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  1. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Class nerfs?   

    i was talking more from a general point of view and not about certain 1v1 matchups as this game is not and doesnt want to be focused around 1v1 pvp.
    I would guess that if you are not a lifeskiller you spend 80-90% of the time grinding to get money and xp so i would consider this the main core of the game ( pvp comes only way way later in the game ) therefor i think all classes should have about equally fast grinding speed.
    i personally would love to play something else than wizard but its the class i choose as a beginner, not because i like the playstyle but because its so much more convinient to farm for money and XP than any other class.
    I leveld a maehwa to 56 and dumped her a bout 10 minutes later because it was just too slow and too much effort for way less results, with the exact same gear as my wizard.

    for somebody who has played long enough and has plenty of money its "easy" to level which ever class they want and make them viable in pvp.

    but for a new player it probably takes double the amount of time with some classes compared to a witch / wizard and i consider that a huge design flaw in a game where everything is focused around endless hours of grinding silver and xp
    why should a class in full duo gear grind slower than a wiz/witch in +15 gear? its absurd imo but thats how it is.

    rather than nerfing anything they should just try to bring all classes to around the same level for pve grinding speed.
    for pvp im not experienced enough to give any good feedback
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  2. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Wizard Skill Add-Ons?   

    thx for the help guys also good to know that buffs dont stack
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  3. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Karma is just plain stupid   

    grind race is boring and annoying id rather fight properly over a grind spot even if it means that i have to go somewhere else because my gear is shit or im outnumbered.
    then i would also like to see that most money + XP = highest lvl area and not sausans pirates because that is what makes pvp unfair.
    if  top gear people have high lvl farming spots with good money there is no reason for them to go to low lvl areas to grind and kill noobies.

    Im not even playing this game long but i cant even count how many times i "won" against waaay better geared players just b ecause i was persistent and kept going back to the farming spot after they killed me until they were too scared to kill me again and just left or went somewehre else. Some people might say this is karmabombing but its actually how the devs want us to play with this retarded system.

    i agree with OP the karma system is trash.
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  4. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    I dumped my ranger  because im not willing to buy branding stones and weight increase just for pots when other classes dont need them and are more efficient

    if anyone cares i rerolled wizard and i can solo gahaz elites with 150 ap  180 dp  no problemo
    i can clear everything 2x as fast as with my ranger and never have to carry a single pot while i can still oneshot whole groups of people who attack me with no skill or mechanics needed and if it gets close i just teleport, heal and ez reset.

    probably will get me way more silver in the long run than any other class with the same gear.

    Playing anything else than witch / wizard is a huge waste in time, money and effort at least if you dont have top gear.
    its ridicolous how much stronger this is than any other class i played.
    thx for this awesome class balance dev's !

    I will go back to ranger once classes are a little bit more balanced, so probably never?
    didnt play this game long enough but it doesnt seem the devs are interested in any kind of balance whatsoever while endgame chars still have to farm lvl 53 areas for most money.
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  5. Nubiksde added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizard Skill Add-Ons?
    Hello cant seem to find an updated guide on the internet only stuff from 2016.
    Anyone know which add-ons to use for pvx?
    or a guide in general would be appreciated thx
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  6. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Cant choose class to play need advice   

    Im not telling him to play anything but im providing information about classes also he never stated that he doesnt want to play them he just said he that they are not his type.
    If OP's priority is a fast paced class with efficient grinding that maybe outweighs the playstyle of the classes and thus i provided information not only on the 3 classes OP asked about but went even further to provide him information to the most efficient classes.

    wether or not my information is 100% accurate, at least im providing useful information and dont just come here to argue with random people while providing nothing positive to this Thread.
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  7. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Cant choose class to play need advice   

    yes and i answered to all 3 of the classes he mentioned but he also wanted "efficient grinding" and thus i answered him which are the most efficient.
    ranger might be fast but he isnt efficient at all if you are not willing to pay a lot of RL cash as i stated above.
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  8. Nubiksde added a topic in Classes   

    Class nerfs?

    Im wondering when witches/wizards will be nerfed? Not only are they Top Tier in every important aspect of the game (pve, nodewars, gvg) they are also the only class that i know that has active selfhealing, group healing and an insanely strong group buff.
    Afaik Korean servers are a few months ahead of us but witch/wiz still havent recieved a nerf over there but instead DK awakening seems to be just as "OP"

    This isnt a rage thread or a hate thread against witches/wizards but i honestly want to know why are the devs not trying to balance the classes a little bit more or at the least slowly reacting to the meta?
    Why several months have to go by without any signifcant changes considering how obvious the class discrepancy is.

    why are some classes so neglected and basically underperforming in everything (pve, pvp ) while others are just gods at everything ?
    why do some classes have to spend way more RL money AND ingame money just to be somewhat viable while others dont have to invest anything at all and still get better results at the end of the day?

    Im really getting frustrated at the moment i leveled up 4 chars to 56 but i cant seem to find a class thats not "fotm" without it having significant downsides to it, be it pve grinding speed or just general pot consumption ( hello @ inventory weight ) or some other stuff.
    For example so far i enjoyed the ranger the most but having to repair my weapon every 30-40 minutes (even faster if i wanted to  ) while my friend who plays witch loses about 10 durability just isnt acceptable for me at all. i cant and dont want to stop grinding every 30 minutes just to repair my weapon, neither do i want to  buy X branding stones for real money.

    At this point im really considering just going with the flow and rolling a wizard, although i hate playing fotm just alone the pve effectiveness will probably get me 20-30% more income at grinding over a week at the bare minimum.
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  9. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Cant choose class to play need advice   

    sry but thats not true
    ranger might clear fast but they use the most potions and lose the most durability out of all classes so if you want to play ranger weapon branding stones + extra carry weight are a must and always bring 100+ mana pots minimum.
    also ranger is a mid-tier glass cannon in pvp

    berserker can clear fast but sometimes your gap closers will be on CD if you clear too fast. maybe that changes after 57 , i dont know.
    warrior i never played but from what i know they are not the fastest but very solid in every aspect, maybe even a bit too solid

    Edit: if you want really efficient grinding take wiz /witch or Musa
    musa will be faster but only with good gear
    wiz/witch are the best for pve in general regardless of gear level.
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  10. Nubiksde added a post in a topic [Poll] Ranger Group Buff viable ?   

    Does the DP debuff stack if i spam wotw?
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  11. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Beginner questions.   

    i mean that from what ive read so far maewha is  better at killing small packs while pirates and and sausans are very dense and maybe my aoe skills arent big enough but i will need to see and try myself once i got my awakening
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  12. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Beginner questions.   

    does anyone have an up to date guide for me?
    what weapon
    what skills
    skilladdons etc.


    edit: grinding so far pre awakening is super smooth i went from 1-50 in less than 3 hours without xp rewards.

    Do i have any selfheal besides the non awakened spacebar ability ?
    anyway to sidestep?

    Currently 55 btw. so far loving the non awakened style its like awakened ranger but with super armor dash that costs 1/3 of the mana. and ofc the super strong WP reg skill every 15 seconds just great.

    what are generally prefered farm spots as maewah? i guess pirates and sausans are not that great because of the high quantity but thats around the level my AP allows me to grind.
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  13. Nubiksde added a topic in Maehwa   

    Beginner questions.
    Hello guys so far i have a lvl 57 ranger and theres some things that bother me so much im considering to reroll to plum.

    Main things that bother me the most is weapon durability goes down insanely fast. if i wanted to i could literally shred to my offhand and awak. weapon in 20-30 minutes grinding
    and the mana consumption is also aburdly high compared to other classes, or my favorite example witch/wiz who dont need pots at all, at least for pve.

    So how is the durability and pot consumption for pve ? i guess in pvp i have to spam a lot of wp to dash ?
    what are her biggest weaknesses ?
    How is her pve grinding speed with 150-200 ap?
    i read that musa is pretty much the better choice for everything except 1v1, is that true?
    how reliably can i play this class with a mid tier pc where i potentially get drops to 10-20 fps in mass pvp ?

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  14. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    Hello guys thanks for your feedback and sorry for the delayed reply but i was too lazy to regain my password which i forgot. yes im a stoner

    I got myself pri heve with the quest armor + duo mainhand/offhand and aw. weapon and i can say i havent been oneshot ever since i upgraded my armor and was always able to do something at least.
    My bow dmg at ~160 ap is still not as good as i would want it to be but i can clear sausans camps with 3-4 shotguns which is okay.

    My real main issue now is still the weapon durability.
    You suggested i should brand my weapon but not only i think its a bad idea to brand a steel dagger and a tree spirit sword also i think its just unfair that a witch loses like 15 durability in the time i shred my whole offhand and awak. weapon and therefore refuse to pay for that.

    Also its more or less impossible to get the mainhand gem with +MP i got it on preorder for over a week.

    Slightly offtopic: it seems that on KR servers the new DK is pretty OP and also witch and wiz are still OP so my question to the long time players is: does PA even care about some class balance in this game or why are dead classes not getting buffed and very strong classes not getting slightly nerfed? im not even talking about 1v1 here im talking about general class design / durability / mana consumption and viability in node wars. there seems to be no balance and very little buffs/nerfs from what i have seen so far
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  15. Nubiksde added a post in a topic Ultimate Ranger Reference   

    Hello i have a question,
    in your Post-Awakening Build (level 59)
    Why do you not take Kamasylven Sword training and/or Spirit Healing in the skilltree? Do you rely only on Manapots to regen mana?
    also no Flow: Rooting for the grab ? Is that skill bad?

    Nice guide btw too bad i didnt found it earlier because now i already have a yuria bow
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