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  1. MagicWookie added a post in a topic [Weekend Buff]: Westernizing XP Events   

    Love this idea! 
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  2. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I agree with this post.
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  3. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Reduce number of reverse proxy servers   

    another post in forums about it working on tracking down an official post
    You can also see the problem easy enough just by doing a boss on an even numbered server and then lagging like crazy when you try one on an odd numbered server.
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  4. MagicWookie added a topic in General   

    Reduce number of reverse proxy servers
    Please change over all the reverse proxy servers to be normal servers - or at least the majority of them. Nobody I know actually benefits from this antiquated server architecture, I'm sure there are a few percent of players (<5%) who do need a similar architecture for connection stability but it does not justify ruining almost half of the available servers and node war servers.
    For those of you who are unsure what I am referring to generally servers numbered 1,3, or 5 are this type of server and it is the reason those servers lag so much while usually servers numbered 2,4, or 6 are stable.
    Poll for reducing number of these servers
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  5. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Issues with World Bosses   

    Try playing on a less populated server then, usually the 4-6 channel numbers go down slower. most bosses you can get to easily if you head out shortly after they spawn.
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  6. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Boss change petition   

    Yes as a 180 AP wizard going all out with food + fury buff - I did nothing...no it's that 200 other people jumped in from other servers for Karanda because we were a slower kill - this highlights the problem.
    I'm not sure if they have the tech for instances like this (haven't gotten to desert dungeons yet to see how they are implemented) but I like the idea.
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  7. MagicWookie added a topic in General   

    What happened to post about Fishing Bot abuse
    There was a thread revealing the widespread use of a particular bot and spreading light on the scale of the problem earlier today which seems to have been deleted. I understand if Kakao didn't want to point more people towards it while they work on finding a way to identify those users, but merely deleting the whole post seems like censorship to protect profits. Please let us know that you are looking into this and taking it seriously.
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  8. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Boss change petition   

    I like this idea also, hopefully we see that same patch come to NA. That's what really frustrates me is when I am there the whole boss fight and get nothing compared to the person who came in and did a single hit and gets a boss gear drop.
    Thanks for your in depth rebuttal. I have some boss already and will preorder/night vendor the rest as I have the money to upgrade. This is about the overall flow of loot into the game and the silly arbitrary 80 player loot cap. I also don't expect Kakao to do anything or even if they did it would be months after it matters to me personally, what I do care about is having players have a valid supply of possible upgrades so that players don't rage quit and this game stays healthy and continues to grow so we get more content. This problem from my observation seems to have originated with the server merges as now players (myself included) can jump from any server after the boss dies to others and flood that server denying players their fair shot at loot. If you can't see the inherent problems with that then your judgement shouldn't matter anyways.
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  9. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Boss change petition   

    I have dande and seen some boss gear, the problem is there are more players than ever now. I'm not saying to increase the drop rates I just including those participating for real who get screwed by the 80 person limit to have a shot at loot. There honestly needs to be a small raise to the amount of boss gear flowing into the game as there are more players.
    Not saying that at all. Did my main post say anything about the drop rates themselves? No. I personally do think they could up them maybe 30% to account for all the new players but I know that part would be a shit storm as established players want it to be even harder than the process they themselves went through to get the gear. Merely talking about how crowded bosses are and the 80 player loot cap screwing people over and possible ways to amend that.
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  10. MagicWookie added a topic in General   

    Boss change petition
    I would like Kakao to consider the following changes to world and field bosses:
    Remove the cap of players that receive loot or significantly boost it. - Players who participate from the beginning can receive nothing due to other players flooding in as the other channel's bosses die or due to playing on overly populated servers. A number of players playing BDO has changed mechanics need to adjust due to it.
    Boost the spawn frequency of bosses to every 2-3 hours but limit the number of times a player's family can receive loot from a boss daily to 1-2 times. - This will lower a number of players participating per boss while also giving more players the opportunity to participate.
    Poll for approval
    Edit: Oops had suggestions and general forums tabs opened - I messed up.
    For those who disagree that these changes would be beneficial I'm curious to hear your reasoning and what you would suggest.
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  11. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Boost boss drops to account for higher player population   

    The problem with just a flat scaling to how many players are fighting the boss is that players channel hop, as a low pop player the boss fights are good until the last 50% when suddenly there is an influx of a hundred players or so jumping in to try and get a second chance at loot.
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  12. MagicWookie added a topic in General   

    Boost boss drops to account for higher player population
    I would like to start a discussion about boosting the number of drops that are given out per boss kill. While the old system may have made sense with split servers and fewer players, the combination of an influx of new players and the server merge have made it time for an overhaul.
    I suggest that the number of players that receive high tier drops should be boosted by ~3x to account for said changes to the game. I also think that the number of participants who should receive loot should be increased by a similar amount.
    It is not uncommon to see several hundred players at Zaka/Karanda many of which now receive nothing for participating.
    Overall this problem only makes the curve for new players worse as there are fewer drops per capita to go around.
    An alternative solution would be to up the amount of boss spawns per day by a large factor but to only allow a players family to receive loot from each boss once a day.
    Thanks for your time and consideration,
    PS: before anyone complains thinking this is a personal issue about be getting loot: I already have a Dandelion, and I am aware of awakened boss scrolls etc. I just have noticed that this is a game mechanic that has not necessarily scaled enough with the new player population and server merge as previously stated. The multiplier is merely a suggestion I assume Kakao has all the needed data to adjust drops according to the rate they wish for loot to propagate.
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  13. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    Really the solution for all this would be to make the top 5~10 players or so count as the top house. The housing system seemed not so bad from what I've read when there were multiple servers but having hundreds of thousands of players compete for a few hundred homes is just ridiculous. Seems they really forgot to scale some stuff with the server merge.
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  14. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Just commenting to add my voice, I've been getting regularly disconnected also recently - unacceptable in a game with death penalties like this one. Fix this shit - you are making the money do something with it.
    This thread has more views than any of the stickies, I think that speaks for itself.
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  15. MagicWookie added a post in a topic Disconected whenever i go AFK (after 30-60 min)   

    1. In device manager -> find your ethernet adapter -> right click properties -> go to power management tab -> uncheck allow computer to turn off this device to save power.
    2. Might just be placebo but I open the inventory then map before afking for extended periods of time. The game seems to use less resources when on the map screen and is less susceptible to resyncs/disconnects. This one might very well be fake, and I don't know how the inventory being open would help but several players told me this and it seems to work, so I do it anyways.
    Hope this helps!
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