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  1. Azkamir added a topic in General   

    Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market
    Let's begin by stating that a controlled market only works for for high quantity, high demand resources. As most of us know some gear is often times High cost, Low demand. Lets take the DUO:Estique Shuriken for example, an item that has for a verrrry long time been minimum price and will never sell because it cannot go lower. This is the time when this controlled market concept fails, by not allowing the price to drop to mean the consumer price the items will eventually build up and still have no demand.
    Now the next issue i've often noticed in this game is, they make it difficult to sell for a loss for the sake of "Just getting rid of it" not having functions like this, (that other games have) makes it difficult to have a healthy supply and demand.
    My suggestion?
    Let the armor/accessory/weapons market run as a free market. Will things be chaotic for a while? Yes. Will many people make gigantic profit? Yes, will some of us make a giant loss? Yes. With a profession like trading in the game why can't I do a legitimate play of the market? Yes, you may think that the rich will keep getting richer and richer. However in all games if you play the market right, you'll be rich as well. Not only that but when players run the market, just about everyone wins. The players can control the buy and sell prices and things will have a true worth. Now I know some will say "This will make people sell less outfits since people will be making more" well guess what PA, you'll like this part because with your controlled market prices outfits will be jackshit cheap, value packs will be jackshit cheap (Unless you decide to scale their value through some complex algorithm.) But by doing that not only does PA make more money, we can make more money to get things in the game that matter more. Now some of you may ask. "What happens when people buy up everything in the controlled market?" Well that's what happens when a player based economy rolls in, there will be shortages which in turn drives prices up and down. Eventually the controlled market will need to go. But it should. It's better to have shortages and high prices than to have low prices and too much (especially in a controlled market where you can further drive down the cost to fix the issue)
    Lastly, if this is truly a controlled market it needs to be controlled more to remedy the issues we're seeing now, someone needs to check on the high quantity zero demand items (Red Nose Armors, Just about any Kuno/Ninja/Tamer gear, +15 armors) (which in turn helps new players get some better starter gear at a decent cost, and those who sell junk fail stack items get more purchases.) more often and drive the cost lower until people decide to buy them, then over time drive it back up to let us actually profit from the market.
    TL;DR I feel like that since this game was released towards a western market as well it should have more of our actual economic systems in place, or have the controlled market to have a bit more control in it to remedy the issues.
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  2. Azkamir added a post in a topic Have to reinstall Game EVERY SINGLE TIME after it closes   

    They ignore all of these threads and it's so annoying.
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  3. Azkamir added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Have to install game every day
    So currently I have an issue where if I want to play BDO I have to reinstall it every day because the black desert launcher is no where to be found on my computer.
    Today alone I tried to download it in Downloads, ProgramFilesX86, Program Files, and in custom folders but no matter what the game simply ceases to exist on the computer, it's taking up more and more space each time I've gone from 300 gig free this morning to 180 gig free now, so it's there but just MIA. this is getting really annoying and im sick of these 53 gig downloads.
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