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  1. JulyL added a post in a topic Rate the character above you   

    First, I support your choice of skin color as I too applied dark skin on my DK. Reason why I could not give 10/10 is the eyes and from your second picture.
    The eyes are completely fine as it shows your style and preferences, but I personally am not very fond of cat/snake eyes. My char's eyes are unique, so yea I'm the odd one out.
    The side view of your character looks a bit sad(?) from her expression as if she is about to cry or frowning, and the bottom of the chin is a bit off, dunno how to articulate it. Could say too round or so.
    Now, I'm ready for criticism towards my char!!!! BRING IT

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  2. JulyL added a post in a topic Pinup-style fanart (NSFW-ish)   

    O damn, that's a nice art. I would love him to draw my character too! hahahaha
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  3. JulyL added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

  4. JulyL added a post in a topic request: character creation Sorc   

    I have made my own DK, and I did struggle as much as you did or probably more. Never ever have I ever spent so much time on character editing until I created my DK.
    I got my inspiration from a character/other's DK. Tried imitating their looks and from there on I altered bits by bits until I molded the character to the way I imagined. Let's say you want your character to have certain features like smirking. Look up a file or image that has characters smirking and try playing with the 9 options in the beauty shop. each function makes your character look different. Each time I changed, I had to recall what those 9 options do every time. After the creation, I altered her face over and over until it looks the way I want even in game. It took me a month to satisfy myself and now I still see some minor stuffs that I can change for her.
    Sorry that I can't help you as I do not play those 2 characters, and I can only give you tips I used to create my own character.
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  5. JulyL added a post in a topic Daum needs to acknowledge the MAJOR issues with their servers   

    I'm not sure if reverse proxy is supposed to give you lower latency, but I just realized that while I'm on Val 4, I get from 80 to 107 latency. Meanwhile, Val 3 gives me 24 to 27 which is much lower, hence better ping(?). However, I am rubber banding like there is no tomorrow on the server that gives me lower latency. Not proving anything, but just throwing it out there as I have little knowledge on these reverse proxy servers or any server related topics.
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  6. JulyL added a post in a topic New costume   

    nvm didnt see this is ninja thread LOL
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  7. JulyL added a topic in General   

    White dot on DK face
    Anyone that plays Dark knight seeing a white dot next to your character's nose after the maintenance?
    EDIT: NVM solved. LOL just had to delete cache folders
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  8. JulyL added a post in a topic Show off your character customization!   


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  9. JulyL added a topic in US Guild   

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