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  1. remix87 added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    I think he's referring to the T5's we got for preordering the game.
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  2. remix87 added a post in a topic Night Vendor Hold option gone   

    You too huh? same thing happen to me too.   sadpanda.jpeg
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  3. remix87 added a post in a topic Resist vs Ignore Resist   

    if your talking about the 100% accuracy on the three grab skills, then that might be misinformation on either Kakao's part or PA's vagueness. I was under the impression, from beta, that the 100% accuracy buff in detail meant that any person that is under one of our grapple status, received full damage from any other player who attacks at that time. The only reason I said "huh?" was because the 100% accuracy was always there from the start, before the zerker buffs, and i knew people who ran grab resistance because it worked for them before.
    Not to be a ahole about it but, does anyone have any proof stating otherwise?
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  4. remix87 added a post in a topic Resist vs Ignore Resist   

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  5. remix87 added a post in a topic Why am I unsheathing my weapons and sprinting every time I dismount?   

    isn't that apart of the quick dismount horse skill? or have I've been gone too long to notice a new bug.
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  6. remix87 added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    While it does look huge, The time to go from  near dead to full is between 9-11 seconds. This is while being planted firmly on the ground and taking any damage from another player you hope is not one of 9 classes who can grab you out of it. but the slow is b.s and should be patched to give a set time.
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  7. remix87 added a post in a topic October 20th KR Berserker changes   

    ● Skill added, Increase Grip, which increases the success rate of the grapple skills. A band aide patch to a bigger overarching problem.
    ● Opponent stun effect added on the hit success of the skill Devastation. A transfer of cc from the flow skill to the main skill. meh
    ● For the skills Wrath of Beast, Ire of Beast, Beast Roar, and Fearsome Tyrant, the character will recover 350 HP every second during the character has an appearance of a beast. 2 of 3 skills I've never used outside of experimenting with new combos/trolling and FT which is only used when my black spirit rage is at 100%. Heal time from near dead to full is 9-11 secs.
    ● Required WP and cool down changed for the skills Wrath of Beast, Ire of Beast, and Beast Roar. These had a short cool down and cheap WP cost so can only assume it has been increased.
    ● You can now use the skills Wrath of Beast and Beast Roar during Iron Buster combat stance. More transitional moves from awakening form.
    This just might be me being too critical but I think this a very cheap way of looking at how the class currently is and "fixing" it for the better.
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  8. remix87 added a post in a topic BEST PVP 1V1 CLASS ?   

    ^ This pretty much. The current meta only requires you to have high ap and a cc opener to be good.
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  9. remix87 added a post in a topic Entitled people or right thing to do?   

    Almost as if we have to hold them to their word.
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  10. remix87 added a post in a topic So It's been three days...   

    The thing about class balance is that kr devs tend to ignore it until the game is on its last leg. I rather not want to wait until the game lose 40% of it's player base, go free to play, merge servers, lose another 40% of it's player base to see the devs finally take a hard look at class balance.
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  11. remix87 added a post in a topic So It's been three days...   

    *sigh* To break it down. When the first awakening came out, the great sword, the post I linked before was a pinned thread started by a senior volunteer Mod asking for feedback on how their awakening was. fast forward to the sorc's awakening and in they sub forums they was having issues with one of their awakening skills, Flow cry of darkness, and a CM pops up and let them know that they skill might be bugged and they will forward this problem over to PA to let them know. Fast forward again to the giant's awakening and some of us giants are scratching our heads on why our awakening damage is lower than the others. The problem being is that I don't need to whip out my awakening weapon to kill anyone if all I have to do is grab them, get them on the ground, and then BWS them to death. It's not like the awaken weapon damage is bad because there is a noticeable faster clear time in PVE but in PVP there is one thing every giant can agree on more or less and that is the PVP power is lacking. Now you would think that through all of this, there would at least be a CM or a volunteer CM to show their face and either tell us that the PVP damage is correct or if they don't know, tell us they are forwarding our concerns to PA to analyze but so far we are going on day nine of not even seeing a single one post awakening.
    tl:dr: Read the op post to this thread.
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  12. remix87 added a post in a topic So It's been three days...   

    Eight days and counting.
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  13. remix87 added a post in a topic So It's been three days...   

    Between my first post and the one I quoted you in, if BY NOW you don't know, then you need not to concern yourself with this thread.
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  14. remix87 added a post in a topic So It's been three days...   

    What do I want?
    P.S I did message a CM about it.
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  15. remix87 added a post in a topic Awakened Giant (KR) in Large Scale PvP - what a god!   

    isn't this after they got the pvp buff?
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