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  1. islothlove added a post in a topic Reset Trade Item Knowledge?   

    I think its pretty safe to assume that grade of knowledge for trade items has 0 effect. The basis for this is the Librarian in Calpheon only resets 1 type of knowledge and that is Ecology (monsters), if trade knowledge grade mattered, there would be a system to reset it. No way of knowing for sure though.
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  2. islothlove added a post in a topic How do I get rid of this crap on my screen?   

    Note that for whatever reason in the Settings you have to Check Mark in order to NOT see them, so if you don't want anything, you have to check mark all the boxes.
    Also if you're talking about notifications in the chat box, those are actually completely seperate, to change those you press the little gear cog in top left of chat box:)
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  3. islothlove added a post in a topic System Notifications   

    there is a little cog in the top left of the chat box, there you can enable/disable a large amount of notifications. You can also create multiple Chat tabs for different chats (like one for market notifications in one tab and guild chat in other).
    Strangely the notifications that pop up in the middle of screen are not same thing (although they show market stuff too by default). Those can be adjusted in Escape menu > Settings > Game > scroll down to "Turn off system notifications" and check ones you DONT want to see.
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  4. islothlove added a post in a topic Knowledge Completionist Questions   

    I know that the missing instalment tools are furniture (from bddatabase) however having your workers craft it doesn't give you knowledge, and i don't believe you can make it by hand? I assumed it was classic "items in game, but knowledge not applied yet", bddatabase also shows that there are large amount of other categories under crafting including weapon/armor that is clearly not available yet, so i assume installment tools is same.
    Ive gotten traces from mining (which is rare and only in certain areas i think you're right), but that doesnt give knowledge nor does having your worker get it work. 
    If I am mistaken and you have actually gotten them, I will go back and search as long as it takes, only reason I don't do it now is cause ive wasted so much time chasing knowledge that turns out to be unobtainable. 
    Thank you for the answers!
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  5. islothlove added a post in a topic Is farming really worth it VS other lifeskill profits   

    I have gone around doing all the lifeskills, master in alot of em. Farming is only good as far as being the most afk-able of the life skills. As you mentioned, processing is better money (especially if you're higher processing), and is semi-afkable . I'd say active fishing (hunting down hotspots with triple-float rods to get full invens of gold fish) is the best if you want to pay more attention and get higher profit. Trading is good past Master 2, but complete garbage before that. 
    Cooking, Alchemy, and having workers craft things can all be significant income as well but require specific setup (there are always bottleneck ingredients you need to hope to buy or gather by hand. Definitely should setup at least basic Grunil/life clothes production at minimum.
    Im master gathering and i suppose its fine money, but it bores me terribly.
    And all life skills will be  inferior to grinding anyways, unless your high master and have god tier setup.
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  6. islothlove added a post in a topic I accidentally got stuck on Iliya Island   

    there is a NPC ferry that goes between Illiya island and Velia regularly. If you look on world map, you can see the little ship icons, the one that is going between Illiya/Velia is the one you want. You can use it to travel there/back in the future anytime.
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  7. islothlove added a post in a topic BUG: A Recommendation for Colleagues   

    don't recall having problems with it, im assuming u have the prereq of lvl 31, I think that once you completed Mercenary #2, it autocompleted Mercenary #1. The only thing I can think of is try waiting until nighttime (10 pm- 7am in game) and head to the soldier that gives that next quest. I know that the imps you kill only show at night, and the quest might be only offered at night too.
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  8. islothlove added a post in a topic Muiquun Quest   

    well now u get the joy of searching for damn trading caravan in undetermined location in desert for the next quest 
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  9. islothlove added a post in a topic Chopping:Skilled/Professional   

    The knowledge for "skilled' life certificates comes from a quest chain requiring Professional in both processing and gathering (dont recall name, but u can find it in database). "Professional certificates" are not in game as of yet (there is a huge amount of knowledges that are unobtainable). 
    As for multiples from gathering/processing. This is the general benefit of having higher lvl gathering/processing (the only one actually); it can also be affected by Luck (thus using Lucky tools while going for shards will also get u more plywoods from tree procs). At higher gathering, you will start consistently getting silver/gold/platinum ore from rocks as well as gemstones, and this can add up. 
    hope it helps
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  10. islothlove added a post in a topic Organizing Workers / Worker Management   

    Have worker empire of 50 x artisan 30s, 320 cp
    1. The workers have a value called Work Speed and then Movement Speed. Each job has a "workload" and distance how far away it is from where worker lives. Based on that the movespeed/workspeed determine how long he will take. That doesnt really matter because when you qeue him up for the job it will say at bottom how much hrs/mins it will take them and you don't need to calculate it yourself. You then also have their max stamina so u just multiply that x time it takes for 1 job. 
    2. Its based on preference \of course but in general. Giants best for afk overnight where u cant give beer for long time, they are slowest though, an artisan 30 giant has 35 max stamina. Goblins as you said are fastest, which makes them ideal for either gathering something super close to the base that you want tons of (like flax near Heidel) i also use them for workshop jobs where there is no ultimate/lucky version of what they make (like lifeskill costume), an artisan 30 goblin has 15 stamina and well over 150 workspeed (they take 15 min per job at flax near heidel). As you probably know, Humans are most commonly used as they are the most well- rounded in addition they have the all important High Luck which is crucial in all nodes where you want the secondary rare ingredient (as of very recently each node shows said rare ingredients and you dont need to use a guide). An artisan human will have 23 stamina and around 100 workspeed.
    3. I don't really think so because the increase is 3-5 workspeed usually with those skills and that isn't particularly huge. In general you should always check which worker would complete the task fastest but you can do that by just clicking them each while selecting and see the time it lists for them to do it.
    4. At lvl 30, every time the worker reaches 50% xp u can reroll a skill (but 50% of lvl 30 is forever). So for a lot of the lvl 30 artisans ive rerolled dozens of times and that means I try to maximise their value. As for which ones are good? preference but realistacally anything that says Workspeed + in general is a keeper, as is anything that says Luck+ or Movespeed +. None of the other ones particularly matter. The specific workspeed ones arent great either because its like 3-5 workspeed and u have to worry about sending right one just for that tiny boost which is inconsequential (I'm very suprised to hear if your human has made multiple Ultimates because that is very rare and I highly doubt the skill does anything aside from increasing speed he does it at like it says). That being said humans is who u want to use for armor/weapons/tools  because the Luck skill determines chance of getting Ultimate gear/lucky tool. Each worker skill has version A, B, C (so i.e. thrifty A, thrifty B, Thrifty C) where each is an increased version of same thing. 1 worker can get all different version in diff slots (U can have Thrifty A, B, and C), but one worker cannot have duplicates of same exact thing (no Thrifty A twice). Thrifty btw is most common one but pretty useless since beer is ludicrously easy to make.
    As for good rare worker skills to look out for. There is one rare one called golden hand I think which gives +Luck every time they level. If you were to get that early on, ud have very good luck bonus by time they reach max lvl. There is also such a skill for workspeed and movespeed. 
    General worker distribution I have is 40/50 humans, as they are what you want primarily, and then Couple goblins in major cities where i craft stuff (Heidel and Altinova). And some giants. Part of the reason is I bought alot of them on Worker Exchange, and I would buy whatever was available. I'd say giants are the worst ones, but their workspeed as 30 artisan is pretty decent (90), I use them for gathering things I want huge amounts of but dont want secondary ingredient and dont care about checkin in often (Wheat,Flax,Wool, Timber where i just want quantity not secondary product). Like I said i use goblins for stuff super close to the city or crafting in the city (Lifeskill clothes/wagon parts/horse parts/cooking honey/flax in heidel etc.). Humans for all else (Traces of X, Armor,Weapons, Tools, iron crystal for black crystal etc).
    A little while ago they made it so u can qeue up workers for 50,000 rotations (not that it will ever get to that) and then if u just click Recover All, they will keep going unless they run out. I don't really see need for spreadsheet as u can just have them working all the time and feed beer regularly, and only need to check specifically to restart tasks if you leave for long time (i.e. sleep).
    Sorry for long answer but game is complicated
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  11. islothlove added a post in a topic Full S Rank (Sausan Garrison) ; Help Please   

    The commonly accepted theory is what Janna said, I believe it is supposed to be 
    C= See their healthbars
    B= more defense vs mob
    A= More dmg to mob
    A+ = even more dmg
    S= increased rare drops (however still limited to loot table so S on structures is pointless)
    With important note being, that higher knowledge includes all the buffs from lower. AKA anything above C will still let u see healthbar (thus any knowledge lets u see it), S would not only be the drop buff, but it would also include the bonus dmg/bonus defense/ see healthbars.
    whether that's true or not, who knows, but if u can get S and not struggle over it too long, might as well.
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  12. islothlove added a post in a topic Unable to get cox pirate npc knowledge   

    Known to be glitched knowledge. I'd like to say they will fix it someday soon, but Tariff Guild Stablekeeper is still glitched for those who talked to her before she had knowledge, and that was like 6 months ago, so I wouldn't get my hopes up 
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  13. islothlove added a post in a topic Knowledge Completionist Questions   

    I remember asking another knowledge completionist about Installment Tools they didn't have anything aside from the coin, I think it might be another unobtainable category. I only ask because there is huge amount of confirmed glitched/unobtainable knowledge so I wouldn't be surprised if jellyfish was glitched, also you never answered if you have the knowledge or not 
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  14. islothlove added a topic in PVE   

    Knowledge Completionist Questions
    Hello, I am a Knowledge completionist (max possible energy) but also do categories that don't give energy (i know no one does that)  and would like to ask to see if anyone got the following pieces of knowledge (not sure if obtainable or not) I've sunked 100s of hrs getting knowledge so i don't mind having to grind for it, but don't want to waste time if they're glitched/unobtainable, they aren't particularly rare things so I'd imagine anyone might have got them (if they are possible).
    1. Brown Seaweed (Life Skills/Primary Products/Seaweeds) - I got all the other seaweed types easily but have spent days trying to get this specific one (over 10k seaweed in bank now xd), has anyone actually got it? (am i just very unlucky?)
    2. Jellyfish (NOT THE LAKE KAIA ONE) (Life Skills/Fishing/ Sea Fish Species)- note that this is the fishing version. Fish guide confirms i have caught 200 of these but never got knowledge, I fished them at Coastal Cave, was wondering if anyone ever got knowledge for them. 
    3. Life Skills/Primary Products/ Other - there is knowledge for all the different Traces. I obviously have had all of them but it was from workers, is there some specific place you need to manually mine for these pieces of knowledge? 
    Thank You anyone who responds.
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  15. islothlove added a post in a topic Level 37 Fishing Quest   

    I got mine in the area to the West of Daton Island and North of Rameda (part of Banto sea). I was using this for reference, although I don't think you have to be in that exact spot (maybe if  its exact spot its slightly more chance). 

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