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  1. Thel added a topic in General   

    Shroud Armor?
    Per the new patch notes:
    Shroud Knights Costumes (M&F)
    Purchase it from Monta Ahto after completing quest [Forsaking the Name ‘Shroud’].I'm at the NPC and don't have a quest in the area, and he's got no option to buy anything.
    Missing something?
    • 12 replies
  2. Thel added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    WoW Striker is super susceptible to being kited. LOL Melee.
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  3. Thel added a post in a topic New Guy, Gear Advice Needed   

    Thank you!
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  4. Thel added a post in a topic New Guy, Gear Advice Needed   

    I'll check it out! Thank you!
    From looking at my gear. What's the priority to upgrade next?
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  5. Thel added a topic in Ninja   

    New Guy, Gear Advice Needed
    Morning all, only been playing BDO for a few months. So, still new about a lot of things. Got a couple classes to awakened but so far Ninja is far and away the most fun to play. If I could get some advice on my gear and transfusions?
    I tend to farm a lot of silver as RNG upgrades are unpredictable.
    What gear should I be aiming for? Stats? I hear accuracy is big for Ninjas.
    Thank you!
    • 4 replies
  6. Thel added a post in a topic Ninja Aegias Armor!   

    Ugh... The set looks awesome. Minus the Helmet. ;p
    Thanks Nei!
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  7. Thel added a topic in General   

    Ninja Aegias Armor!
    I really want to buy this armor. But it seems that the helmet and armor are fused into one item. I have a different helmet I want to use. If I buy the armor and then slot the costume helmet I want, will that override the Aegis armor Samurai helmet?
    • 6 replies
  8. Thel added a post in a topic Striker extended trailer   

    The stupid looking air gauntlet awakening kind kills it for me.
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  9. Thel added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Fix Narusawa armor
    Just bought the armor off the shop and I really like the style. but all colors are lighter on that set than others. After also buying a mervs pallet, even the darkest shade of blue/green are pastels and the darkest shade of red is pink. Black is light gray?
    Please remedy the saturation settings on the gear plz!
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  10. Thel added a post in a topic DC when minimized to tray?   

    Even stranger I did leave the game open, and running all day.. And came back and was still DC'd.   I did to what Fae mentioned last night and still no luck.
    As I said, it hasn't been an issue for months. Only the last 4 days.
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  11. Thel added a topic in General   

    DC when minimized to tray?
    Hello all. I've been playing the game only a few months but have been AFK fishing when sleeping and at work and then playing when I get home. This past week (Starting Sunday-ish) Everytime I come back to my computer and open the game up from the tray it says i've been DC'd? Based on the amount of fish I have, instead of full bags i've got maybe 1-2 hours worth no more.
    Anyone else not able to actually AFK fish for extended periods of time?
    • 3 replies
  12. Thel added a post in a topic NINJA Gear question   

    Heves is most beneficial till you get more boss armor. But. Grunils is awesome too. Really up to you. 
    End answer is. Get that boss loot boo!
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  13. Thel added a post in a topic Mervs pallet????   

    I get the point completely. You're just bringing a different argument in to justify the current situation. I'm not talking about RNG. That's also terrible. I'm talking about it being temporary. We can start another conversation about the terrible RNG system. Unless your argument is... Getting what you want temporarily is better than getting something permanent by RNG? Which is laughable.
    Not tryin to start an internet fight. It is what it is. It's just an example of a terrible design and cash grab, in a game that I thoroughly enjoy. 
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  14. Thel added a post in a topic Mervs pallet????   

    Thousands of... Pearls? Where the thousands spent before on TEMPORARY dyes?
    That's the big beef i've got with it is it's temporary.
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  15. Thel added a post in a topic Mervs pallet????   

    Perhaps i'll try to keep an eye. But the good colors people seem to keep. Pinks are all over the MP. ;p
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