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  1. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    almost 2 months and no fix... I'm probably just going to quit this game... And I liked it so much
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  2. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    It's been done several times... we either get a generic response asking for our stuff so they can just say our computer isn't good enough or someone saying they are aware of the problem and are trying to solve it but can't give an ETA on the fix because fixing a start screen button is a "COMPLEX" problem apparently...
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  3. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    LOL --> "While we offer limited technical support, we can't guarantee that we can solve every issue."

    #1 - I would be complimenting you if I said you got terrible tech support, you're far from offering a limited service if any.
    #2 - HOW HARD can it be to make a button clickable again? just fire the intern that fkd this up and fix it
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  4. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    Same here... I've been spending 40min every time I wanna log... If Kakao keeps treating their players this way, the game will be dead by the end of the year... eventualy ppl will grow tired of this bs
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  5. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    This is BS! 4 days and NOTHING happened! No fix, no comment from GMs... can't they realize people CAN'T PLAY until this is fixed!? NOTHING should have priority over their clients not being able to pay the game they payed for! 
    And like others said... if only they could make the Start button clickable again, we would be ok with all the other sht they make us go through to log on
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  6. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    So... all this time for a generic response? And he didn't address the Start button becoming unclickable
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  7. Kindera added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Was finally able to stay connected
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  8. Kindera added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    I created a topic about the "Start" button becoming unclickable after a disconnect as of the latest patch, unaware that this topic was also talking about it...
    It's been 24hrs and we have no response from Kakao... There are a lot of players unable to access the game now, this is unacceptable!
    As if having us go through 2-3 connect attempts wasn't enough, now they completely shut us off...
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  9. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    Exactly! Yet, it's been 24hrs and we still have no response...
    A temporary fix that worked for me:
    Launch the game in full-screen mode -> get to the character selection screen -> Open Task Manager and end all Coherent UI tasks -> log on the character that is at the least populated area -> If you succeed, immediately switch characters (because you may get disconnected after 10-20 sec) -> should be good to go
    Looks like as long as you're on loading screens and keeping Coherent UI from eating your CPU the game slowly loads enough content to stay connected... so stupid...
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  10. Kindera added a post in a topic Can't press "Start" after a disconnect   

    Yeah, this will get you into the game but wont fix the real problem... Besides... all my alts are in Heindel/Altinova 
    They need to make those buttons clickable again. And make "OK"ing the disconnect message not close the game while they're at it.
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  11. Kindera added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Can't press "Start" after a disconnect
    Good afternoon,
    I'm having trouble login into the game after today's patch.
    Every time I try to connect I get disconnected, then all login screen buttons (Start/Quit/Settings) become unclickable and I have to "OK" the disconnect message, close the game and restart it.
    I've always had trouble with my first log in because of internet/computer issues but I could just press "Start" again and log in successfully on the second attempt.
    Now I can't log in at all because all I get is 1 try at connecting then I have to start all over again.
    I attached a screenshot where you can see that the button doesn't light up when moused over. This Happens on both Windowed and Full-screen mode.
    What can I do to fix this?

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