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  1. Sinevox added a post in a topic Pets? Which would be best for me?   

    Awesome. That's quite helpful.  Thanks for the info~
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  2. Sinevox added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Pets? Which would be best for me?
    I was reading on the pet's special skills. Before I ask which is better for me, I was wondering how important their unique skills were anyways. It seems the radius is pretty small to begin with. I want to know how important the special skill is to the use of the pet before I go feeling torn between pet types.
    I basically narrowed it down to Hawk, Dog, or Cat. While gathering has been cool so far, I haven't gotten to a point in the game where its really been beneficial. I would like to know how much gathering comes in later in the game- or is that just user preference? Also, with the Dog, (i love dogs) their skill is alerting you to flagged players. This is just when you have PvP mode on, yes? So, would that make the skill obsolete to me if I didn't use PvP often? And finally, Hawks alerting you to elite mobs is nice (mostly so i don't run into them on accident or until I'm ready) but I hear they have a slower loot time than the others and that's kind of important to me. If it helps at all to the decision, I play a Sorceress and I'm pretty low level, so I don't yet know what is most important once I cap. 

    Thank you! 
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  3. Sinevox added a post in a topic What did I spend my money for???   

    I guess ill wait and see but it was super annoying to feel like I didn't get anything for the money I spent. Thanks for the reply.
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  4. Sinevox added a post in a topic What did I spend my money for???   

    I am not looking to sell these items. So I don't care if they are worth a lot. I am asking why I bought the Exploer's package to get them, yet they were given to my friend (and myself, I have two horses now). I guess my question is why would they advertise the explorer's package as being better than the basic version but give some of the same items to just everyone in game, like the T3 horse. I thought you were supposed to start with a donkey?? Not a T3 horse unless you paid for the package (or went through in game and bought one).
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  5. Sinevox added a topic in New Adventurers   

    What did I spend my money for???
    So, I played the free trial on this game, loved it. I thought it was pretty good minutes a few hiccups which were mostly just learning curves. However, when i went to buy the game, I thought I should help myself out a bit and get the Explorer's Package. I mostly wanted the horse flute/horse and pet since I am not super worried about character details until I cap, but of course the dyes were a plus. 
    That seems fine yes? Except I am playing with a friend, and that friend has gotten more stuff than me. They have the tier 3 horse and an outfit among other items I do not have that did not come from drops. So, my question is, why the **** did I spend my money when apparently the game is just going to give us all this stuff anyways? It isn't giving me a leg up or helping me at all if everyone else has it. Also, i know my friend did not buy the pack, they got the regular version with no extras, so that is not the issue.
    I get this seems like a shallow concern since its sorta just whining about the fact someone has the same items as me. But truly, I don't understand why they would make the Explorer's Package seem so great when I'm actually behind with it than my friend without it (who btw has had the game for actually less time than me).

    Can anyone maybe clarify why this is, or perhaps reassure me that I didn't just waste all my money? Thanks.
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  6. Sinevox added a post in a topic Can't see friends??   

    I'm at level 14 now. My friend was I think level 9? 10? So that could be our problem. I hope it is- I will try tonight.
    Also I am going to commit for sure ^-^ just need to get money.
    Thank you both.
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  7. Sinevox added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Can't see friends??
    So I've had this issue with two friends. Basically, we stand in the same spot on the same server and channel and cannot see each other.  I googled and apparently we have to have both passed the skillmaster quest- which we both have, yet we still can't see each other. I'm wondering if there's any other options or maybe if it's because I'm on free trial at the moment?
    Bonus question: will my progress be lost when I buy the game?
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  8. Sinevox added a post in a topic Lighting On Hair   

    I just began playing this game yesterday (i know, noob. hello) and my character had (what I thought was) medium-grey hair. I personally dislike super shiny hair- so even before reading this post I had my slider all the way to 0. Well, I get in game and my character's hair is blaring white. I am so bothered I am going back and remaking her tonight with darker hair in the hopes of fixing the issue, though this post makes me nervous that even doing that won't help. I can tell this is definitely an issue that needs fixing even after a day of play. Below is a picture of a horse, hair half in shade, half in sun. Just look at the difference. I assume the horse hair is under similar lighting properties as human hair. (note: you can also see my characters hair with another attachment for comparison)

    Here is a screenshot of my friend's hair while in a cave. Even if his hair was this color (it's really a kind of dark green-blue), it shouldn't look this bright in darkness.

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