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  1. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Red Battlefield.........   

    Slightly related question. If im a 59 ranger with 430 GS, will I have an enjoyable time in RBF?
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  2. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Not Doing Damage (gear included)   

    The problem is if you buff ranger, the ones who are geared become more OP than they already SLIGHTLY are. Its a delicate problem, do you help out the undergeared to make them more of a factor while making well-geared rangers truly OP?
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  3. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    Keep In mind that a tri dandelion pre-order can cost around 700Mil. If you get lucky and get it off of bid, its much cheaper. As far as combos go, until you get your awakening up higher, WotW and shotgun will do more damage in PvE farming. My awakening didn't become my primary farming weapon until I hit 57 and I had it up to duo. Waltz of wind spam is an easy way to farm using awakening, but it isn't SUPER efficient until you hit 58 I think. Keep in mind that awakening damage scales better with level than mainhand bow. Once you get all three of your weapons to TRI, that's when you should worry about PvP combos. I recommend finding a guild with a few level 59+ rangers who are willing to walk you through some stuff, give you advice on crystals, give you advice on which accessories you want to go for, etc.
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  4. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Not Doing Damage (gear included)   

    Meh, youre both right actually lol. If he had a duo RCE and a duo witches and then 2x DUO MoS or pri-duo crescent, he would see success. His kzarka and bhegs will give him ALMOST enough accuracy for 90% of opponents, im not sure if 1 RCE+ Witches or 2 RCE is better than the other yet, as I don't have them to test with.
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  5. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Can the kids stop it with "Yellow is harder to enchant than Reblath" ?   

    Idk man. I consider myself lucky if I get a reblath to +20 a little less than half the time. I doubt very much your claim that you used the same reblath gear to get 23 fs without going to +15 over the course of 4 days, unless you did a single round of enchanting over 4 days. It hits +15 pre twenty roughly half the time. The rest of your point would be more valid if it had a bit less exaggeration in it.
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  6. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Not Doing Damage (gear included)   

    Ahem, the problem is quite obviously his alchemy stone
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  7. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Algorithim for equal Class AP/DP in Arenas outside cities   

    I cant speak for everybody, but I know that handicapping my opponent in the arena wont help me get better for Node Wars, which is what I do PvP for. Id prefer to learn how to beat that 460 GS warrior with my 410 ranger in practice so that I'm not surprised by death on a single misplay in Node wars. if you DO want to have an even footing environment in arena, after a few rounds people are generally willing to unequip a piece of gear or a few accessories if you ask them to.
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  8. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger Awk Pve   

    This is one of them. You'll notice every time the enemy ranger uses q to try to knockdown, he guards against it by switching to awakening weapon. I had to watch it at half speed to catch it lol. The other videos are great too, highly recommend watching them .
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  9. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger Awk Pve   

    Thanks for the info!
    I spent about half an hour yesterday with guildmates just practicing that block, and im incredibly glad I learned about it.
    Elsha Uriel is the ranger lol. Dude is pretty damn fast.
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  10. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger Awk Pve   

    How reliable is the block that you get switching from bow to awakening weapon while moving sideways? I saw a Korean ranger on youtube use it multiple times to good effect in order to stop CCs from affecting them, but that player seemed significantly better than the average player (me). Worth investing time learning how to do it, or not feasible in a kind of de-syncy laggy game?
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  11. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Black Desert Academy Life Skiller Money Guide Series   

    I liked your posts, i just have to be the clown that points out in your post about using basic arithmetic you said 7x24=169.
    Keep up that grind!
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  12. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    Yeah, im just here to say how jealous i am that im stuck with +2.
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  13. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Node Wars   

    What exactly is a "siege" guild?
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  14. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    When i picked up the game, i thought i was gonna be doing long range snipey awesome stuff. Turns out its more of a midrange style. The awakening option the devs gave us fits though, as the alternative was "Hey, should we give them a super long-range weapon that will break the way things are currently done? Na, give them something that at least complements their current skillset." At least that was probably the theory behind it, that we would be able to do midrangey kite stuff and then if someone DID close the gap successfully we would be able to be competent at close range fighting.
    Actual implementation is a completely different story though
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  15. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    These fine individuals above me answered it pretty clearly, but ill reiterate just so you know they arent BSing you. 
    Ranger is one of the most gear-dependent if not the most gear-dependent class in the game. You are already aware that your gear isnt amazing, and thats where 90% of your problem is. Try to get your Grunil higher, and see if a grunil chest-piece is in your best interest, as a full grunil set will give you nifty bonuses. I havent used the new chest-piece they give you, so i dont know if you should keep that or not VS having the whole set.
    Extraction crystals are difficult to find on the marketplace, but putting in a pre-order or spending a few hours camping the marketplace will benefit you greatly. You wont need precision crystals until much later (probably lvl 59 or so) and they make quality of life while farming SIGNIFICANTLY better.
    Mana pots. Have them. All of them. You mentioned that you find yourself running out of mana during PvP, try to get in the habit of clicking the mana pot hotkey after AND/OR during a damage rotation and have it in an available slot to be able to press while in the middle of doing an attack EVEN IF YOU DONT KNOW IF YOU NEED IT OR NOT. Better to have used a pot when you have 3/4 of your mana available than to think you dont need it and realize you dont have the mana to use your needed skill.
    Repairing can get annoying. It happens often, if you have the money a branding stone and maybe an outfit will drastically help with this.
    Your awakening sword is stronger yes, but your bow will do decent damage once you have gear and AP. Youll notice a huge difference once you get there. Ranger is a very strong class, dont give up. Most classes are poopy at low Gearscore, rerolling will only make a difference if you go witch or wizard as they can do a lot of damage with only a bit of AP.
    Keep in mind if you are at sausans, there are 400+GS players rolling around there and you simply will not beat them without gear. Best bet is to invest in your gear and then re-evaluate your PvP.
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