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  1. JDdawide added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Do the devs hate me?
    So on the last patch on april 5 my game didn't work anymore for 1 week, I survived that but today april 12 on the first patch my game suddenly started working I was happy but then the second "patch' fix came out this days and guess what? The game isnt even launching anymore I load up the launcher, login in, start the game and then the Xincode loads up and then I don't see any pearl abyss no nothing as if I didn't even start the game. I really start to consider that the devs hate me  (sarcasm). But really what should I do about it?
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  2. JDdawide added a post in a topic Time to quit?   

    And the second "patch" today broke my game again! I am so happy right now  
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  3. JDdawide added a post in a topic Time to quit?   

    So from the patch on 12 april my game started working again. I dont know how but it works!
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  4. JDdawide added a post in a topic Game won't start   

    I'll try that and that with the ticket I think they are ignoring me I send a ticker on Friday or so and still didnt get a respond
    Delete the Cache folder in your game installation folder where is it?
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  5. JDdawide added a post in a topic Time to quit?   

    huh, soundinteresting
    huh, sound interesting
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  6. JDdawide added a post in a topic Rainbow pixels and flickering screen   

    Maybe try repairing the game in the launcher?
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  7. JDdawide added a post in a topic In need of assistance with pc   

    Well your PC isnt the "ultra" high end with a gtx 720. I have an 970gtx 4gb I am playing on highest mostly with that 40fps because of my i5 4460 even if i turn all the settings down to the lowest I'll get still those 40fps. For more FPS you could try if possible maybe overclocking your gpu a little or when you use Geforce Experience and there optimize the game, do you have the latest drivers? If you're not sure you could try Driver booster. Maybe you also would need some Ram, for me Bdo uses sometimes up to 10gb Ram but I have 16gb so its no problem for me. So in conclusion, check if you have the latest drivers, Try optimizing with Geforce experience, some Overclocking for gpu and ram. For gpu OC you could use Msi Afterburner if your PSU allows it ^^.
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  8. JDdawide added a post in a topic Time to quit?   

    Well I reinstalled the game and it didn't work but I installed my windows update then as my game stopped working properly, because I though it would somehow fix it, some update for security and windows framework
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  9. JDdawide added a topic in Roleplay   

    Time to quit?
    So I think its time to quit Black desert for me, since the last patch on Bdo my game isn't working, nothing is happening when I try to repair my game. I seriously don't know what I should do now, here are some more details: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/137983-game-wont-start/ maybe someone something. I want to play the game but I can't I bought the game, I will wait till the next patch, maybe the game will work then but for now well its pretty shitty and I dont know what to do with it anymore  
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  10. JDdawide added a post in a topic Game won't start   

    I tried it but its still isn't working
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  11. JDdawide added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Game won't start
    So after the last patch on 5 april my game doesn't want to start anymore, it loads up to the point where I see 3 options, to start the game so I can go to the channel selection second to quit and the last one for settings, but everytime I want to start the game it shuts down, no crash report no nothing. I tried repairing the game, didn't work, deleting Usercache too so I googled about it how to repair it but didn't find any proper question so I reinstalled the game aaaand it's still isn't working I rebooted my pc, reinstalled gpu drivers and it does not work   I really don't know what I should do I wrote a ticket to the support team yesterday and didn't get any answer yet. Any solutions for this strange question?
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  12. JDdawide added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Guest passes
    If someone wants some free guest passes, here are they:
    2B2P80R-LCAKLUI-NUG7R4H-4FB22 Claimed
    Q37I78R-UFFL0EI-QMBPGQV-1OLBQ Unused  
    IKLR276-T1QOOQ1-SKTTTER-5M800 Unused  
    O9SP4T4-85DH526-K48HH45-CV8AK Unused  
    2C9GBKA-ADRAB3D-S6D6930-NE5OF Unused  
    NH01N54-7PSB2R0-9I8A8RJ-9KC48 Claimed 
    O2FFHBR-62CT3QH-5PFH49M-4SF18 Claimed 
    Q9IFR9A-E1M44QJ-9SM2MAM-VNTNF Unused
    and if you would like to help me with my little youtube channel, here is the link to the Video where I wanted to share my passes too
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  13. JDdawide added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Buying BDO with Mastercard
    so I wanted to buy BDO but first I want to know if its possible to do so with Mastercard, because I neither have PayPal or Psc.
    • 2 replies