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  1. Shovok added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    Trying to keep this ide a alive as I believe it would add much needed social interaction to the game.
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  2. Shovok added a post in a topic Bounty Hunting ???   

    I've played games that let players put a gold bounty on pkers  heads. This also sounds interesting.
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  3. Shovok added a post in a topic Suggestion: Tailoring coupon for loyalties.   

    Completely agree 100%
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  4. Shovok added a post in a topic costume exhange coupon for loyalty point.   

    Coupon should be a loyalty item
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  5. Shovok added a post in a topic NEW Trading system mechanics (Suggestion)   

    So forced PvP in my pve  pass time of choice living the life of a traveling merchant. So overgeared idiots can call Down a guild. On my cart if I can't afford enough protection no thanks. PvP is not the be all end all.
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  6. Shovok added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    Still spreading the word for something like this in game. Like the other day I needed a steel pickaxe but couldn't get one from the marker place. I have a friend that makes them but it is not worth their time to put it on the market place now if we could trade since we are in the same guild and we built social xp I wouldn't be using shoddy equipment. 
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  7. Shovok added a post in a topic Remove players   

    AION HAD this it made doing large scale sieges possible for people with older pcs like me by reducing all players except party members to name tags.
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  8. Shovok added a post in a topic Suggestion for Merv Palette   

    I would like a pallets item that could permanently change my outfits colors without having to debut the item every month.
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  9. Shovok added a post in a topic Making Pub/Bars more interactive   

    I'd love a way to kill time and tp at a pub. Beats the sad pubs a certain other game I know has lol.
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  10. Shovok added a post in a topic Seasonal Weather & Accumulation   

    I think another mmo upcoming is planning on doing this where each season lasts a week and each month is a year
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  11. Shovok added a post in a topic Let use dye ALL parts of outfits and costumes   

    Dyeing seems to be a major pain in the balls in this game to begin with
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  12. Shovok added a post in a topic Pet exchange   

    It would keep the old pup from chewing my carpet. But it might interfere with kaka pet breeding plans. Though to be fair I'm not apt to breed the cat I don't want anymore
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  13. Shovok added a post in a topic Mounts/ Wagon parking   

    Yeah the problem is then trade managers are lazy and won't budge for their goods
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  14. Shovok added a post in a topic Better Social Player Relationship features.   

    I'd still like a couple system where a couple could rude your wagon and maybe have some kind of Stat effects.
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