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  1. NoGround added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    I was going to come back to this game while waiting for Lost Ark, but I think I'll just wait and avoid this shitstorm completely. ----- this bullshit.
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  2. NoGround added a post in a topic Join BlackDragon! PvE and PvP Galore! Fun, Family, and Friendship!   

    Recruitment thread has changed to: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/70000-orwen-blackdragon-is-recruiting-for-competitive-pvp/

    Please refer to that thread.
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  3. NoGround added a post in a topic You listened to Bladers? Listen to ninjas now!   

    @War I know right, they finally know when they're getting their class and they cried even HARDER. Unsettling child-like behaviour.
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  4. NoGround added a post in a topic || Orwen || <BlackDragon> is recruiting for Competitive PvP   

    Thank you @Nox Demon. I will contact you in-game. 
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  5. NoGround added a post in a topic || Orwen || <BlackDragon> is recruiting for Competitive PvP   

    Still recruiting! Got some new members recently and will be holding a special level up event for the release of Musa/Maewha! Progress fast as a new player looking for PvP endgame, or level up an alt!
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  6. NoGround added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    Cool. Good for you. Camp the market if you want something. and learn to press the refresh button for 50 minutes just to get something. I get my out-of-stock items all the time.
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  7. NoGround added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    You know what's funny about this game? Everything can be bought. You can buy a Liverto. You can make crystals, you can get top-end gear from crafting. You can even buy a Kzahka weapon if someone puts it on the market. Stop whining. If you work enough you don't need to rely on RNG.
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  8. NoGround added a post in a topic Why I quit BDO [NFSW] [TRIGGER WARNING]   

    omg now I can see it in game. WTF MAN. 
    Y U DO DIS?!
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  9. NoGround added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    100%. People need to learn that their behaviour is not acceptable.
    Most people would NEVER talk to strangers in real life like they do on these forums. Ever.
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  10. NoGround added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Jesus ----- these forums. I can't even read anymore, and I only got to page 2. Wtf is wrong with all of you?
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  11. NoGround added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    <BlackDragon> Recruitment post has been changed to:

    I would appreciate the link being changed to the main post. Thank you! ^.^
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  12. NoGround added a topic in US Guild   

    || Orwen || <BlackDragon> is recruiting for Competitive PvP
    Welcome to BlackDragon
    I'm going to keep it short and sweet. We're a guild that has started getting serious with Black Desert Online, and are spreading out our roots on the Orwen server. We are currently in the top 60 guilds on our server. Our foundation for the future has been put in motion, and now we need people like you to be a part of it. We're serious when we need to be, and laid back when we don't, but we are always pushing for the same goal: progress into sieges in node wars and individual strength. Now, all we need to do is figure out if you are a fit for BlackDragon.
    Being serious comes with expectations of our members. Whether or not you meet these expectations will allow us to see if BlackDragon is the right guild for you. There isn't much, and they are rather simple, but they all drive everyone to better themselves and other members of the guild.
    Participate in Guild Missions (Scheduled)Be active in-game and in the guildAttend guild meetingsBe willing to PvP if war is declaredBe available on Discord, our VoiP of choiceRules
    We also have some very simple rules to follow to make everyone's experience smoother and more enjoyable.
    You must be signed up on the website and check announcements regularlyYou must be online in Discord if you are playing BDODo not BM during PvPWhat can BlackDragon do for you?
    BlackDragon has a collection of guides and data, as well as builds from personal experience that you can call reference from within our hub website. We also host special custom events and organized scroll parties for character progression. Our community is experienced in MMOs, and is more than willing to pass on knowledge and experience. We're here to help you so you can help us.
    To reach out for an interview, sign up at the website and PM NoGround on the forums.
    Alternatively, contact any of our officers in-game, we are generally available after 2pm EST 
    GM: Darklink ValdigeStrkyeO: Evlien NoblesseO: Godsword LegendaireO: Sophi NamaeO: Chizmora GoldeneyeO: Ozzdar Pleione 
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  13. NoGround added a post in a topic What's the hype around blader o.O?   

    And those sorcs are god-awful, even if they are higher-geared and higher level. Black Wave in PvP. Wtf are they thinking?
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  14. NoGround added a post in a topic Grunil Set bonuses working as intended?   

    Wow I'm stupid.
    Agerian has the same HP buff, and I thought I was losing it when it was just stacking. MY BAD.
    Issue solved.
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  15. NoGround added a topic in General   

    Grunil Set bonuses working as intended?
    Are the Grunil Set bonuses working as intended? As in, you can only get one of the bonuses.
    If you put on Armor+Shoes ONLY, you'll get the +150HP bonus.
          - Add one more piece and you lose the bonus
    I assume this also happens for Helmet/Gloves +5AP bonus.
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