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  1. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Could run good deeds neck and rings, at the loss of some ap. But it might be worth against full evasion.
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  2. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    i didnt testest bhwb, but it is am interesting concept because of the amount of accuracy it awards. I could prolly test it at duo? But like ibssid i dont record my results. I could come bacj with a verdict though
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  3. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    the wh only does more damage every cast on 100% crit abils like petal bloom and drill. It will only dealbmore damage on other abils if youbare consistently critting.
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  4. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    I typically use kutum anyway, unless im dueling. Then i will use wh.
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  5. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    I did the same thing and tested myself. Unfortunately, i didnt record my data before i sold my nouver. Nor am i going to record data of future testing, albeit for anything.
    anyone that owns a nouver can easily test this themselves and provide the data to those that request it if they so choose.
    Until the. Crazyesp and i will enjoy our damage superiority.
    it can easily be tested. Dont mash someone for testing it for tthemselves and not sharing the info. I have done all the tests myself and alluded to the same conclusion as crazyesp.
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  6. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    The +crit damage and +special attack on the whwb do more damage thsn nouver with crit damage and nouver with awaken crystals.
    The reason whwb does so much damage is the +special attack. It stacks with the +crit damage
    That is why nouver with crit damage doesnt out damage whwb
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  7. Aklia added a post in a topic 60 Maehwa vs Valk.   

    It still works and its still easy to do.
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  8. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    +crit damage. The white horn warrior does more damage on crits thsn nouver.
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  9. Aklia added a post in a topic Maewha during PvE   

    1) first and foremost profile pic is bae
    2) i agree with your points mostly. It is really good advice.
    -if you hit pila you could take one of your boys for a duo. It makes for ok xp and is a good change of pace from pirates.
    -gahaz was built for maehwa. Small groups, short distances apart. Gimme! However you are sacrificing gold from pirates if you grind here. On the upside you get memory fragments.
    -im omw to 61 righright now (60.35) aand have done 10% at pirates and the other 25% at gahaz.
    -Aakman is the way to go if you got your boys on deck and ready to grind.
    -keep in mind the more you group grind the less SP you are going to have to work with.
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  10. Aklia added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

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  11. Aklia added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    Can you not read? It says, verbatim, "these seals can be obtained from events."
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  12. Aklia added a post in a topic recover stamina?   

    I still love your avatar woohoo. This will never stop.
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  13. Aklia added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

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  14. Aklia added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    [NA/PVP] Spaghetti is Recruiting
    About Us:
    What's crackin' swag lords? Spaghetti's core members have been shaking snakes together since playing CBT. Mostly we enjoy PVP(node wars) and concurrently own 2 nodes every week(a combination of tier 1 and 2). We are looking to grow the guild in order to participate in tier 3 nodes more often. We also like open world PVP with higher tier guilds on the server. If you are concerned about making money, don't worry about it, we have plenty of it and pay our members nicely for participation in node wars and guild missions.
    We would like to be an active and high ranking guild(currently number 7 on server) without being tryhard. We offer grind parties and PVP parties for anyone that is lookin' to get squirrel. Video games are for fun, so let's all have fun. 
    Expectations and Requirements:
    Current recruitment: Combined AP/DP of 420 or 160 AP without offhandVOIP: Discord is required, but you don't have to have a mic. All of the important guild announcements for node wars and weekly guild events are posted in discord. You must be in VOIP for node wars, obviously.We have pretty loose humor and anything is up for grabs. Hopefully you can hang loose too and kick it with the noodles! If you have any issues with a member you can easily take it to them in a PM or speak with an officer. We keep it loose though, so if you are a baby or SJW, this probably isn't the guild for you.

    How To Apply:
    1) Pop into discord at discord.me/spaghetti and send a message to an officer that is currently online. 
    2) If you pass our easier than your first girlfriend interview we will swoop you up into our ranks
    All new members will be given a two week trial period. During this time the officers and new swag lord(aka you) will be able to determine in Spaghetti is the sweet spot for both parties.

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  15. Aklia added a post in a topic Maehwa's Will broke 4/26/17 patch   

    Prolly lag.
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