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  1. Dakara added a post in a topic How much have you spent?   

    20€ on 2 pets, get on my level ( ° ͜ ʖ °) 
    The costumes i have on my characters i bought through the marketplace, same with 1 of my pets so there hasn't been a need to shell out more cash.
    I possibly want to get a maid and most if not all of the weight at some point.
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  2. Dakara added a post in a topic Best upgrades for 850m Budget?   

    With 850m available i dont see a point going that low on accessories
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  3. Dakara added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    Who on their right mind would share a spot?
    Like honestly if you have the power why would you ever share a spot and make things slower for yourself and lose out on loot if you're also grinding.
    Until we get that exp bonus for partying with others there is absolutely no point for people like me to share spots without contesting.
    Please come at me with you're whole MMOs are to play with other people discussion, people play games differently youre opinion is not the same as others and i dont know why you would try to enforce that on other people.
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  4. Dakara added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    So uhh ... Kamasylvia when exactly?
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  5. Dakara added a post in a topic Flare Guild Recruiting   

    Humpty Bumpdy
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  6. Dakara added a post in a topic Question about Dark Knight Outfit :Sin Terrna (awakening set)   

    Well the Vediant is your awakening weapon so you need 56 and have completed the quest to make it show, also to have gotten the Vediant you would have needed to purchase the Sin Terrna Premium Set which would have come with the awakening weapon. 
    And yes it is the gloves that change your weapon into the awakened look, you just have to reach level 56 and complete the quest now to use it.
    Hope that answered everything.
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  7. Dakara added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    My main Gethra, want to change her hair when i get the chance :3

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  8. Dakara added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    Wasn't Kamasylve supposed to be out with DK Awakening?
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  9. Dakara added a post in a topic BDO players from Portugal ??? AM I THE ONLY ONE?   

    Portuguese guy checking in.
    But no i think there is a Portuguese guild, seen it advertised a couple of times.
    There are plenty of Portuguese players but they're usually spread out :p
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  10. Dakara added a post in a topic New bidding system   

    Wow this thread manages to come back to life every month.
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  11. Dakara added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Thank you for everything. :3
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  12. Dakara added a post in a topic Flare Guild Recruiting   

    Da bump
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  13. Dakara added a topic in General   

    Boss items for pearls?
    Im somewhat new to the game, been playing for maybe 3-4 months now and since the beginning i've seen people selling or trying to sell their boss armors and sometimes weapons for pearls so i decided to ask them through server chat how much they would pay for my +5 Bhegs gloves and +5 Tree armor.
    Instantly i had over 5 messages offering different amounts and others asking how much i wanted so my question is, do you like or agree with this type of i guess "trade" and second what is your min/max for something like that.
    (I've tried looking on the forums for this subject but i haven't found a "direct" answer to this so i made the thread, dont go crazy.)
    Thanks in advance.
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  14. Dakara added a post in a topic DK Prepaation ?   

    My prep is,
    Half Grunil and Half Heve Pri, Liverto box ready and trying to get a +15 Saiyen Knot on pre-order.
    Accessory Wise, Ogre ring, 2x Witch Earring, Ancient Weapon thingy (derp) and 2x Jarett's rings (Need to get something better)
    All of this gathered in the last 3 days, got blessed with the Liverto box today (and also Bheg's gloves) that i need to at least duo at some point.
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  15. Dakara added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Ornamental Knot For DK
    Which would you guys say is the best Knot for DK (Not counting yellow quality boss items)
    So far my Gear is half Grunil and half Heve, will likely try to snipe a main hand at release.
    I've been playing for a bit over a month so im still clueless to items and stuff like that
    Thanks in advance.
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