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  1. Baby added a post in a topic Every male conterpart is stronger than female in this game   

    Shake your boobs at the mobs. The price you pay for wearing scraps of cloth to battle.
    Shimmy shimmy shimmy.
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  2. Baby added a post in a topic For those all who couldnt see surprise from Kakao last night!   

    It was really nice. Better than most real life fireworks shows. Never seen fireworks look so good in a game before.
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  3. Baby added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    Funny someone did just that while I was in my group getting to 56. Guess what we did. We invited them to our group. When it was full we just told them that it was full and let them have that camp. We kept it moving. You act like it's so hard to think outside of the box, behave like a normal person, and think about others.
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  4. Baby added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    They left because they got ganked literally everywhere they went. That's why it was changed in the first place.
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  5. Baby added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    You sound very dim. You're not being griefed by people leveling in an area and you're not the one being griefed if you're the one flagging to kill people.. No amount of rewording it will make you sound any less stupid.
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  6. Baby added a post in a topic Bring back the exp loss on pvp death or something that prevents grief   

    I swear you idiots crying "grief" when you're the ones literally trying to run other people out of zones they need to level in are pathetic. Keep playing the victim it only makes us laugh at you harder.
    I don't switch channels I just keep going back because I'm not going to be run off when I'm trying to level. The only one bombing your karma is you. Mobs respawn so fast in most of these areas that you don't even need to leave the spot you're in. You're way overgeared if they aren't spawning fast enough so move on to a new zone and stop farming one spot that is the best exp for lower level players.
    It's not rocket science.
    I went from 50 to 53 in a sausan group in about 2 hours. The only one who doesn't need to be there is you. We'll keep coming back over and over and you can wreck your karma if you like. Cry more.
    Funny how you try to lock people out of an area you yourselves leveled up in the fastest. It's the best exp for low levels. You're the one who needs to leave and if you refuse then enjoy your negative karma and lost time.
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  7. Baby added a post in a topic Confirmed, There is no such thing as a male elf PERIOD!   

    It's people like you who almost make me stop caring about sexism against women. You don't get to be sexist against men to "empower" women. And it's all about SEX. Korean devs focus more on their fap material than equally creating content for both genders. period. All this other garbage is dumb and sounds dumb.
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  8. Baby added a post in a topic Yet another Kakao lie :D   

    You're crying about getting extra exp? I want to punch you in the mouth so bad. Please go away.
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  9. Baby added a post in a topic Wizard on a Horse   

    Witches get stitches.
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  10. Baby added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    You are literally a crazy person but thanks for the free costumes.
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  11. Baby added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes for December   

    Male costumes are so bad.
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  12. Baby added a topic in General   

    The new Christmas furniture
    Is it seriously only available through an expensive bundle? I don't want every single piece in that bundle I just want some of the items. These bundles are getting ridiculous.
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  13. Baby added a post in a topic Permanent Winter Weather >.>   

    I like snow effects but weather in games gets old fast. Especially if it bogs down your pc speed. In GTA 5 I get annoyed because my car starts sliding all over the place. In other games it gives off weird lighting that is too bright. I'm sure it'll get old here too. I think that's why they only bring this stuff out for a little bit and put it away so it feels fresh and fun while you have it.
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  14. Baby added a post in a topic The Second Push For a Male Dark Knight Counterpart   

    Yeah but they still don't have to force us to be a certain gender. It's not like they magically run out of resources after making a female character. It's all done by computer they're just choosing not to do it. Heck we were fine with the system of one male class and one female class but now it's slowly becoming all female classes. Where's the male ranger counterpart? Scrapped for another female class. It's a bad sign.
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  15. Baby added a post in a topic The Second Push For a Male Dark Knight Counterpart   

    It's such an outdated concept I only see in Korean games now. They should be letting us choose our own gender at creation. This is ridiculous. I hope they don't go the way of Tera and make every new class female only. It's dumb.
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