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  1. Mamu added a post in a topic Time to remove artisan memories!!   

    I would like to have it as a drop, but the perma 3 dura per fragment seems like a good idea as well.. but then again, no more money for the devs!
    I think they should keep the pearl shop for cosmetic items anyways.
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  2. Mamu added a post in a topic Alchemy tool / Cooking utensil   

    I agree with the different types of mixed recipes in the latest succeeded recipes list.
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  3. Mamu added a topic in Suggestions   

    In depth life-skill costumes
    Since we have a costume for horse riding and cooking, it would be nice to have a costume for gathering specific things. Yes I am aware that we have the treant ghillie suit thing, but I dont want to run around like a grass beetle seeming ready to pvp hidden away in the bushes while I am actually just gathering some logs or something.
    So I had the idea of having a Lumberjack Costume, Miner's Costume, Herbalist Costume.. A costume for every sort of gathering.
    The sort of stats I would imagine this would have could be something along the lines of:
    +10% gathering exp
    +25% chance of gaining extra logs / rough stone / whatever (I dont gather herbs n mushrooms)
    +25% chance of not using durability on your tool specific to the costume
    The reason why I want these costumes to have more gains in logs/rough stones is because it's not a worker gathered item. Since you spend your own time working hard on these (For let's say the Sailboat) it would be nice if there was an item to make this a little faster.
    It might seem a slight P2W thing, but c'mon! every outfit gives some premium stats that you wouldn't have otherwise.  
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  4. Mamu added a post in a topic Player Trading Solution   

    How about you would be able to trade a limited amount of resources per day with friends that are in your friendslist for a longer set amount of time?
    Let's say: if you are friends with someone for a week, you'd be able to send him/her 100 resources per day. Friends for 2 weeks equals to 200 resources. Nothing too game-breaking but at least it's helping if someone has something someone else has without bothering the marketplace bidding system on said items.
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  5. Mamu added a post in a topic Faster Boats Less Hassle   

    So you're telling me that the Sailboat that I will finally be able to finish tonight after roughly 2 months of building is still just as fast as the damn fishingboat?
    I will +1 this then   I don't want to spend 3 weeks of gathering materials in order to still spend the same 2 hours sailing anywhere as I could on my fishing boat that took a day to build.
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  6. Mamu added a post in a topic Using screenshots to make in game decorative paintings for your house   

    +1 best idea 2017 (FIRST) 
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