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  1. BioXiM added a post in a topic Node Manager help.   

    That' the one thank you =3
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  2. BioXiM added a post in a topic Anyone taking character creation requests :)?   

    After awhile I hadn't checked this, sorry for the late response! This is great! Thanks for your effort. I wanted for her to be a witch because of the whole elements thing
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  3. BioXiM added a topic in General   

    Node Manager help.
    Have been searching for hours, googling, doubling checking Somethinglovely vs my own map making sure I have every node manager but I cannot find any details on this one. Help would be appreciated  Just need the name and or location?

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  4. BioXiM added a post in a topic Dim Magical Armor help pls   

    Tried that as well. In order to turn the quest in you're supposed to receive an item through mail when the quest is accepted. I did not receive it and many others have not either (Since Feb. 15th from what i've been reading.) The GM told me where and how to farm it since it failed to do as it should, in which his information was incorrect.
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  5. BioXiM added a topic in General   

    Dim Magical Armor help pls
    Before you provide a response read the whole thing please. I have extensively googled this AND ticketed a GM.
    Received Magic Armor Exchange I from the black spirit, never got the Dim Magic Armor to turn the quest in... so I started googling, came upon the information to ticket a GM and they will handle it, so I did! They provided the response I attached below. Followed everything it says only to find out Tokens of Promise DO NOT turn in for the armor NOR is the information even correct. I went to BOTH Becker and Bacho, neither provide the quests for Tokens of promise and to top it of Ronatz does not offer the turn in even IF I had them. Quest in a whole seems to be broken and bugged, or well beyond my comprehension. Neither google nor a GM can seem to solve this for me so I figured I would ask you guys.

    Also discovered that Tokens of Promise do not even trade in for the Dim Magic Armor.... zzzzz. Guess I'll file another ticket?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  6. BioXiM added a topic in Art & Media   

    Anyone taking character creation requests :)?
    I know this is needy but I have a couple ideas that I have tried for hours now myself and failed miserably as well as googled for current templates.. I would really appreciate if anyone could make me a file or two, point me to templates or even share tips or point me to detailed guides! Thanks in advance! I am a skilled graphics editor, video designer and can try to return the favors!

    I uploaded pictures to give you an idea
    1st: Shinoa Hiiragi Sorceress.

    2nd: A cat eared ranger template.
    I found a couple templates and came close myself but the in game hair physics destroys it's look once I apply it....

    3rd: Avatar Korra Witch.

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