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  1. Omega356258 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    Thank you so much for your answer.
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  2. Omega356258 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 15th 2017   

    I can't find where it says how long maintenance has been extended for. What time is it expected to come back up?
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  3. Omega356258 added a topic in Dark Knight   

    Dark Knight Nerfed?
    Hello everyone,  as some may say I'm fairly new to the game overall.  But I have a Maehwa, Sorceress, and a Ranger all level 54 at the moment,  I went through and equipped them all with the exact same weapon and sub weapon types all Ultimate +15 [as well as my DK] and my Dark Knight's AP with the exact weapons and sub Weapons all at the same levels and enhancements and her AP is about 7-10 lower than the other 3 classes.  She is also now at level 54 [keep in mind i'm a single father who works full time, so not much time to grind for boss gear and money so i'm one of those "casual PVE players"], and she seems to have to hack way more at things to kill them then the Maehwa or even my Sorc.  I have searched and searched for any information on this and can't find any.  Don't get me wrong, I have had a blast with her play style.  I come from other MMO's where I have mostly mained tanks for the groups I run in and I do love her infinite block and tanky play.  But for what we get in skills and for her very very slow attack animations, you would think they would be a little more devastating than they are.  At the moment I have her Attk Sp. at +5, Cast Sp. at +4, Critical hit rate at +5,  and she moves like she's fighting with an Ogre on her back.  In short I have played similar types of classes, [Tera, Vindictus, WoW, ESO, BnS, ETC.]  They all had their "Greatsword" slow as hell moving tanky classes, But with the shortness on skills [very similar to the DK] and slow Attk speeds, they all had, and have one thing in common, is that when you did finally hit something or someone, it was pretty much game over.  
    I know this is a long one, but as I said i'm fairly new to the game and want to understand,  especially if i'm putting my limited and precious time into a class.  
    Saying this, I spent a total of 14 hours going through all the weapons and sub weapons [Not including Liverto, and Boss drop weapons] to find what I would think would be best for this class in a PVE only environment.  After Careful consideration and a serious lack of silver this is what I came up with for only having 2 full days of playing the DK 
    +15 Ultimate Krea Kriegmesser  {Ancient Magic Crystal of Carmae x2}
    +15 Ultimate Krea Ornamental Knot  {Magic Crystal of Infinity - Critical x1, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Down Attack x1 ( my Girlfriend plays a Witch and we get a lot of Down attacks with her)}
    +15 Ultimate Grunil Armor  {Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance - Resonance x2}
    +15 Ultimate Grunil Helmet  {Magic Crystal of Infinity - Memory x2}
    +15 Ultimate Grunil Gloves  {Magic Crystal of Infinity - Valor, Magic Crystal of Infinity - Assault}
    +15 Ultimate Grunil Shoes  {Ancient Magic Crystal - Hystria x2}
    2x PRI: Witch's Earings
    2x PRI: Blue Coral Ring
    Ancient Guardian's Seal [Neck]
    Ancient Weapon Core [Belt]
    With this her AP : 118  DP : 174   
    My concern is when I take all the accessories and the armor and put them on my Maewha or my Sorc, {both of them equipped with +15 Ultimate Krea Weaps and Sub Weaps} Their AP is both over 120+ , DP drops to around 160.  I do understand class differences and how they work with class traits and racial traits,  but the AP and DP between the Maehwa and Sorc are pretty much the same,  which being completely two different classes makes this seem like the DK is Nerfed out on release compared to other classes.  Like I mentioned before, I love this play style, simple, and hard hitting {visually for her at this point} but she's useless for any DPS in this game and seems like if her accuracy isn't completely maxed out she isn't going to be much fun in PVP either.  As far as gameplay skill is concerned, I do have that, I can play the game and do it well, I can PVP very well also.  
    What I'm looking for is someone who has actually been through the run with the DK,  Not just one who thinks they know cause they have a lvl 60 Zerker on the NA server and because there's only a limited amount of difference in ANY of the gear in this game they are an expert on the DK since the NA release.. Maybe someone from KR that has one and can say either way if she will be getting any kind of skill upgrades,  not anymore to be said, but maybe a 2%-5% damage increase to keep up with the other classes who can literally disappear from your screen from having a mach 10 Attk Spd???
    Is she meant to be a Tank class to begin with, If so, this I don't mind cause i'm VERY used to tanking, but their isn't any type of Threat gathering skills on her similar to what the Valk, and Warrior have.  and the Vedir's Dogma?? this is supposed to buff her attacks??  I can see this if you are constantly bashing away at what you are fighting but once you start any kind of defense your pretty much stuck especially pre-level 50.   To see how she does, I ran her in on 3 Red Nose field boss fights and well to say the least I spent 90% of the time in Dark Shadow stance.  The Sorc and Maewha I can smash out damage and roll on with a Liverto Drop or Awakened weapon box.  
    I hope some of you can see my concern.  I know that she's a new class to the NA server and hasn't even got her Awakened Skills yet.  But for us who actually like this class type play.  She's got a lot of work to be done.  Maybe I'm pre-mature in all this, but is there going to be more to her??  As of right now,  i'm pretty disappointed in her class, skills, and over all style.
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