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  1. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Heating: Beginner?   

    That's odd. I just did the quest last night and I had no problem with it. Are you talking about the one where you talk to Ficy and she sends you to the three people near the fountain? each of those people should give you a mini quest that gives you the knowledge. If not, you may already have the knowledge.
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  2. LeWaffles added a post in a topic 4 day guild change lockout   

    Maybe that's the solution It's a hard thing to balance for sure. But I don't think that a player who has put in the work should be unable to participate to the fullest extent in PvP. When we fought Atari, it was obvious that you, Adramalech, Fhuq, and maybe 2 or 3 of your other geared people could successfully 5v20 some of our guild and quite possibly come out on top. I don't think that since you guys are stronger than us you shouldn't be allowed to fight us. It would be the same thing for people coming down from siege guilds.
    It would be incredibly difficult to please both parties though. Maybe a restriction on whether or not they could participate in T1 node wars? Idk. I understand trying to help newer players not be put off, but catering to a casual that might play for 3 months and drop by alienating a dedicated year-long player would frustrate a large amount of the community.
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  3. LeWaffles added a post in a topic The Negative Karma Revolution   

    I tried living free.
    Then I died and my bhegs and muskans went back to duo.
    I prefer the light slavery
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  4. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Yet Another Gearing Advice Thread   

    Like you said, Boss gear is BiS. However, it is possible to be strong without it. Will you be the best without it? Probably not. Will you be able to compete without it? Certainly.
    I know the class difference is quite significant, but theres a zerker that used to be in my guild that ran TET grunil, duo witches, and duo/tri red coral ring. No boss gear at all, and this man was wrecking everything. Would he have been better with full tri/tet boss armor? yep. But without it, he was still able to do his job, and do it incredibly well.
    Im not 100% sure how this would translate to Ninja. I don't know if Ninja's are able to do a pure AP, no accuracy build like zerkers and some super high ap rangers, or what you would have to stack to make it workable. I think its possible though.
    Just keep your head up, keep night vendoring, and keep working on the MP bids.
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  5. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Blessing of kamasylve and Servers   

    I BELIEVE calph 2 is the RP channel. Other than that, not really any change besides the fact that certain guilds keep certain servers as their home channels. If you have problems with a certain guild, you usually can benefit from moving to a different channel, or if you prefer a certain servers chat, that's an option too.
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  6. LeWaffles added a post in a topic 4 day guild change lockout   

    I understand what you are trying to prevent, but I don't think that solution is viable. Going 3 and half days without guild buffs and without having the individuals to ask questions or bounce ideas off of would be highly detrimental to the rest of the player-base that isn't abusing the system for wars.
    Also, im NOT 100% sure theres anything wrong with people abusing that.
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  7. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Best Class For Grinding?   

    Light, they aren't great at 1v1. Everything else tho....
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  8. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Main city...?   

    As a new player, you will probably want to make your very FIRST base of operations in velia. This is the town that has closest access to grains needed to cook beer to raise your CP and get your worker empire started. Once you learn how to transport goods and are a little bit farther in the game, most people use Heidel as their main base as Wodur stated.
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  9. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    Desync and lag ruin everything, I agree, but it will not happen EVERY time  A good way to practice timing of frontal block is to fight another ranger, have them randomly use ranged KD, Elven rage, and natures tremble in different orders. Start off slow, block the ranged CC by switching to awakening wep moving sideways(takes a lot of practice but is good) and watching their windup of rage and tremble and counter with yours right after. Then move on to other classes. Have a zerker do dropkick into ranged KD and practice blocking that. Try to familiarize yourself with common initiating CCs of each class. Yes desync will ruin it sometimes, but the rest of the time, its good to have the reflex ingrained into you.
    Your second point I KIND of agree with. Against an equally geared/ skilled opponent, generally whoever gets the KD first wins. Ranger has their own ranged KD, its pretty decent, but not amazing. But practicing blocking CC's mentioned in first paragraph will help a bit. Hopefully some of the changes their talking about in the PvP test server get implemented and the game evolves from spamming I-frames till you KD your opponent in order to win towards DP being more useful and you can survive a bit more stuffs.
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  10. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Ranger is broken, in a bad way.   

    In short, I agree with you on the durability consumption and mana consumption being too much.
    However, Ranger PvP is decent/good. Learn to time your frontal blocks and call from the sky and youll benefit. I think it could benefit from a few small buffs, but nothing crazy or it will be OP.
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  11. LeWaffles added a post in a topic XP and Me   

    ^ this makes a HUGE difference.
    Not trying to be rude, but hitting 56 is actually considered the easy part. 57 is also reasonably obtainable, and 58 is as well if you put forth the effort.
    59 is difficult, 60 is VERY difficult, and 61 is not reasonably obtained unless you dedicate incredibly substantial time to reaching it.
    What ive started to to is only grind on weekends and do all life-skill (cooking, processing, etc) during the week. Its a fairly healthy balance that keeps me from being burned out on grinding, and allows me to make a decent income to still progress towards boss gear goals.
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  12. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Questions about class popularity   

    Witch, wizard, zerker, and awakened DK are Top Tier OVERALL.
    Warrior, Ranger, Sorc are also good choices but not QUITE as impacting as the top tier choices.
    Everything else has at least 1 fairly major fault (whether its grinding in valks case or Large-Scale pvp in tamer/ninja's case, etc) that makes them still very playable, but not the perfect pick for every situation or takes a little bit more skill to be as impactful as other classes.
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  13. LeWaffles added a post in a topic This game is very satanic   

    Behold the prophet, for he has raised this thread from the dead!
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  14. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Tips on Rotation/skills for 51-56?   

    My buddy that introduced me to the game had a 57 sorc, 56 zerk, and 56 tamer when I started.
    In the time it took me to get a 59 ranger, he now has added a 57 musa and 57 wizard and quit because he is burned out on grinding and wasn't really relevant in Node Wars because he split so much time between classes.
    #1 Advice to all newer players imo, find the class you like, then STICK TO IT if you want to be able to have fun in PvP.
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  15. LeWaffles added a post in a topic A title by any other name would read as vague   

    Aaaaaaand you now deserve to be afk killed.
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  16. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Already have one, but. . .   

    If you can use 90mil silver in a better way, then don't buy it. If you don't already have all duo/tri accessories and all boss gear including weapons, you should be using that silver to acquire and/or upgrade those.
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  17. LeWaffles added a post in a topic New Player Need help!   

    Completely outside of WoW and what class is similar to a paladin, let me list a very generalized pro's and cons list of what you have narrowed down to.
    Valk: Great CC, useful in large-scale PvP. Not very good grinder, slow mob clear time. PvP is considered a lot of fun with this class.
    Berserker: EXCELLENT in 1v1 PvP and a great CC/Tank machine in large scale PvP. Decent clear times for grinding. Considered one of the top tier classes. Movement is a bit tough to pick up at first.
    Musa: Excellent grinder/mob clear speed, but a bit boring to grind with. Very mobile, assassin class in PvP. Decently strong. Many people don't use though due to the mindless combat choices for grinding, which is 95% of this game.
    Warrior: Very good in PvP, but many people find it boring playstyle as youre blocking and waiting extremely often. Pretty decent clear speed. Considered to be one of the top 5 classes.
    Outside of your choices, Wizard and Witch are currently considered the strongest overall classes in pretty much everything except 1v1, which arguably isn't important. This is a group based PvP game, and they truly excel more than other classes in this. Dark Knight doesn't have its awakening yet, but most people subscribe to the train of thought that DK will be one of the top 3 classes with awakening.
    If none of this sounds good to you, experiment with many different classes and end up choosing ranger just so I can have one more potential buyer for the ranger gear im gonna put on the marketplace.
    Good luck!
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  18. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Berserker roll   

    One of the stronger zerkers I know uses duo and tri witch earrings and Tri red coral rings.
    I think youll be fine using those, at least until much later in the game.
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  19. LeWaffles added a post in a topic My BDO love story   

    Sic the RPing OP.
    I still believe.
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  20. LeWaffles added a post in a topic best way to get 30 fs   

    My method is to get 18-20 FS on reblath, then fail duo and tri attempts on green gear until you reach what you need.
    Alternative method is to reach 20 FS on reblath, then attempt +13 or +14 on boss gear till 30 FS LOL.
    There are better methods though. I personally don't use horse gear.
    Alexmac has an excellent guide on accruing failstacks for TET attempts, you can use the first half of his guide to reach 30ish FS.
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  21. LeWaffles added a post in a topic How To Balance   

    Theres a myriad of things I disagree with in your post, but im just gonna focus on a few.
    "As a wizard/witch they are fine as a glass cannon. Their damage is their and their utility is terrific! Leave it what it is."
    This is not the case. Many witches and wizards are using a large amount of DP and/or evasion and relying on medium AP numbers to still deal a large amount of damage. I personally feel classes without grabs are the only ones TRULY screwed against them, the rest of us just have a disadvantage in group PvP.
    Warriors play-style revolves around block. I think your idea deserves SOME consideration, but we want it to be balanced, and I think nerfing warriors block timings will completely screw the class.
    There is an element to "outplaying" in PvP that a lot of people don't always grasp, myself included. Classes without grabs are at a strong disadvantage in some cases, but they have advantages in others. If im a ranger complaining about fighting warriors and valks because they can just block everything and whenever I try to come in close for a grab I get wrecked, maybe I should practice a good, smart way to be able to grab before suggesting we nerf their block into oblivion and screwing them in half their matchups.
    There is a considerable amount of discussion already on this forum about re-working super armor/frontal block/I-frames, and its reaaaally hard to do. A lot of people only think about their own specific matchups, and don't realize that their proposed solutions will in turn destroy 4 other matchups in order to possibly fix 1.
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  22. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Crystal Choices for Helmet (pve)   

    For helmet, you can wait for the nifty adventure crystals that give you 10% exp boost. Forget what its called though. I think its kydicts?
    Most people don't consider luck to be a stat worth boosting btw.
    Evasion crystals are great for PvP, no idea about PvE as youre a lvl 58, perhaps it will help you when kamas comes out?
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  23. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    Pay attention.
    Have a good day.
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  24. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    The words you literally said was: "Never use bow"
    I DO know that right after that you qualified it and said 80/20 split. That's fair, even if I think the ratio is too low.
    I think most of our difference in opinion came from different ideas of which kind of PvP we were talking about. I haven't watched a lot of 3v3, but I have watched a ton of and participated in Node War PvP.
    Although I think the default strategy of telling someone that they only fight shit-tier players who don't know how to play their class is a bit overused. I spend a decent bit of time in RBF, and theres always at least a few intelligent/strong players in there.
    I wasn't trying to discount or discredit everything in your original post. I was just trying to add a little information that someone could find beneficial.
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  25. LeWaffles added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    I think we simply disagree sir. Canceling tearing arrow into PG gives extra range and is viable in node wars either before an engage or right after a disengage. I used the plural because there is 2 ways (that I know of) to use PG, one fast, one with extended range, and im able to utilize both of them in node wars.
    The point of the reply sir, was the fact that this is a forum where individuals bounce ideas off of each other. This will naturally draw people to read the thread, and when they see your statement and don't see anybody else discussing it or pointing out other ideas, they might not know other options exist. Hence me pointing those options out.
    Q-Canceling for movement isn't for every situation. I mostly use it only if I know the target is on CD with gap closer or if im chasing at a certain angle, but just because you or I don't utilize it in other situations doesn't mean better rangers than us cant.
    I ranged KD many classes several times a node war. Discounting it because you don't do it doesn't mean it isn't possible or successful.
    With 3 pieces of boss gear, the stamina usage isn't insane. And yes it takes a lot of mana.
    All im trying to do is point out that the bow is still useful in PvP. I see too many rangers slipping into awakening only styles and I don't personally think that's the best utilization of the class.
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