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  1. Dezarion added a post in a topic Is there any way to get past regional locks?   

    It's not really "allowed" to bypass the regional block but alot of friends of mine do it. (Turkey)
    Since no friggin GM is EVER scrolling through these threads here, I don't really mind on giving you advice even though it might be not allowed.
    You can use the Program "Tunnle Bear". It's a VPN.
    Before you click "Login" at the launcher, connect to any NA/EU service with tunnlebear. After you click "Play" the XINGCODE3 anti cheat program should pop up in the right bottom corner. When you see that happening, close your Tunnle bear again. Voila, you've got a stable connection to BDO using your own connection.
    I don't personally recommend doing this, since it's agains the games rules but yeah, countless friends of mine are doing it without any problems whatsoever since ages.
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  2. Dezarion added a post in a topic Launcher Download   

    47GB is pretty much the whole game youre downloading there.
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  3. Dezarion added a post in a topic No extra exp for me?   

    Only for returning players + new players. (Lasts for 1 month). After that you can't enter Olvia channels anymore
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  4. Dezarion added a post in a topic [SOLVED]Why my character is deleted ?   

    Which world server is selected for you? NA or EU?
    The new launcher automatically sets it to NA server, so that is why it appears that you don't have any characters.
    When running the launcher, input your email and password, then click login. At around the same spot where the login input field was, you can then (after logging in) change from NA to EU.
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  5. Dezarion added a post in a topic [SOLVED] new launcher issue (blank launcher, program has stopped working)   

    pm me if you still have the issue
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  6. Dezarion added a post in a topic Blank launcher login screen   

    I've figured out the issue. I've also fixed it without those useless supports. If you need my help, please contact me.
    Just took me 15h + of research -.-

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  7. Dezarion added a post in a topic [SOLVED] new launcher issue (blank launcher, program has stopped working)   

    Not a couple of days but tomorrow
    Problem solved.
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  8. Dezarion added a post in a topic [SOLVED] new launcher issue (blank launcher, program has stopped working)   

    I've maybe got a "partially fix" for the program has stopped working issue.
    What I've done is moving PAZ folder from the black desert online directory to the desktop, then run the setup of bdo to uninstall.
    Run the setup again to re-install and open the launcher. (I've had an issue with the libcef.dll at the beginning which I then manually downloaded and then the launcher didn't have the "has stopped working" issue anymore)
    Move PAZ back into your BDO directory then start the launcher.
    regardless of the previous issue I still cannot launch the game fully as now I'm stuck after the background pops up and slowly fades away.
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  9. Dezarion added a post in a topic [SOLVED] new launcher issue (blank launcher, program has stopped working)   

    Tried it, doesn't help. Thanks for the advice.
    Still encountering the same issue
    After a re-install. reached 100% in the gauge and now look what's happened.
    Tried to enter repair mode by clicking the options in the right top corner of the window. The launcher crashed again with the message "has stopped working". Attempting a launch of the launcher results in seeing the picture of the warrior, berserker, ranger, tamer and sorceress opening and then slowly fading away. After that nothings happens. Checked the processes in task manager, BDO process just disappears and nothings happens.
    Pretty sure this is the development team's fault for not testing this launcher entirely.

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  10. Dezarion added a topic in Technical Issues   

    [SOLVED] new launcher issue (blank launcher, program has stopped working)
    Good evening

    I can't seem to run the "new launcher". Tried to disable all protection services on my PC such as Firewall, Antivirus and so on. Trying to repair the files by deleting or re-naming "version.dat" in the Black Desert folder also doesn't seem to help as the launcher doesn't even start up to fix any files. The Launcher used to work perfectly yesterday before the update of the new launcher UI came. I've also tried to close all non-windows related processes and run the launcher as administrator again. Several full pc-reboot's is also something I've tried.
    As I run the launcher the new background pops up and after a couple of seconds a window pops up stating that the program is not working (properly) anymore.
    option to select: "Close Program".
    I'm currently using W10 64bit
    Logs of the launcher
    [02/28/2017::19:10:47]    [MSG] DaumGame Global Launcher is started. (10EB9E89CE954E15880B5927A0E3BE90)
    [02/28/2017::19:10:48]    [MSG] bReturn is 1
    [02/28/2017::19:10:48]    [MSG] s key : 26668

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