  23. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Kunoichi gear question   

    thats some hard luck. I would probably work on some accessories with the +30 if you do not have any good ones. If you fail at Tri you go back to Pri. Would be best to get all of your gear around DUO before risking the debunk back to Pri. 
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  24. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Kunoichi gear question   

    Once at +15 going to Pri and Duo is real easy. (Going to +15 it is like a 15% chance with 25 FS and that is cap benefit.) Only takes 15 FS for Pri and 25 for DUO. They top fail stacks at 25 and 35 think it is a 52% chance at 25 to go tp Pri and a 33% chance at 35 FS to go to DUO. Most people don't waste the FS and just upgrade at 15 and 25. 
    Anyway repairing Liverto is easy cake now with an artisan mem and another short sword. You can get another sword for 7 mil and a artisan mem with loyalty to get 30 durability back. If you were talking a zarka blade it would be harder to decide but eventually you would have to do it. I think 30 or 40% of your main hand AP works for the awakening. Don't quote I could be wrong. 
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  25. Kalmortia added a post in a topic Post your Kunoichi Screenshots here   

    It rained on the day you were born....
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