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  1. Yumua added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    Description of the issue: Miss-spelled word in one of Tamer's moves. (More specifically, the word "power" in Absorb Heilang II)

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  2. Yumua added a topic in Ninja   

    Class lacking?
    After leveling up with awakening and pre-awakening, honestly ninja is starting to get insanely boring. The combos are the same, everything seems the same. Along with that, I can't seem to find a new class that fits me? Unless, someone would mind changing that off of me? I tried Maewha, mid-grind thought it was boring. Tried Zerker, same thing. Tried tamer, same thing. I'm just not sure what to do. I love BDO, and one of the main reasons why I play it is due to the intense grind, rather then PvP. It's just that I can't find any class that seems to appeal me. Someone help?
    Playing style; Fast. All it needs. I don't care if it's squishy, ugly, or whatever. Just has to be fast
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  3. Yumua added a topic in Maehwa   

    Set | AP or DP? What should I go for?
    Greetings, and thank you for viewing my thread. As you can assume by the title, I'm currently unaware if I should either go for a DP or AP build. As much as I like to be a tanky guy, it's not really the style of maewha. But she's extremely squishy. High damage would do quite well, but I'd get 2 shot'd. If you do have an appropriate hybrid build, please tell me. <3
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  4. Yumua added a post in a topic second new class concept   

    Seems like the class is holding a sword, and the part that is flowing down is just the costume. Dunno what the secondhand will be though
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  5. Yumua added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Nice! ^-^
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  6. Yumua added a topic in General   

    What should I do?
    Hi there! I've recently come to a point where I think I'm too weak for my level, and I wanted you guys to suggest me some stuff. My AP is 96, Awakening AP is 78 & DP is 109, while I'm currently Lvl. 56 - My plan is, to sell the ogre ring I have, and in return use it to enhance, and getting better gear (Liverto / Kzarka Shortsword). If you have any other suggestions or a better solution, please tell me.

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  7. Yumua added a topic in Suggestions   

    I just encountered a barrier, and lost my horse
    So, I was wondering through the marvelous world of BDO, until I encountered a barrier. Upon removing myself from the horse, it moved some steps forward, and it's now in the barrier, unobtainable.  Fix this please?
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  8. Yumua added a topic in New Adventurers   

    [Tutorial] Enhancement and how it works! (Available in new forum)
    Black Desert - Enhancement SystemGreetings fellow adventurers, today's thread is regarding the enhancement system, and how it works! If you have any more questions feel free to ask in the reply section, or through PMs. Anyways, let's start! What is the enhancement system? Before getting more knowledge about it, a brief description on what it is should be helpful! The enhancement system was implemented so that you can "enchant" items, thus increasing their stats. It's the most essential factor for the true endgame of Black Desert, and for the game's progression in general. By using the enhancement system you're able to defeat higher leveled mobs, and players!How do I go to the enhancement page? First of all, to enable the enhancement tab you must finish the "ruins storyline" which will be part of the 2nd grade tutorial, so don't worry about that! After the ruins story is completed, you click "," and your little friend should come for your help. Once that is done, you should see an Enhancement tab to the right of the Quest tab. Alright, I got it! Now how do I enhance? It's pretty simple! To enhance armor, you need Black Stone (Armor). To enhance weapons, you need Black Stone (Weapon). Click "," and then the Enhancement tab. After that, right click the item that you'd like to enhance! Once you've selected it, it  should automatically be in the left box Now what? From here on, it's even simpler! Depending on the type of item you chose, the black stone will be highlighted. Right click on the black stone, and click Enhancement! I highly recommend not using Force-Enhance, as it consumes more black stones and automatically reduces your durability. Important notice: Armor can go up 'till +5 with 100% of a level up. After that, you have an X amount of chance to successfully level up your item. For weapons, they can go up to +7 'till it's the chance game as well.Black stones aren't working on my accessories? Well, that's simple. The same system is applied for accessories, but there are 3 different factors. 1. To enhance your accessories, you require the same item instead of black stones. 2. If the enchantment fails even at the first try, both items will be destroyed and you'll be left with nothing. 3. There are only 5 levels for accessories.How levels work: Unlike other enchantment systems for other MMOs, BDO's changes a bit. For Armor & Weapons, you firstly go until Level 15. If you wish to go higher, then you require concentrated black stones (Recipe will be at the bottom). Then, the levels go as the following; I - II - III - IV - V | As you can see, they turn into Greek numerals. It basically continues, so as you can guess the maximum times you can enchant an armor / weapon piece is 20. For accessories, they automatically skip to the Greek numerals, thus you can only level them 5 times.What are failstacks? Failstacks are one of the, if not the most important factor when enhancing high leveled weapons. Every time an enchantment fails, you receive +1 failstack. The more of these you get, the more chances you have to level up. So if you manage to gain +10 Failstacks, you have a higher chance of leveling a weapon instead of with none.Concentrated Black Stone (Armor): x1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard - x2 Black Stone (Armor)Concentrated Black Stone (Weapon): x1 Sharp Black Crystal Shard - x2 Black Stone (Weapon)
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  9. Yumua added a post in a topic Does the camouflage set from the desert work in trent or just in the desert ?   

    What do the outfits even do? -3-
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  10. Yumua added a post in a topic 20% coupon Missing?   

    You have to actually implement the coupon before even seeing it's effects.
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  11. Yumua added a post in a topic Not to be dense but... how do you USE the coupons?   

    Well that's another idiotic mechanism. Question, can the 20% be accumulated? So if you had x4 20% discounts, it'd give you 80% discount?
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  12. Yumua added a topic in General   

    If there was a bid glitch...
    Greetings, and thanks for viewing this thread. <3 Anyways, I just wanted to ask the following; If a glitch regarding the bid system (Which would give you 100% chance to win the bid) was released, how chaotic would the marketplace be?
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  13. Yumua added a post in a topic T9 Hell horse/Unicorn possible theory?   

    Honestly, I have no clue. But considering the Korean version has these updates (I've seen a bunch of videos on them), I'll advise you to research using the information provided.
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  14. Yumua added a post in a topic How do you win Bid?   

    The bid system in BDO is another, heavily based RNG "game". Basically, between you and the other thousands of contestants, you'll have X amount of chance to win the bid. For example, if 100 people (including you) bid on the item, you'll have a 1% chance to win the bid, same applies for everyone else. Just another of the idiotic mechanics made by the game devs.
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