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  1. Ganathar added a post in a topic Role of DK in node wars?   

    Yeah those statistics have flaws, but they still have some relevance. Some classes are more powerful than those statistics show. Zerkers just use their CC to help others get their kills, which makes them better than what a KDA chart would show. But I would argue that Wizard and Witch are even more powerful than the chart shows, because they have tons of support in addition to their killing potential.
    As for DK, it's hard to say at the moment. Maybe they are a bit overtuned, but I wouldn't say that it's completely obvious at the moment. But I do have to wonder why assassin classes even exist if it's the ranged classes that should get all the kills.
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  2. Ganathar added a post in a topic Quest already accepted Bug   

    It's definitely a time zone thing. This game unnecessarily detects the date on your PC and forces some event quests to end based on that. The turn-in quest for the black spirit flondor goose eggs also doesn't work, as you can't even see it anymore. However, I changed my time zone to a US one and the quests worked. I have to say that there is no reason for this client-side date detection, they will remove the event in tomorrow's patch anyway.
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  3. Ganathar added a post in a topic DP Buff in PvP   

    For example, our March 29th patch had a change that came to Korea's March 30th patch

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  4. Ganathar added a post in a topic DP Buff in PvP   

    Either it's more noticeable in our version because we do less damage in general, or it is both of the DP buffs including the one that Korea just got. There have been some instances where our version got certain changes a day before Korea.
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  5. Ganathar added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    I wouldn't be surprised if witches got some minor buffs eventually, after all the other classes got theirs. They are noticeably weaker than DKs and wizards. However, I would prefer if the 2nd witch awakening was a bit better than the 2nd wizard awakening instead of witch getting buffs to her current kit.
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  6. Ganathar added a post in a topic Sorc fall behind in pvp after all awakenings revivals.   

    I have a feeling that sorc will make a major comeback with 2nd awakening. Sorcs use the amulet so much that better mainhand skills will be a huge buff. Classes that mostly use awakening skills simply won't get as much out of a 2nd awakening kit imo.
    Unfortunately, the devs already said that they won't be nerfing OP classes, just buffing the rest. But if I had to change something about wizards and witches, I would start by nerfing wiz 100% damage and making the accuracy of their skills more in line with other classes. That might actually force them to make a choice about their stats. I believe that their innate accuracy is a huge factor contributing to their power, because it allows them to invest more into AP and/or evasion than other classes.
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  7. Ganathar added a post in a topic Do you feel salty?   

    I don't feel salty at all. It was mentioned in the livestream that the new ship will be better in battle because of the four cannons. However, it was also mentioned that it won't be as good at carrying cargo and trading. So I'm guessing that it is somewhere between the sailboat and the guild galley in terms of inventory space and weight limit. If you are planning on doing solo activities the current sailboat seems to be better. After all, you can't use multiple cannons simultaneously if you are by yourself.
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  8. Ganathar added a post in a topic Valentine's event bugged   

    I did that and the tent spawned. I also got the option to give the chocolate. However, when I press the button I can't give the chocolate and I receive no letter. I have 2 empty inventory spaces, so that is not what's preventing me from giving the chocolate.
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  9. Ganathar added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Valentine's event bugged
    I have turned in 7 chocolates for the Valentine's event so far, and it has been fine until today. But the Valentine's event NPC's were broken when I logged in today. They appear to float and do not accept my 8th chocolate.

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  10. Ganathar added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Valentine's event bugged
    I have turned in 7 chocolates for the Valentine's event so far, and it has been fine until today. Bit the Valentine's event NPC's were broken when I logged in today. They appear to float and do not accept my 8th chocolate.

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