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  1. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Pirates Sinkhole 2.0   

    I just hit this sinkhole as well. This is getting ridiculous. 
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  2. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Can't trade from Port Ratt   

    Im gonna bump this cause it needs serious attention. I spend too much time trying to maneuver my boat so i can do simple trading. 
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  3. DoctorPug added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Character gone mute
    I noticed that since the patch, my character no longer has any voice. Whenever I attempt to change the voice because of the newly added options, I hear nothing. This occurs even if I am using attacks. Pretty much, my ranger is mute. Anyone else experiencing this or have a potential fix? 
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  4. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Pirates Sinkhole 2.0   

    North of Pirate island has sinkholes as well. So pretty much avoid pirate island at all costs. Thanks Kakao.
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  5. DoctorPug added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    Tell Starlight to come home. I miss his warm embrace.
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  6. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    PvP optional? Daum has stated countless times they will not do so. So.....

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  7. DoctorPug added a post in a topic LC vs 6 Guilds   

    uhhh the part where you said We declared war on viral and others came.  I killed an AFK viral cause we have bad history, then a reckoning officer came and declared war on us, which prompted 7 other guilds including yall to follow suit. Thundercats "did not want to get involved" is false as well because we are the ones who started the fight in the first place. We enjoyed the war and participated in it. Also, we did "hide" in the safe zone. We arent stupid enough to do a 3v30 against a giant zerg. We try to pick fights that are even in numbers. Nonetheless, atleast we can agree Viral sucks. 
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  8. DoctorPug added a post in a topic LC vs 6 Guilds   

    You should consider changing the false information in your youtube video description though. 
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  9. DoctorPug added a post in a topic LC vs 6 Guilds   

    LC was fun to fight with and against. 10/10 would kill another AFK Viral again. 

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  10. DoctorPug added a post in a topic ☼PvP and PvE: ELIMINATE THEM!!!☼   

    Close this cancerous baiting forum post please oh glorious @CM_Jouska
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  11. DoctorPug added a post in a topic <Viral> | Orwen | NA | Hardcore/Casual | PvP   

    Thundercats sends their regards. 
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  12. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Weekend XP for EU/NA [Feedback]   

    This is the stupidest decision I have seen a gaming company make. I guess ill just enjoy my trading rank 5 while I can cause I'm not gonna no-life this to maintain my position. 
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  13. DoctorPug added a post in a topic No Means NO! PVP should be consensual(trigger warning)   

    This whole thread sounds like one giant joke. 
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  14. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Fishing leveling question   

    Fishing level determines the "drop rate" of fish so id suggest fishing clothes for sure. 
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  15. DoctorPug added a post in a topic Fishing leveling question   

    You will catch better fish which equates to more exp
    So get yourself a boat
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