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  1. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    Hey, if youre finding success that's good!
    The only thing I would still recommend is to have more workers on grains. I don't think 2 nodes collecting even all day is enough to supply a good cooking session a day. If you devote a bit more time into cooking, you should be able to increase your cp substantially. at 102 CP you should be able to increase your CP by maybe 4-6 a day with cooking with time to go do other fun shenanigans too. However, I know cooking can be boring, so if youre doing as much as you want to do, youre fine ;D
    Also, 900k an hour for grinding in mediah seems really low... Luck has little to do with it, as does the node investment level. Do you have pets? If youre willing to spend a little money, having 4 Tier 1 pets is more than enough and youll quickly see your income rise to probably around 4mil per hour, which will get higher as your AP and thus your clearing speed increases as well.
    100M is a good goal, but if you increase your CP network and reach master 2 trading, combined with just a little bit of grinding you should be able to make that easily in a week once you've been playing for a while.
    Keep it up! Keep us updated.
    For comparison, with 3 Tier 4 pets, 1 Tier 2 pet, and 190AP, I can make roughly 10-12mil at sausans per hour. you don't need t4 pets, but tier1 pets at level 10 at least are a necessity if you want to make money grinding
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  2. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Best place   

    Theres a difference between being able to kill the mobs, and being able to kill them EFFICIENTLY to farm there.
    147 is not really "overkill" for any of the mediah spots unless youre a class that excels with low AP builds.
    Its similar to the concept that just because you CAN farm at pirates or gahaz, if you aren't killing them quick enough youll make more money at sausans.
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  3. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Player Trading solutions ?   

    Sooo, you want to enable direct player trading.
    Will not happen in this game.
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  4. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Awakened Dark Knights Are Ruining The Game   

    Then kill them and take the spot.

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  5. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Griefing auto-fishers   

    On a slightly related note, do any of you know of some excellent places to fish up relics that might be in a danger zone? ill take the risk. I like to active fish while reading, so I might be able to mitigate some of the danger for a higher reward.
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  6. LeWaffles added a post in a topic AFK Processing   

    Lol at your edit ;D
    If your worker is gathering lumber, the chopping process is done completely afk by your character, but it does take up your character to stop him/her from doing anything else.
    You CAN have your worker process it as well, but you lose out on quite a lot of product as the ratio is significantly less when you don't do it yourself.
    Any other questions, feel free!
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  7. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Liverto Safe Enchant problem   

    Maybe im just not understanding the post correctly, if that's the case I apologize.
    But youre asking why you cant force PRI? Why would you want to force PRI? You answered that by saying that you've failed it so many times that it would have been cheaper just to force it in the beginning, if I understand you correctly. Perhaps you got monstrously unlucky and failed a crap ton of PRI attempts, but that's a GOOD THING, as you now have all those failstacks to build towards DUO and TRI attempts.
    Regardless of how many you've failed so far, it is NOT a good idea to force PRI, ever. BUT if you absolutely must, I would make sure the durability is at 100, because you should be able to force it. That's the only thing I can think of that would stop the button from being enabled
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  8. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Sort of new and saying Hi   

    It has p2w elements, its not full p2w, people are gonna argue this all day everyday on this forum. much later on youll want value packs active, and those are hard to get in-game. so its like a "choice-to-subscribe" thing actually.
    Welcome to the game, if you have any questions, let us know!
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  9. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Golden Flondor Goose Egg   

    Same, until a guildie told me he got good stuff and im like WHAT DID I MISS.
    It also seems to have better RNG than normal cron/blackstone boxes, as ive gotten a tree spirit belt and an ancient weapon core neck thingy, and a lot of the people in my guild are getting decent drops too.
    Definitely worth the 20 minutes it takes to go to florin and do the quest.
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  10. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Spin the wheel   

    I love this thread
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  11. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Spin the wheel   

    The relationship between Dremlock and the GM's on this forum is one of the greatest things ive seen in an MMO.
    While many people (myself included) sometimes express frustration at the lack of transparency with regards to information provided by GM's in this game, the interaction between the managers and playerbase is rarely this involved or interesting.
    I like this.
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  12. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Best place   

    Then I take it back. Youre fine
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  13. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Best place   

    Im gonna be honest with you, while your DP is fine, your AP is lacking for a lvl 57. 147 AP isn't efficient enough for Elrics, let alone pirates. If youre in a group at pirates, that's fine, but atm I would worry about money more than level simply so you can raise your AP a bit. What class are you?
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  14. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Black Desert Online Golden Flondor Goose Egg   

    Hes just showing how to complete the quest I think.
    Judging from the amount of people who asked how to do the quest in general chat (myself included) this could be helpful.
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  15. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Do you think Shais will ever be playable?   

    No Shai please. Reason?
    The amount of abuse heaped on that poor giant worker by that rude little thing at the Velia warehouse makes me want to throat punch every Shai in the game.
    I really hope a nail does spring up. And impale her eyeball.
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  16. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Gear Progression   

    By far the best advice on this forum.
    Many people reaaally want to experience world bosses, which is fine, but until you have very good armor, you WILL die, and you WILL lose valuable goodies for it.
    My best recommendation is to:
    A) Create an alt that you don't mind letting die many times, wearing cheap armor that has no crystals in it, and park that alt in an area that makes it easily accessible to make it to most world bosses. Generally it doesn't matter if you deal only a little bit of damage to the boss, you still have a chance at loot. For example, my 160 AP lvl 53 DK is currently my boss alt, and ive gotten loot drops after only hitting the boss maybe 7 times throughout the fight and dying twice.
    B) If you don't believe that you can get loot drops from dealing only very small amounts of damage ( I cant prove it one way or another, and there are people on this forum that will endlessly debate it) then make a ranger, get it to level 54, and Do nothing but spam shotgun and mana pots. you wont be the highest on the DPS chart, but its a fairly safe way to deal a lot of damage and stay alive reliably for most bosses.
    I know it was kind of off from your original question, but this was one of the things I wish I knew early on before I lost crystals and exp.
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  17. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Buff Lower Tier AP   

    A better idea!
    Get more AP. And just buff a few moves used by classes that can only reasonably acquire low AP. Most ninjas sit at 180-190 AP I believe, they would benefit this.
    If we do a flat AP buff, that would either negate the point of this DP buff and/or make wizards and witches who do DP builds stupidly tanky and stupidly deadly.
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  18. LeWaffles added a post in a topic PvP 2017 Tier vote   

    I don't understand why people are placing wizard and witch so high in 1v1.
    Its literally the only place they don't excel.
    Before you say im fighting the weak ones, SHHHHHHH. No.
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  19. LeWaffles added a post in a topic I am just here to remember about stuff and things   

    Dremlock, he's getting a little too detailed!
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  20. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    Yes sir, definitely recommend investing the short term gathering on ores in order to maximize early worker feeding/CP raising through beer, its a great investment, the amount of workers youll be able to enslave increases exponentially ;D
    I think you shouldn't worry TOO much about your gear until you hit 50 or 51. Youll probably be best served grinding Helms/wandering rogues/manes from 51 up until level 55, which I would recommend at least 140 AP for, and DP that just lets you survive without chugging health pots endlessly. after that point youll want to do elrics or MAYBE sausans, which you want at least 150 AP for. I would recommend saving enough to be able to buy at least a pri liverto from the marketplace, and then for most classes PRI grunil set or equivalent armor (of too expensive, you can buy something less than PRI, prioritize weapons over armor usually). You can do fine with jarretes accessory set or buying blue accessories in each slot (witches earring, Mark of Shadow ring) market price fluctuates on these items.
    If you arrange the relics in a "Cross" shape, you can turn them into relic scrolls which you can do at a certain location. I recommend being level 50 before you do these, and most people will want you to have either x5 scrolls (25 relics worth) or x10 Scrolls (50 relics worth). Its time consuming, but greaaat money, roughly 15mil per hour I believe if you have a value pack active.
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  21. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Hi! Just want to ask a few questions!   

    Im only going to address a few of the things you said, as im not 100% whether you want to Min/Max your playing time or simply enjoy it at a leisurely pace.
    You mentioned all the stuff that you have your workers on. Im gonna be honest and tell you that you don't want or need the Ores atm or the mushrooms. You should spend all available workers on gathering grains (potato, wheat, barley, corn, etc) and cooking beer. As you cook the beer, you get a byproduct called "dish with poorly prepared ingredients" which gives you contribution exp when you turn it it. Doing black spirit questline and then mediah/Valencia questline until you get into the lvl 56/57+ range should be your main focus as it gives you inventory slots and CP, and when you don't feel like grinding mobs or doing questlines, go back to cooking beer. Once you get a little bit farther in the game, as you continue doing these things, youll hopefully end up around 200 contribution points or more, which is when you can worry about sending workers to get Ores, Lumber, or mushrooms/herbs for junk crates to get trade exp. You can also cook essence of liquor to get CP byproduct, but youre gonna need a lot of beer for your worker empire anyways so its best to just cook beer for now.
    There is something to be said for having your alts do certain lifeskills. I PERSONALLY have my main character artisan/master at cooking, fishing, processing while one of my alts specializes in trading and all my alts are slightly behind my main on gathering. Some people have an alt do their cooking, and/or another alt do their fishing.
    As far as upgrading gear goes, theres 2 schools of thought on this:
    A) Sell ALL your loot and goodies (blackstones, memory frags/relics) in order to buy the gear you want directly from the marketplace.
    Pros: You don't have to worry about the heartbreak and significant frustration that is trying to enhance your own gear in BDO. Its much cheaper than enhancing yourself. MUCH. There will always be someone that tells you that they have spent less money upgrading gear than what the gear is worth. 98% of the time this is a lie.
    Cons: You are at the will of the market. At endgame, when you want a TRI Crescent Ring, I can count on zero fingers the amount of times ive won it from the marketplace through either bidding or pre-order. Good luck.
    or B) Upgrade stuff yourself.
    Pros: Once thoroughly learned, the Failstack rng upgrade system isn't so bad until you are trying to Tet gear or Tri accessories. You do NOT have to rely on supply in the market other than hard and sharp black crystals, if you want something you can (theoretically) go to war with the RNG-gods and depending on how much silver you beat them over the head with, walk away with your prize.
    Cons: You will hate the first half of your BDO life, then hate the second half of your BDO life. Its an incredibly frustrating system that has driven away more than a few players. It costs a lot of silver. You will see people spend billions of silver trying to get a TRI ogre ring, and never end up with it.
    Overall, you need to play the game how you want to play it. If you stress out over 100% efficient use of time, youre gonna burn out and dislike this game if you don't quit.
    However, if you do want to Min/max, these are the things you need to keep in mind.
    Good luck, feel free to ask more questions!
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  22. LeWaffles added a post in a topic So ranger is borderline unplayable if you don't purchase multiple maids and max weight limit?   

    Yeah. Ranger durability and mana consumption are my only real complaints. Once you reach 59 however, mana becomes a lot easier to manage due to Regeneration and if you are willing to lose about 3 seconds of grinding effectiveness every once in a while you can switch to  bow and Q-cancel to regen mana to full.
    However, durability is still an issue, and if someone says otherwise, they might not remember how bad it was before they:
    a) switched to another class
    b) used branding stones
    c) stopped grinding
    Durability loss is now the number 1 issue for rangers, followed closely by the need to chug mana pots pre 59 and even after if they want 100% effective clearing speed.
    The balance in PvP can be debated endlessly. I think ranger damage is fine, maybe just needs a few tweaks to bow, but better rangers than me disagree.
    The class is completely playable without maids, but weight limit should be upraded on any character you do extended grinding with.
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  23. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Level a LVL 51 DK or keep leveling a LVL 60 Kuno   

    Stay kuno. You play her well.
    However, you do seem a bit salty lately about balance. I don't think youre wrong, I also severely dislike the current state of balance in PvP, but youre making a crap ton of threads about it.
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  24. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Community is so toxic..   

    Yeah, youre experiencing the bad side of BDO. The problem is the bad side comprises probably 25% of the player-base.
    My honest recommendation is to find a good guild, and ask them those questions. They want you to get stronger to contribute to the guild, they aren't gonna give you crap about not knowing something (and if they do they will probably just be joking around with you) and will actively help you work towards goals.
    There is an elitist attitude. Sometimes its warranted, but its rarely warranted towards new people asking for help. Don't worry too much about it.
    Good luck brother!
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  25. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Recurring player. What did I miss?   

    But for real. if they fix the server and optimization issue, I think this game would be a solid 9/10.
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