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  1. 6degrees added a topic in Suggestions   

    Chat window in Market Place view
    I suggest that the ability to see and conduct chat while in the Market Place view window be implemented.  
    All too often, there are guild messages, private messages etc that are missed while conducting transactions in this restricted view. 
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  2. 6degrees added a post in a topic Night vendor reservation   

    Why are patch notes released about a function and the damn thing is not even implemented yet?  Does NA spend not even a minute to go through the patch notes and make sure that they are implemented before publicly releasing them.  
    Seems like complete incompetence on NA managers.
    I thought that was what the 6 hours of downtime for maintenance was all about?  Because we know that between the login server and game server, to upload new content (ie patch) takes at most 30 minutes.

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  3. 6degrees added a post in a topic Night vendor reservation   

    This feature is not implemented?  I have a pair of muskan boots up at the moment, and there is no PREORDER button anywhere to be found!

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  4. 6degrees added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Why isn't anyone mentioning the +10 dmg vs. humans of the Seleth?  
    It's my understanding that for PVP, other classes are categorized as human and therefore this sword would do +10 PVP dmg, as well as useful for grinding against human mobs (ie pirates, sausins, bandits etc.).
    Enhancement effects include increased AP, Accuracy, and dmg against humans.
    Ultimate Effect: +1 attack speed, and +1 critical
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  5. 6degrees added a topic in Suggestions   

    Unlock families from Guilds
    I suggest that you unlock characters under the same account (family) from all being FORCED to be in the same guild.  
    Sometimes a player wants the expertise that comes from a PVE guild for their PVE character, sometimes a player wants the unity of a PVP guild for node wars etc.  ONE SINGLE GUILD cannot be all things to all people even if they say "we're PVX."
    Usually the scenario goes: player creates new character on their account. Player then PMs an officer: "hey, this is my alt - can you send an invite." If the player wants the newly created character to be in that guild.  Otherwise a PM is sent to another guild for an invitation.  That is how it has been for ages, so I am perplexed on the reasoning of your system other than it is monetarily driven? 
    Furthermore, you have the guild chat setup on a character name basis, which suits this suggestion. Otherwise, how is someone supposed the know the other 6+ characters that each family has and then multiply that by a guild that is 75+ people or larger and you're supposed to remember 450+ names and who they go with?  It's nonsense.
    So, why do you force every single character that a person rolls to ALL be in the same guild.  Hell, sometimes a player doesn't even want to be in a guild and should have the liberty to have a character(s) that aren't in one. 
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  6. 6degrees added a post in a topic Why every character on Acct is in Guild?!   

    So that's broken IMO - think it needs a suggestion to the Dev because in my eyes it's either a money grab (meaning you have to create a new account [pay] and gear it [pay] etc) or the Devs haven't thought it through. But thx for the answer.
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  7. 6degrees added a topic in US Guild   

    Why every character on Acct is in Guild?!
    I don't know if I'm missing something. A lot of games that I have played in the past didn't automatically put any newly created characters on the same account automatically in the guild you're in.
    I don't want every single character in the same guild, some characters I want in a PVE guild - some in PVP etc - is there a way to have a characters be in different guilds, or the whole entire bloody family is FORCED to be all in the same guild?
    Seems like somethings broken if that is the system. 
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  8. 6degrees added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Got a Krea Kriegsmesser drop today from the elites at maine. 
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  9. 6degrees added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    Thanks for the tip. Any idea of where they are dropping - that's actually what I'm trying to find out as I need to farm a few dozen of them.  I plan to get one of these, then Liverto then Kzarka.
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  10. 6degrees added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    So, is it that they are not currently dropping from mobs?  I am sure that they will be added to the drop table at some point?
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  11. 6degrees added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Kriegsmesser Drops
    I see a few of the lower tier Kriegsmessers in the Market Place.  What area are these dropping in - and where would the Yuri version of this drop?
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