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  1. Misffit added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    Quote me saying "permanent"
    If you aren't one of the babies I am talking about then I guess you wouldn't feel the need to respond to defend yourself? It's like you felt like I was talking directly to you.
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  2. Misffit added a post in a topic The price of gaming   

    Salt actually had its highest value around the civil war. Not ancient Egypt. Your metaphor was absolutely terrible in that salt can be found anywhere, and is in fact not a hobby. If you would like to try again since you seem to think you are some sort of smarty pants, feel free. Maybe try something like the price of skateboarding in the early 70's compared to now? Guess what? It's the same price as it was then. How about model rockets? Guess what? Same price as when they came out. Oh and guess what "model rocket" never gave you a damn thing for it's 1 year anniversary of playing "model rocket". "Ball" never gave you a single thing for its 1 year anniversary of you playing ball. I think if you are complaining what it is you need, is a pat on the back from mommy telling you how good you are @ "ball" which is the equivalent of getting anything for your investment in your time spent playing BDO.
    Epic nostalgia indeed my friend. Zelda may be the mother of all video game RPGs. Nintendo ah the days.......
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  3. Misffit added a post in a topic The price of gaming   

    What exactly is your point? Mine is that 10-250$ is reasonable for a game...what EXACTLY is yours?
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  4. Misffit added a post in a topic The price of gaming   

    This is your brain on drugs.....
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  5. Misffit added a topic in General   

    The price of gaming
    Since the beginning of video games, VGs cost money. Remember Pong? Pong was 400$ when it was 1st released. After Pong, came systems like Atari and Intellivision. Both of these consoles were over 300$ retail and came with 1 game. After that came Nintendo. Again this console was over 300$ upon release. None of this includes the price of a new game which could be anywhere from 20$-40$. If you wanted a strategy guide for any title it would be another 10-20$. Remember Arcades? A person could easily drop an entire roll of quarters (10$) on Street Fighter 2 in a few hours. Simply put gaming is an expensive hobby. Facebook literally ruined peoples idea of what video gaming is. People started expecting free games ( mostly people 25 and under ). Games shouldn't be free nor have they really ever been free. Remember "Ball"? "Ball" cost $ even. If you wanted to play "Ball" you had to go out and buy a ball. Hobbies aren't cheap, not 1 of them. So next time you feel like complaining about BDO with its 10$ permanent price tag, maybe do some homework on gaming and realize you are getting an absolutely smoking deal for this amazing game.
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  6. Misffit added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    You are absolutely hilarious dude, It's unreal how childish you sound. Devs and Mods are making fake accounts to damage control an 18 post thread? O.J was set up and 2-pac is still alive. Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they AREN"T out to get you right? 
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  7. Misffit added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    Take your hand off the keyboard for 1 second, get up from your desk, go to your nearest mirror, and repeat your last post to yourself out loud, then take a second to think about how absolutely ridiculous you sound.
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  8. Misffit added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    +100 interior points is more silver, +100 weight limit is beast. The buffs are OP compared to other in game buffs. My standards aren't low. I have 2 choices, see the silver lining or don't, if you want to be the kind of person that doesn't that's totally up to you, but be aware you sound like a little baby in a crib crying about not getting its toys.
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  9. Misffit added a post in a topic Biggest SLAP in the face by Kashkao   

    I'm just curious if any of you whiny little babies used the buff on the cake yet? It buffed me +100 weight limit (HUGE OFC!) along with 2 other very nice buffs. Maybe just possibly, test it before you ----- and moan like a bunch of little babies.
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