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  1. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    Pretty much what all of them said.
    I will say that ranger is easy to pick up, but its also a class that requires a few cash shop purchases to get the most out of it. You will always need to buy a lot of mana pots which can get annoying, and once you get to 56, your durability consumption on your weapons goes through the roof. Branding stones (lower durability consumption on usage of weapons during grinding)  from the cash shop are the answer to this, but many people don't want to spend the money on them. I believe Kunoichi and maybe one other class suffer from this problem as well.
    My best recommendation is to watch vids like they said. narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 classes that look interesting, and play with them to see what you like. This game has a TON of grinding, and if you force yourself to do that grinding with a class you don't enjoy, youll probably go insane before you get to the competitive PvP aspect.
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  2. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Sorc Vs Wizard   

    This entire thread is yet another poorly disguised complaint about wizards .-.
    While I agree with you, this thread accomplishes nothing. I get that you want to vent though.
    Sorcs are at the top of A tier. Its fine brother. Relax a little.
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  3. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Server merge was a bad idea -.-   

    Is that Russian?
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  4. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Server merge was a bad idea -.-   

    I personally don't have the EXACT same situation as you, but 2 of my better friends in the game kinda do feel the same way as you, and I am now being influenced by that and its becoming less fun. I don't know what if anything I can do to keep them interested in the game lol.
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  5. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger   

    Zero Horse kills?!?!? D;
    For shame.
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  6. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Muskan Boots hate me...   

    Also, you can keep the preorder up, and if it goes past preorder to bidding phase, you can take down the pre-order and bid, then put it back up if you fail.
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  7. LeWaffles added a post in a topic New Player - Trying to wrap my head around payments   

    Better advice has never been given.
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  8. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Youre saying youre able to consistently beat every ranger in EU?
    I find that hard to believe.
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  9. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I'd like to get to PVP, but you've put it behind the biggest PVE grindwall ever constructed.   

    There are games that require nothing but skill to play, and time invested only makes you better, doesn't give you gear, like StarCraft, fighting games such as Street Fighter/Smash Brothers, or most FPS games. I completely understand your desire to have PvP be completely skill based, and I (personally) wish it was the same way.
    However, I also understand that THIS IS NOT HOW THIS GAME WAS DESIGNED. This game was designed for people who prefer the effort they put in to generally give them a long-term advantage through gear. Its 2 separate playerbases, and just because you and I belong to the first one and come over to this game, they shouldn't be forced to cater to us.
    They tried to help us by giving the option of that RBF that equalizes all gear, but 95% of the people who play RBF don't want that.
    In this game, Gear>skill/class generally. If you aren't a fan sir, then this isn't the game for you
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  10. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Low damage output   

    Yes sir. No hard spreadsheet data or anything, but personal experience against several classes as they progress different levels while I stayed 59 can confirm your theory. At least Evasion I know improves pretty decently per level, and idk if accuracy does a whole lot. Probably though.
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  11. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger   

    But rangers are like middle of the pack. Not the worst
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  12. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    We don't know the exact numbers, but the majority of the playerbase agrees that 35-50% of your mainhand AP is added to your awakening AP.
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  13. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Looking for good Ranger build   

    Yeah, definitely Evasive Exploding Shot is bread and butter up until youre done with catfish around level 50 or so.
    If you have a group willing to powerlevel you at sausans, you can reach 56 from 50 in a day. Otherwise, it will take you a few days.
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  14. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Nodes   

    Don't worry about grinding nodes like sausans or pirates until MUCH later.
    Get the grain nodes around velia first, then move to heidel. Grain should be your number 1 ideal node you want at first.
    Once you cook all of the beer or essence of liquor in the world and get around 200-250 CP, you should have an empire encompassing all ores, timber, grains around calpheon, velia, heidel, altinova, and wherever you find goodies. Process all of these items while AFK and make monehs.
    Grains- Potato, corn, wheat, barley, sweet potato.
    Timber- ash, birch, acacia, fir, etc
    Ore-Iron, tin, zinc, coal etc.
    Cooking about 50k beers should be your first priority as that gives you a byproduct you turn in to raise CP in order to get more nodes-->more workers-->more mats--> more money.
    Good luck, enjoy bdo!
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  15. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Karma Bombing Prob?   

    Not to be rude sir, but this topic has been covered at least 12 times in the past month
    Although im not mad that people are talking about it over and over again, maybe the Dev's will look at it and say "Hey, they've made 33 threads of this, lets look into it"
    Or not
    BTW I agree with A.
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  16. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    You can pull a Kasbig and spam the chat telling people youre the Greatest Wizard in the World instead.
    Might raise your self-esteem ;D
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  17. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I may be the worst wiz in the entire history   

    I don't know who told you 100 ap is good for sausans, but I wouldn't listen to that person anymore
    Pretty much what everyone else said. Youre gonna need 3 more pets for efficient grinding, even tier 1 pets will make a huge difference. Upgrading pets costs a ton of money, and isn't a priority, but having a base set of 4 is.
    Keep in mind that even once you do get to 140+ ap, there is quite a lot of pvp that goes on at sausans. Even if youre strong enough to kill the mobs there efficiently, you wont be strong enough to beat the PvPers. I would recommend elrics instead, as instead of 3 kinds of loot, there is only 1 main turn-in that will allow you to save yourself a headache of putting a storage box in kusha and having to go there once an hour or so and fighting for your sausans spot when you get back every time.
    Jarretes accessories are pretty decent for intro to mediah, just get some monehs at hexe and when youre ready go to elrics.
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  18. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Game... Objective?   

    The plus side is that Crazy end-game that takes hundreds of hours to get to is pretty fun, and theres a WHOLE lot of fun PvP opportunities on the way there with people in the same state as you.
    Some of my more fond memories in this game was learning how to PvP at like 320 GS against other people who were at the same level as me.
    It ends up not being fun when youre 320 against 480s, but you can actively look for the right people to fight with and have a great time.
    I always feel bad when we have a node war and we ask the new guy to come and hes like "Yeah, lets wreck" and were like "well just so ya know most of these people are like 480+" and it kinda crushes his spirit. But theres always SOMEONE around your level available.
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  19. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Accuracy on PvE?   

    This is all about PvP
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  20. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Needing Advices   

    I don't know if ninja goes rocaba or not, but generally focus on your weapons upgrade from here until you hit DUO. Get all three weapons to this point, and then get all your armor to pri or duo, use those Failstacks to push your weapons to TRI.
    Get a Tri bares Neck, you should be able to preorder it off the MP for 11mil or so, its a poor mans ogre ring. Not sure if you want blue coral or red coral, but once you find out get them and go to pri or duo. Shultz belt is cheap and easy to get to duo.
    Then the fun begins. Get dat boss gear, kzarka, and dande.
    Good luck!
    And depending on your level, I would try to get around 150ap and go farm elrics. Technically youll be able to kill sausans, but you wont be able to kill the PvPers at sausans.
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  21. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger realy so weak?   

    Yes, now choose ranger and buy the 47th tri liverto in line on MP!
    Peer pressure.
    Akuma is right. The class is good PvE, not weak by any means. BUT durability and mana consumption are real, annoying issues until you hit 59, after which durability is the main issue, unless you shell out cash for branding stones. The bow is used in PvP after level 57/58, grinding is 99% awakening weapon.
    If youre choosing between DK and ranger, I would go with DK. At the moment it is ridiculously strong, but it might be hard obtaining the gear for her from the MP.
    As dremlock would say, ranger has the best thighs. But DK is a close second.
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  22. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

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  23. LeWaffles added a post in a topic coming to PS4 when ?   

    Hoho, well played.
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