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  1. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    No.  Offline is offline.  Doesn't matter where you logged out.
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  2. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Safe zone changes in Velia Fishing Hot Spot   

    It doesn't actually move around.  It's just that the onscreen notices are BS/laggy/inaccurate.  Safest method is to ASSUME lag and instead of walking to what you think is the edge of the safe zone, walk OUT of the safe zone.  Then walk back in.  By the time you see the safe zone message, you're probably 20-30 feet inside the border.
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  3. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    Hard to say.  There's serious diminishing returns.  My IMPRESSION is that getting to high Skilled or low Professional gets you over 90% of the benefit in terms of output and byproducts.  Having said that, there are some small benefits to getting higher levels in some skills.  If you want to do imperial deliveries for alchemy, the big money is at higher levels (Master 1).  In order to see fishing hotspots, you want a higher level.
    So, unless you're hardcore/minmaxer/no-life, getting to Pro 1 puts you in really good shape.
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  4. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Afk desert online   

    I have BDO running 24 hours a day in the background while I do everything else.  It seems most of my other games aren't very demanding so I can play any of them while BDO is running.  Sometimes I'll go completely crazy and AFK Minecraft or Starbound so my crops will grow, while AFKing BDO and playing a third game. 
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  5. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Because some people still don't get it - Make Alts first thing   

    Well, one answer to your question is that you can be actually PLAYING the main character while the alts are gaining energy offline.
    Also, please note the original post had errors.  Offline recovery is 1 per 60 minutes.  Online recovery was correctly stated at 1 per 3 minutes BUT there are two categories of beds.  You'll get 2 energy every 3 minutes in a bed bought at a vendor or 3 every 3 minutes in a bed from the cash shop.
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  6. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Safe zone changes in Velia Fishing Hot Spot   

    Fish at the end of the hot spot nearest the town.  That puts you at least 50 ft inside the safe zone.
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  7. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Keep lifeskilling on main or make alts?   

    These are the big factors I've noticed.  I have an alt who just stays at my farms.  I do all other lifeskills on my main, who has maxed his weight limit. 
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  8. Mythmaster added a post in a topic PATCH NOTES!   

    OMG THEY'RE UP!!!!!!!
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  9. Mythmaster added a post in a topic PATCH NOTES!   

    Any minute now......
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  10. Mythmaster added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    I'll get there eventually.  I've set up a workshop to crank out Grunil armor and have started enhancing it.
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  11. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Killing AFK fisher/horse trainer   

    The annoyance part is on *YOU*.  They may be trying to be annoying; they may be trying to get money fast; we don't know their motivation.  The RESULT is that you are annoyed, but that's your reaction.
    Anyone who can't handle getting killed while AFK fishing should probably not have picked a game with open world PvP.  I have never killed a fisher and have been killed twice while fishing.  (shrug)  That's how the game is DESIGNED.
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  12. Mythmaster added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    I think that would be going too far.  I absolutely agree we should have full details on OUR OWN stats.  We should have a little summary box in our personal info detailing our current accuracy, AP, etc based on current gear and buffs.  But telling us hit percentages against various enemies gives us too much info about the enemies.
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  13. Mythmaster added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    Every MMO has to balance between appealing to the average player and the hardcore/whales.  The second group throw a disproportionately large amount of money at the game and must be kept happy.  This means some content will be hardcore-only.  And, considering that average players may not get through all the content available to them, while the hardcore players will tear through every scrap of content, the hardcore-only content has to be a larger percentage of the game than the actual percentage of hardcore players.

    FYI, my highest character is 54 with something like 120AP and 185DP so I'm clearly in the scrub category. 
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  14. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Trying to patch game, needs 98GB free space!?   

    I guess it allows for more space than actually needed for temporary files and such during installation.  My Black Desert directory is 52.2GB.
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  15. Mythmaster added a post in a topic Imperial Delivery Fishing bugged   

    Yeah, it's a bug.  But since it doesn't happen after every maintenance, I think it would be a tough one to track down and fix.
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