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  1. Motoyo added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Nerf daum updates pl0x
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  2. Motoyo added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    The Class is totaly fine now with ap/dp. It only need a fix for chase skill and if possible the permanent iframe back. 
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  3. Motoyo added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    The class is atm totally broken.. pve is fine in my opinion.. but pvp is impossible cause of zero dmg even with full gear.. im lvl 55 and to kill a still standing sorc i need all skills in the back to kill it. i hope they will fix the damage soon.. this sucks there is no fun for normaly one of the best 1vs1 class..
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  4. Motoyo added a post in a topic Server issues   

    damn fix this stupid dc's ...
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  5. Motoyo added a post in a topic Best way to P2w?>   

    Guys rly.. play another game then. i don't want a p2w game.
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  6. Motoyo added a post in a topic Liste aller Gilden   

    Bei LunaRising bitte Anti-Pk zu PVP ändern. danke
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  7. Motoyo added a post in a topic Suche Gilde   

    Schau doch mal bei LunaRising vorbei  da findest du garantiert das was du suchst
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  8. Motoyo added a post in a topic Jordine - Confirmed English, PVP Server   

    The english guilds going there cause they are afraid of the germans 
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  9. Motoyo added a post in a topic Was sagt eure Freundin/Freund eigentlich dazu? :-)   

    Tja das Single leben hat so einige Vorteile bei sowas  
    Suchten bis zum umfallen  
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  10. Motoyo added a post in a topic Clan + Gilde?   

    Falsch ein Clan kann Max 10 member enthalten und wenn es eine Gilde wird, werden es 15 Member sein.
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  11. Motoyo added a post in a topic What's your favorite Black Dessert?   

    No choclate for me
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  12. Motoyo added a post in a topic What Game(s) Are You Playing To Pass The Time Until The BDO Headstart?   

    Well sometimes Diablo 3 or some random games ...
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  13. Motoyo added a post in a topic Könnt ihr es auch kaum erwarten?   

    Hype is real yoo! Ich würde am liebsten jetzt schon suchten
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  14. Motoyo added a post in a topic Leistung Ingame verbessern   

    Habe dir mal eine mail hinterlassen  
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  15. Motoyo added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour 2.0   

    Charakter-Name: Moto
    Familienname: Todo

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