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  1. viciousshark added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    its 40k not 400k, I don't know where u got that
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  2. viciousshark added a topic in General   

    Prem Outfit Mismatch
    Do you get the set bonus, if you are using all prem outfit but not necessary from the same set?
    • 5 replies
  3. viciousshark added a post in a topic Pet skills   

    can anyone confirm if it is RNG or if this is a bug or intended?
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  4. viciousshark added a topic in General   

    Pet skills
    Tier 1's have 1 at level 10. 
    Tier 2 is 2.
    Tier 4 should have 4. 
    But when you save the skills when you exchange two pets, you do not get additional skills?
    I smashed 2 level 10 tier 3's together and saved the skills on one of them and got a tier 4. I leveled the tier 4 up to level 10 and it did not get any more skills? 
    • 4 replies
  5. viciousshark added a post in a topic Choppy T4 IMPOSSIBLE?   

    i got tier 4 from two tier 3s. It has luck+1 RNG
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  6. viciousshark added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    mind I ask where you fish? I am getting around 1-2 in the velia spot 
    using +7 balenos and level 5 fishing  professional 9
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  7. viciousshark added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    Depends on how much energy u use, getting 5-7 per 400 energy with lucky tool fairly good. But what I can confirm is that relic shard drops HAVE decreased. A few weeks of afk fishing, usually 1-2 per 7 hrs.
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  8. viciousshark added a post in a topic attendance rewards nightmare   

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  9. viciousshark added a post in a topic Alexmac Enhancement Guide   

    This is a noob question but what is the most efficient way to TRI my kutum? at what FS? how many hard and sharps do I need?
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  10. viciousshark added a post in a topic Upgrading Rarity vs enchanting   

    enchancing is based on base rarity. Chances do not drop, repairing max does not get more expensive when making ultimate
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  11. viciousshark added a post in a topic Show hidden stats   

    i am not calling for validity, I just want to see the hidden AP DP HP when i trigger set effects.
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  12. viciousshark added a topic in General   

    Show hidden stats
    We should be able to see hidden stats on our AP and DP on the equipment screen. Ex. 150+15.
    It is just so much convenient
    • 2 replies
  13. viciousshark added a topic in General   

    Workers working in other cities
    Are there any cons for sending your workers to long distance nodes? 
    This way I can collect cereals from Velia and Heidel and have them directly stored in Calpheon where I make beer.
    • 3 replies
  14. viciousshark added a post in a topic House Fame and furniture set   

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  15. viciousshark added a topic in General   

    House Fame and furniture set
    I heard someone say buying a furniture set will increase your house fame? Is this true?
    • 2 replies