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  1. TorZar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    Lets hope so, huh?
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  2. TorZar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Ok, fair enough, since you don't sound like a complete punk. I can't continue to sound like a pompous prick anymore just to prove a point anyways lol.. It's bad business.. Much less importantly, it's annoying AF to normal adults (The large version of people that probably do most of the money spending)... Keep in mind this is a look in from the outside, with fresh eyes.. Yes I logged into my recently created account just to reply with something like THAT. Why? Many reasons, really. Because I'm new to the community and game. Sadly, a large portion of that community responding to something as targeted as patch notes, sounding the way it does (childish and screaming and whiny), is a major turn-off to potentially new players or newer players such as myself, trying to decide just how much $ we might be willing to dump in (Or if they want to be a part of that to begin with). I understand a large portion of players left do to some business model changes. It also seems a large portion of those players are considering returning. Where do those returning players go? Where do new players go? A high % of them will b-line for patch notes to see what kind of changes the developers are making, are they doing regular updates, are they doing regular fixes, are they adding new things? Which look good as a first impression and then all of a sudden you're force-fed all caps, memes, spams, whines and you name it directly below what you 'thought' looked like devs trying to be good devs. That very tiny portion of the community that decided to reply to the patch notes, suddenly create the atmosphere for the entire community. This isn't a ticket system. Devs, whether good or bad, should never be expected to sift through filth like this to pick out one or two comments that give them valid, solid input. If they are, that could very well be the cause of any issues or miscommunication.. Surely there is a proper system in place for such things? A ticket/support system? Starting a proper thread that uses full sentences? A suggestions area?
    But these "representatives" that are painting a picture of the community in such a targeted location... Are only causing harm.
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  3. TorZar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Would solve a ton of things, removing this pointless crap, did you miss something maybe? You appear to disagree. I assume you find all this whining, spamming crap useful in some way. Good on ya.. But if you don't mind teaching the rest of us how to translate it into useful feedback for developers, then it would be of some non-poisonous use and I retract my, still-true, statement.. 
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  4. TorZar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Suggestion? Lock Patch Note topics so these know-nothing, whiny, brats don't poison everything 10 pages deep. Sure, they'll shake uncontrollably for a while at the their own ignorant, internal, built up anger. But then they'll just go punch a pillow, slowly hug it and start to cry into it as they reevaluate their state of mind and life. The rest will just suicide or go watch a movie.. Either way that ends up playing out, do we really need to know that's where they stand in life? It's none of our business, honestly.. There is 0% constructive feedback in any reply and only about 2 people are actually trying to even communicate with another person. It's just random whining almost as if they were looking in a mirror, throwing a tantrum and just talking to themselves for the sake of making noises..
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