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  1. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Small update - likely won't be playing for quite a while. We are setting up elsewhere and almost all of my free time will be going toward maintaining and running the shop. I still have a ton of extra data to go through, and sort out in terms of averages - but I will leave with this:
    Despite several changes, these are what I came across in all of my data comparisons for Grades 15-18 (I don't have what I would consider a respectable sample size of Grade 19 breedings, so I am leaving them out altogether in this post. These are my numbers after I compiled all of my previous results together and dropped Grade 19 altogether.
    T5 has a proposed 18% average percentage from Grades in this range capable of a Tier 5 Foal (15 and 16). Field data shows these numbers at 10% out of 240 breedings capable of producing a Tier 5. While field data shows that this average is below the proposed, Grade 15 breedings did yield twice the amount of Tier 5 horses than Grade 16, which falls exactly in line with the proposed breeding grade ratios (Grade 15 has double the chance to produce Tier 5 than Grade 16 does). Grade 15 produced 16 Tier 5 foals, Grade 16 produced 8.
    T6 has a proposed 42% average percentage across 15-18. Field data shows these numbers at 66.666%, more than 50% higher than the projected with 248 breedings out of 372 capable of producing a T6 horse.
    T7 has a proposed 40% average percentage for breeding across 15-18. Field data shows these numbers are much lower, worryingly so at 22.580% with 84 breedings producing a T7 foal out of 372 capable. These numbers are almost half of what the proposed should be.
    T8 has a proposed 18% average percentage for breeding across 17 & 18, since 17, 18, and 19 are the only tiers capable of producing T8. Field data shows these numbers at 12.121%, with 16 attempts producing T8 foals out of 132 breeding.
    NOTE - I understand the field data percentages do not add up correctly and this is intentional, as I only weighed the averages against the breeding grades capable of producing, and since not ever grade can produce T5 or T8, I had to adjust my numbers accordingly so that their percentages were not calculated incorrectly.
    As with a lot of my other posts, some of the numbers have shifted a little bit, but overall the trend remains largely the same. T6 is much higher than the proposed by roughly 50% so don't think you're cursed if you are getting more T6s as normal...everyone is.
    T7s are much lower across the board by more than 50% of the proposed.
    T8s (where initially it looked like they were being produced more regularly) do look like their overall percentage has gone down as well by, you guessed it, roughly 50% of the proposed.
    TL;DR - Field data shows T6 breedings are occurring more than 50% of their proposed from breeding attempts that can yield T6s. T7s and T8s are down 50% from their proposed rate from breeding attempts that can yield T7 and T8s. =(
    I highly doubt that's coincidental considering the large sample gathered.
    I hope to see you all again when I have time, though I don't know when that will be. I hope my information and work has been helpful, and I thank everyone that submitted their data for compilation and tracking to me. Even if it was a bit silly perhaps, if you did not find my postings informative, maybe you at least found them interesting.
    Hail Horsdra and I wish you all best of luck, health, and good breeding!
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  2. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That many failed attempts? How long do you wait for them before attempting?
    I will be honest - when I first rope them, I use one lump of sugar, and then I wait at least 40 seconds, and then I wait for the emote where the Horse bows its head. Using that method (I am Professional 6), I have only had 1 Failed to Tame attempt that I might have jumped the gun on since DK Awakening patch, I think.
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  3. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Thanks for verifying, Panda. I suppose it's kind of a bummer, but I was used to catching them the natural way for a long time so I don't mind it too much.

    Now if only they would make certain problematic areas less buggy to where horses get stuck on the side of cliffs, on rocks, are untargetable, etc.
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  4. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Hmmm - I will try it when I get home today.
    If I give it just a bit of thought, though - there are times when I am having to chase down a horse to line it up with an obstacle that, had I just thrown the damn rope, I would have spent far less time. Of course, this assumes I catch it on the first go around, but I haven't had a Failed to Tame message in quite some time, not since I hit Professional and started using the clothes. I do still use 1 lump of sugar for good measure, though - so take that for what it's worth.
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  5. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    My only T8 thus far came from exchanging two level 30 T7s, but it was after two breedings that both resulted in T6s, soooo...I guess it balances out? I would say that I would have gotten around 95 million off of them if I had sold both after the tax, but I decided to gamble and got a T8E that (before breeding her) was selling for 270 million. After the tax cut on that, I would still be taking home over 170 million if I had chosen to leave the breeds on her (but that would be super dumb). She now has a price after breedings of around 195 million or so, which even after taxes is still 126 million.
    If I had sold the T7s, I'd have maybe near 100 million off the sales.
    The gamble gave me a T8E courser that I won't sell and two breeding attempts that could have resulted in more T8s, but did give me two T7s, which isn't the worst it could have been and from which I will still get at least 2-3 more attempts at another T8.
    As with everything, it's about preference and whether you can deal with losing on a gamble.
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  6. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That is an amazing T8E, then!
    So, a question, then (regarding Trainer Level) - Do we have any strong evidence that trainer level affects how good a horse is in terms of level ups? The skill experience bit still bugs me because of its ambiguity, whether skill experience only works in regards to skills, how exactly it works, why there is a chance to learn skills at all if skill experience is a thing, etc.
    And it made me wonder if there's a potential that Trainer Level perhaps also affects how good a horse can be? Like, I am willing to bet each level up it still will learn a random amount of % to each of its stats, but I am wondering if the thresholds or ranges might be larger for higher level trainers and what the average of fully trained T8s of those people are. Something that can definitely be looked at - but does the tracking thread itself take account for trainer level at time of T8 hitting 30?
    Do you think it's anything that might potentially need to be tracked?
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  7. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    "Am riding a lv 29 white T8 who currently has 157.1 speed and 159.3 accel, needs just S:IA and she will be part of my perm stable - these are the horses that are fun to breed."
    Is it that speed without equipment? If so that's a damn fast horse. Speaking of - that reminds me that I need to post my T8's stats into the thread specifically for it.
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  8. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    I dislike greatly that I can't work with my friends and guildies, specifically, but I also know why the system was put in because it does mean substantially more money for them instead of friends/guildies getting a relatively cheap boost into producing T6-T8 horses if they get sold T7/T8s.
    But, I don't lament it hugely - I was able to get them T6s, and T6/T5 has the same breeding grade at 30 as T6/T6, so if they take even a single week raising up stuff, they stand a good chance at getting T7s, and then trying to roll from there to T8.
    I will say that, coming into the game, it was a massive turnoff how little trading there is, but we got used to it. What was a bummer is that we had come into it where I was designated as our horse breeder, and three other guildies would work on sailboats, since getting everyone T8s is a big deal and making the sailboats is a big deal, too.
    With the change to the system, I can no longer truly keep my end of things, so I feel kind of crappy about that =/
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  9. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    "I felt like destroying something beautiful."
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  10. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Ugh - well, that solidifies that I won't be racing on anything other than the Warrior who has yet to hit level 50. Question - will charge still knock you off the horse if you are not PvP capable? I would assume not if you are sub-50, but I remember someone saying that even sub-50 people could be charged - I just don't know if it stopped them completely or if it actually kicked them from their horse.
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  11. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    A question for the racers out there - what do you think is the best breed for each tier?
    I have only started racing, but the guides I have found seem to only offer cursory information and nothing truly in-depth, the most helpful of which is the most obvious which is to simply have the best horse gear you can (they don't even indicate that it should be Storm gear, which has superior handling, speed, and acceleration).
    I was thinking that the purebreeds should really be the best for the most part, but which one? Like T8E is ultra fast, but that handling seems like it might be a problem (the first race I did went through Treant Forest and oh my god, the stump collision was terrible, as were the turn-arounds).
    Are the Kings of Racing for T7 and T8 the C breed, because of the insane turn/brake and ability to drift cancel faster?
    And the most important question - Is it worth it? I watched a video of someone opening a huge amount of racing emblem boxes (50) and 7 were T8s (14%), 11 were T7s (22%), and the remaining 32 were T6 (64%), but it all depends on if you win, and especially given the long time inbetween racing. Or is racing just for the fun of it with a bit of frosting in the form of the reward boxes because racing for profit is just remarkably inefficient.
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  12. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    That would be super effed. Do you have a reset for it or has it already been used?
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  13. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    You're right about the breeding thing - thank you for pointing that out (as that was what @Shaynae was trying to mention, too).
    So, breedings absolutely do affect the overall value of the horse itself (which of course makes sense).
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  14. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Oh wow...yeah, that's definitely a statistic that bears mentioning, as does the number of deaths it has.
    Additionally, since so many of us have used appearance coupons, please make sure to mention the base model of the horse, if you would, please =D
    @Sad Panda
    That is amazing, Sad.
    I think that definitely puts it to bed then - Females are, on average, worth more than 17% of the male counterparts on average.
    When I take @Ascaeldor 's 236 million T8 male compared to his 274 million T8 female, it comes out to just a little under 17% of an overage. It is substantially less than his male that is 248 million (less than 10%), but it's still a damn good example that the average overage is almost right on the money for his lower money T8 male horses in comparison to his T8 female.
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  15. SilentZed added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Ah, then that's me drawing a conclusion without knowing all of the details. That certainly does change things in terms of my initial worries. Thank you! =D
    Ah, my bad, I was going based off of your other T8 that was 236 million. Still, though - do you think this is sufficient for us to conclude that NA/EU prices are similar, then?
    Also, cursory breakdown of aggregate stats (I only pulled speed, accel, turn, and brake into consideration for these scores if they have some sort of bearing price wise).
    8A = 508 total
    8B = 508 total
    8C = 529.6 total (the highest of all T8s)
    8D = 508
    8E = 496 (despite what was considered the most sought after, actually has the lowest of the handling stats, but still has the most stamina and health)
    I am now kind of wanting a solid straightaway race between a T8C and a T8E to see if the speed and accel of the T8E can beat out the C's superior cancel and handling.
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